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My wife and I have been married only for about a year now. We were not married before, and there are no kids, so we are free to do as we please. We have a great sex life and a pretty good fantasy life to boot. Oh, by the way, I’m Rob, and my wife is Jess. We are both 35 and in pretty good shape. I run every morning before I go to work. Jess is an office manager and teaches dance and yoga classes in the evenings. Because of that, we get told we are an attractive couple all the time. The problem is, Jess
Loves to teach yoga and it’s getting to be a problem.
Jess and I started dating right after she broke it off with her first husband. He was a Jamaican and wanted to mover her back to his home, and she wanted no part of it. They were probably in love, but the desire to go home won out and he divorced her to go back to Kingston. Jess’ addiction isn’t to drugs. She is addicted to blsck cocks and the bigger the better. She fantasizes about them all the time. She has a dildo that is black and at least 12 inches long and as think as your wrist. When I first saw it, I said “Someone was probably dreaming when they made that thing”. She told me that many black men are very well endowed and that this was just a good sized cock. There were bigger. I didn’t say anything. Just turned and walked to the living room.
Jess would call for me to ram my black cock into her as we made love (which I can’t because I am white). She would let me finish and being out that dildo and go to town with it shoving it all the way to the bills into her pussy. I didn’t even think she could take half of it. This went on for a few months and got worse. She would eye every black dude at the mall and would dance provocatively in front of them at clubs. She got their attention, but I always seems to be able to bring her back before something bad happened.
The other night, we went to a dance club in town. We had drinks and danced. There were a group of black men at a booth next to the dance floor. Somehow we ended up dancing right by that booth. Jess was putting on a show and they were all smiling in approval. After the song, one said “You two wanna join us for a drink!” Before I could say anything, Jess nodded and sat down. There was no place to sit close to her so I was on the other side of the table.
The conversation was nice, but I could tell that the men all had Jess on their minds. One man, named James, suggested we go someplace quieter so we could all get to know each other better. Jess smiled and that was all it took. The four of them stood, offered Jess an arm, and they started for the door. I had to push around a little to keep up. The men had a limo so we all piled into it. I was across from Jess she was between James and another man named Simon. The two men next to me seemed to be sitting close. I was sort of pinned in between them. James said to me “You’re sure a lucky man to have such a beautiful Winchmore Escorts woman. “. I smiled and nodded. Jess said “Aww” and kissed him on the cheek. They talked and she told them she taught yoga. They wanted to see some, and Jess said she didn’t have on the right clothes, and the car wouldn’t work. Simon suggested we go to his place for a drink and demonstration. They all agreed even though I said we couldn’t and away we went.
At Simon’s house, everyone grabbed s drink and sat. I was in a wingback chair and the men were on a sofa or love seat. Jess said she wanted to go freshen up and figure out how she could show some yoga moves. She bounced off to the bathroom. The men talked about her like I wasn’t even there. Once in a while, they would look at me and smile or ask if I was ok.
Jess came out of the bathroom in a t-shirt that was not hers. She walked to the center of the room and said “I needed to have some freedom to move, so I grabbed a t-shirt out of a drawer if that’s ok.” Simon said it was and she instructed the men to move the coffee table for her.

Winchmore Escorts – chapter 2

The told them that she was going to start off with some stretching to lose up. As she did, she sat down. She was looking away from me. As she straighten her legs and bent her head down to her legs, I could see she only had her thong underwear on and no bra. Panic entered my mind. Four strangers and my wife in a t-shirt and thong doing yoga for them.
“Ok this is a simple move. It’s called Dienward facing dog.” As she said it, she pushed her ass into the air with her back and legs straight. When she did the shirt ride up her back and the men clapped as her ass and C cup breasts came into view. “You hold the pose for as long as the instructor thinks you can then release.” She went back to her knees. She pushed the shirt back down looking sort of embarrassed. She said ” ok, a relaxing pose is Sukhasana. It looks like this”. As she moved into position, one of the men said “suck what?” And the rest laughed. James was getting a view the others didn’t. Jess’s legs were spread and her thong had moved to the side. Her open pussy lips were smiling at him. Jess got into about four more moves. The men claimed their necks and even moved to get a look up, or down the shirt or a better view of her thong covered ass.
“Jess, why don’t you dance for us?” James said as he got up and put on some music. When she heard the best, Jess started dancing. Before long, she was grinding on knees and shoulders of the men as they sat. They were touching her and trying to pull at her clothes. James finally stood and took the hem of the shirt and pulled it over her head. Jess instinctively covered her tits. “You don’t mind if your wife parties, do you?” He said looking at me. I looked at the other men and my wife. I just nodded no knowing that this would happen whatever I said. Jess came to me and kissed me on the lips then turned to the men. Her tits in full view, she started dancing to the music. Before the end of the next song, the men had pulled her thong off and she was nude.
Simon made the first play. He stood up and pulled off his shirt. He grabbed Jess and kissed her. His free hand was mailing her ass. At first she fought it but then she wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed back. He began to rub her oussy wit the other hand. The other three men began to strip. Within a few minutes, my wife was surrounded by four large black men offering her their cocks. Now on her knees, she moved from one to another sucking and squeezing balls while the men rubbed her tits and jacked off.
James lifted Jess up by her shoulders and laid her down on the couch. He pushed her legs up over her head. From my vantage point, I say her pussy open and waiting. Holding her ankles, he aimed his long cock for her pussy and said This position is called splitting the apple” and the other men laughed. He tried to push in without help, then Jess actually reached down and guided his cock into her. She moaned as he pushed into her. With the third thrust, he was all the way in. He pumped fiercely in and out of my wife beginning to draw a sweat. He then thrusts deep and with a groan filled her count with his seed. The next man picked her up like a rag dolls and bent her over the couch saying “Now this is downward facing doggie!” Again there were chuckles as he took her from behind. I saw nothing but ecstacy on her face as he came in her as well. The third man and Simon has her lay down on the coffee table. Simon offered his cock to her and said “we’re doing a position called spit roasting a pig”. With it waving in front of her, Jess took it and began to suck. She tried to take it all in her mouth. When she had it in, the other man moved past her pussy and began to enter her asshole. Jess tried to tell, but was impaled on a cock. The man continued to push and entered her with an audible pop. He moved in and out slowly at first and Jess actually began to push back. She had never liked anal. He pulled out and covered her belly with his goo as Simon shot his load deep in her throat. In a final act, the man moved around and told her to clean his cock. Jess opened her mouth and without hesitation began to clean the cock that had been in her other end.
After the men took Jess another time of two each, they drove us back to our car and we went home. Over the next week, I tried to talk to her about the situation and she refused to bring it up. The next week she said “I’m teaching a special yoga class. It’s nude yoga for men”. I guess I know who her first students will be.

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