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After having dinner the three of us went out to our hot tub. Vanessa asked if I had an extra suit but I assured her she wouldn’t need one! I watched as she removed her clothes and loved what I saw. She has beautiful round breasts with light brown nipples, her pussy is shaved except for a small patch above her clit. She is so beautiful. Just watching her get undressed was getting me wet. My husband was impressed as well I could tell as he took of his pants and had a huge hard on. She also took note of this and said she wanted to blow him. I got in with the two of them and encouraged her to rub his cock. As she wrapped her hand around his dick I began to suck her tits, when I lightly bit her nipple she jumped a little and asked me to do it harder! I knew we had a nasty Wimbledon Escorts woman with us then. I as well love when someone bites me hard, the tingling sensation that runs through me is unreal. I did as she asked and bit her harder and also began to bite her neck and then started to kiss her. I ran my hand down her body and felt her fat pussy. I put my other hand on my husband and he pulled my hand down to his cock were she was jerking him. As she stroked his dick I rubbed his balls. He was moaning already and we had just got started! I told her to kiss him. As she started to kiss him I put two fingers in her cunt and fingered her hard to see if she could take it hard and she let out a small groan and began moving her hips against my hand. I wanted to taste her pussy so I suggested that we go inside to the bedroom. As we went into the room my husband picked her up and laid her on the bed. I then climbed between her legs wrapped them around my shoulders and began licking the inside of her thighs and put my hands under her ass. I kissed and sucked her clit as she moaned out to fuck her I started to lick her cunt I shoved my face deep against her and put my tongue deep inside her. I was lapping her twat as I seen my husband jerking his cock beside us. I told him to fuck me little did I know he was going to stick his cock in my ass. He stood behind me and rub his dick all around my pussy then after he got it nice and wet he spread my ass cheeks and slowly put his cock in me with small short strokes. I couldn’t help but moan loudly as he went deeper inside of me. The harder he fucked me the faster I would lick her cunt. He had his fingers in my pussy while his cock was in my ass, it was so intense I started to cum. Once I started cumming I sucked her clit and without realizing it I had shoved two fingers in her ass. By the time I realized what I had done, she was bucking her hips and hollering out to fuck her harder she had also started to cum in my mouth. Her pussy was so sweet and hot I couldn’t stop eating her.

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After she had finished soaking my face with her juice she asked to fuck him. I told her to let him fuck her from behind so it would be easier but she insisted that he get on her so he did. His cock was huge I guess from all of the excitement. He told her he would start out slow, but she just kept saying to fuck her hard and well he did. He spread her legs and in two strokes was all the way in her she started screaming from the pain, but when he slowed down she said to fuck her hard. Within 2 minutes she had started to cum she thrashed around wildly, she grabbed his back and started scratching him, when she did that he went crazy. He grabbed her legs and put them over his shoulders and pounded her pussy. Then she really started screaming she had tears running down her face but was still saying to fuck her hard. He grabbed me and said to suck her tits so I did, then he wanted to eat my pussy while he fucked her some more, I stood up on the bed with her lying between my legs and he ate me like never before. He was licking my cunt so fast and hard I felt like I was getting fucked I couldn’t take it any more I was about to fall to my knees so I sat on her face and she finished the job. I came all over her face she had pussy juice from ear to ear but damn she ate me out good. After I got done cumming I got off of her and began kissing her. I had my tongue deep in her mouth tasting my own pussy. He told us to suck his cock and pulled out of her, as soon as he was out I took his cock deep in my mouth and sucked all of her juices off his cock. He again wanted us to kiss and then shot his load in our faces. We licked his cum off each other and continued to kiss and rub each others twats. I was so wet and hot every time she would rub my clit I felt as though I could cum again. After lying on the bed for a quick cigarette we all three took showers and decided that since the time had went by so quick Vanessa should just stay the night with us. I guess it was about 4 in the morning, since hubby had to be to work at 6am, I woke up to a slurping sound. With everything moving so quickly that night my husband never got to eat her out. Before he left for work he woke her to his tongue trying to spread her pussy open. As he ate her pussy, she fingered my pussy to wake me. I told her to suck his cock since it was right there. I have a vibrator in my head board and while she was sucking his cock I pulled it out and started fucking myself with it. I laid there watching my husband eating a beautiful woman’s pussy and her doing her best to suck his huge cock. She reached back to rub my cunt and realized that I was using a vibrator and she asked me to fuck her with it. But I had other plans for her. I told her to sit on my husbands cock and while she did that I put on a strap on and lubed it up while she was bouncing up and down on his cock she didn’t have a clue. I pushed her forward onto him, pulled apart her ass cheeks and shoved “my cock” in her. She wasn’t sure what to do but she just told us to treat her like a whore and we did. My husband was so turned on by me fucking her while he was fucking her. I was pounding against her ass while he was shoving his cock deep in her I loved it. I loved having the power and being in control. That strap on was hitting against my clit every time I would stroke her. My husband was rubbing her clit during all of this and finally she started cumming and calling out my name! From her pussy pulsating on his cock he started to cum in her cunt and then from listening to her call my name and him grunting as he pumped her pussy I started cumming, as I came I fucked her ass harder and harder until she came again on us. I loved it. I pulled out of her and she got off of his cock. But I wasn’t done I needed more so I ate her pussy I could taste the mixture of their cum it was such a turn on to see him fucking her and to taste her juices and to have been able to fuck her. I think everything mixed together and happening the way it did just added to the moment and while I ate her she sucked his cock and then before I knew it he had flipped me over and started fucking me. She then took my vibrator and shoved it in my ass he was like a wild man, he had my legs around my head and she was beside us with this vibrator in me she put her arm around me and was trying to rub my clit but he was fucking me so fast and hard she couldn’t keep her hand there. I know it wasn’t 5 minutes and I was cumming and to my surprise so was he, he shot his load all over me, my stomach, my tits, and in my mouth. Unfortunately it had to end there so he could get cleaned up and go to work. But her and I did eat each others pussy’s’ once more before she had to go to court! I had to taste her again and make her cum in my mouth but this time I fingered her too so I could hit her G-spot and she literally squirted cum down my throat (she is a gusher)! She said she had never done it before and was embarrassed, I told her not to be that is a good thing. I love to give a Wimbledon Escorts woman something she has never had! She was so shocked because she didn’t know she could squirt that way. She said she thought just men could ejaculate, but I have proven otherwise!
We got together over the weekend, I let her sit on my husbands cock with her back towards him and he hit her G-spot and she ejaculated again, as it ran out her pussy I licked her juice off my husbands cock and his balls. I also got to lick his ass (he doesn’t let me do that very often) I tongue fucked him while Vanessa beat his cock he came hard it shot all the way up to her face!!! I am a little freak!I love to fuck any way I can I would love to get two woman and I would fuck one while my husband is beside me fucking the other one.

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