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I want to share my amazing story with everyone. This is a true story of a three day love affair with what I call, easily the most beautiful girl I have ever seen. My name is John and I was 60 years old at the time of my amazing love affair. I met a young beautiful college girl. Her name was Jessie and she was a sweet 19.She was about 5’5, 115 pounds, and had long beautiful blonde hair, deep blue eyes and such an amazing tan. To top it all off, she had an absolutely perfect young body.I would describe my life as not such a good one, I never had any luck with girls. I never had a girlfriend in school. I wasn’t a good looking guy and never kissed a girl till I was 30 years old. I’ve been with one girl and in fact I never even had sex until I was 32 years old. I have 1 son 27 years old. I also have been divorced for 20 years.It was the summer of 2010 when I decided I was going to take a vacation. I love the beach so I traveled down to Miami Beach Florida. The first few days I just walked around on the beaches. I was amazed at all the young guys and girls all over the beach. The third day I figured I would just relax on the beach. It was getting close to 2 in the afternoon when I noticed a bunch of young girls and guys gathering to play volleyball. I moved my towel a little bit closer to watch. After about 20 minutes one of the girls started walking in my direction. She was so beautiful, I actually couldn’t even look at her as she approached. There was a set of towels about 3 feet in front of me. Wouldn’t you know it, she layed down right in front of me. I couldn’t help but stare at her laying on her stomach right in front of me. Her body was so perfect and her ass was so shapely. I actually felt my cock start to get erect inside my shorts. I was doing a good job at keeping it under some control, when she turned and looked right at me. The site of her breasts bulging through her bikini sent my dick wild. She looked right at me and gave my the most sweetest sexiest smile.No words were spoken, but the eye contact seemed like minutes. My heart was pounding and without really realizing what was happening, I said hi… She said hello back to me without ever losing that smile. We actually got into a little conversation. She asked me why I was sitting on the beach all alone. Feeling Imbaresed, I said that’s the story of my life. She gave me the saddest look and told me how sorry she felt. I think we talked for half an hour. Then all of a sudden one of her girl friends walked over. They packed up their stuff and headed off. Just as I thought she had left, I hear a soft voice from behind me say, “by the way, my name is Jessie, I hope you can enjoy yourself while your here ..bye, bye”.

It wasn’t long before I packed up and headed back to my hotel. Later that evening, after dinner I figured I’d take a walk along the beach. The moon was bright and I could see there was quite a few people walking the shores. I pretty much stayed to myself as I walked. I was just about to head back home when I heard a girls voice, she said, “hey there, I remember you”? To my surprise, it was Jessie. We talked for a few minutes when she shockingly asked if she could walk with me. And of course I wasn’t about to turn her down. We walked and just talked. We talked about everything. I even told her all about my horrible love life.. She talked alot which was nice. I don’t think I ever felt so excited inside as I did on our walk. At one point she became quiet, then all of a sudden she splashed me with the ocean water. Feeling good inside, I began splashing her back. We got into a splashing fight. At one point she headed out into the ocean. She was about waist deep. She turned to me and said,”come on out, it’s so nice in here”. So I headed out, I was about two feet away when she began splashing me. This time I reached out and grabbed her hands to get her to stop. She started friendly fighting back. She had the most beautiful giggle. We struggled for a few minutes and eventually she was facing away from me with her ass pressed up against my body. It felt amazing, and of course I began to get errect. I was afraid she would feel me against her ass.. I pushed her away and we both began laughing. After we both settled down, she looked at me and asked if she could share a secret she’s been holding inside her her whole life. Not expecting anything unusual, I said sure, go ahead. She hesitated for a minute, and finally said, “I have a very strong desire to be with an older man”. I was shocked, I had no idea what the hell to say. I just looked at her, she took a few steps towards me and said, “do I excite you”? I looked at her and without hesitation, I said, ” oh my god Jessie, you are probably the most beautiful girl I have ever seen in my life”. She leaned in towards me, put her arms around my neck and pressed her lips against mine. My hands naturally fell on her hips. Our bodies slowly came together. I was quite reluctant to put my arms around her. I wasn’t really sure what was happening. Her body was so soft and warm. Our lips parted and Jessie’s tongue slipped into my mouth. Our tongues began swirling around and around. My dick was extremely hard and I could feel myself pressed tightly against her crotch. I knew she must be feeling it, but I didn’t care. The feeling of this beautiful young girls body against mine along with our lips against each others and the feel of her tongue inside my mouth was the most exciting feeling I could ever have imagined. To be honest, I never knew how good a kiss could feel. We only kissed for about 20 seconds, when Jessie pulled away. Her arms still wrapped around my neck. She looked right into my eyes and said, “I have always wondered, if kissing a much older man would be nice,” I smiled and said, “well you can’t just leave me hanging here, tell me what you thought of my kiss”. She said “well, let’s put it this way”, she leaned forward and began kissing me again. I was in total heaven. Her lips were so soft, and her tongue was so warm and extremely soft. We just kept kissing. Finally after what seemed like the longest kiss, we stopped, Jessie just looked at me and smiled, my heart was pounding, she had the most beautiful smile I ever saw. She just kept starring at me, never saying anything. Like she was waiting for me to say something. This never happens to me, so I had no idea what to do, or say. She then reached down, grabbed my hand and said,”let’s walk a bit, ok”? I said sure, we held hands and walked probably 50 paces without anything being said. Just the feel of her warm hand wrapped together with mine was so erotic. My dick was so hard, I wasn’t sure where this was headed, but I knew if it ended here, I would be happy for the rest of my life.. Finally I asked her, “Why aren’t you hanging with your friends”, she paused for a minute, then said, “I came down here as a favor for my best friend. You see I broke up with my Willesden Escorts boyfriend about six months ago and she felt I needed to just get away”. Still holding hands, she turned and asked if I wanted to come up to her room. I looked at her and said, “you are so beautiful, so sexy, why on earth would you want me. You could have anyone you want”. She hesitated for a moment and then said, “I remembered you telling me about how you haven’t had much of a love life, she said it made her feel bad. She then kissed my lips and said, “to be honest with you? I felt something inside me, I want to be close to you. I want to make you feel like you’ve never felt before”. I was completely silenced by her comment. Still unable to speak, she smiled and said,”come on, let’s go have some fun”. My heart was racing, all I could think about was this gorgeous, beautiful young woman together with me, completely naked and having sex. To be honest, my cock felt like it would just bust right out of my swim shorts. Jessie quickly trotted ahead of me, she turned to me and began walking backwards. The moon light lit her up, it was like a movie scene. She was wearing a t-shirt that hung just below her hips. Her breasts filled out the top of her t-shirt and we’re so perfectly shaped. I couldn’t imagine how beautiful they would be exposed to my eyes. Growing up, I was always extremely turned on by woman’s legs and when I say Jessie had the most beautiful, sexy, long tanned legs, I wasn’t lying. She walked backwards just smiling at me. I couldn’t take my eyes away from her. Finally she stopped and just stood there. I continued walking towards her but slowed my pace down. I was becoming extremely nervous, the site of Jessie standing there was so intimidating. I stopped about 2 feet short of her. She got this funny look on her face and said, “what’s wrong”. I paused for a moment, Jessie walked up to me, reaching down she grabbed both of my hands, she looked me in the eyes and asked me what was wrong. Her face was so beautiful, her blonde hair shinning in the moon light and her deep blue eyes, were to much for me to handle. With a shivering voice I said, “Jessie, I’m terrified to be with you. You are way to beautiful for someone like me.. I told her I haven’t been with a woman for 20 years now”. With a sweet smile, Jessie said, “it’s ok, I understand. We will have all night. Let’s just let it happen naturally. Ok?” Then with a soft voice she said, “I want you to know something and I really mean this. I am so excited about being with you. To be 100% honest, I haven’t been this turned on by any guy, as I am right now”. She put her arms around my neck and kissed me. This time I placed my arms around her, one hand on her mid back and my other hand on the curve of her lower back, just above her ass. We again began french kissing. My heart was again ready to burst. My mind was racing with the thought of feeling her ass on my hand. I just went for it, I slid my hand down over her full round ass. It felt so soft, but firm all in one.. I began to rub my hand all over, felling the crease of her wonderful ass, softly squeezing and taking full advantage of this moment. Jessie pulled away, but only about 1 inch from my lips. She looked up at me and giggled. The feel of her warm breath against my lips was amazing. She said, “mmmm, I like that, you like feeling my ass”? I just nodded at her. She gave me one more long deep kiss. She looked at me and said, “I am so ready for this, how about you”. I hadn’t realized it but all that walking and talking and the other cool things that happened had us only about 30 feet from her hotel. She softly whispered in my ear,”were here”. That’s when my heart really started racing, my mind began telling me that this was it, I either had to get rid of my insecuritys and my fears or walk away. I was extremely confused, but my feet just kept walking. All of a sudden we had entered her hotel, I followed Jessie up the stairs and right up to her hotel room door. When I say I felt totally out of my body, I wasn’t lying. Jessie opened the door and I followed her in. Her hotel room was a mess, her clothes were spread all over the place. Jessie scurried around the room picking up her clothes. It was actually a little funny. It gave me a few seconds of feeling relaxed. Jessie just kept apologizing about her mess, she said she honestly wasn’t expecting to bring anyone up to her room. I just stood there smiling. She was running all over. She looked at me and saw me smiling, and as she ran by, she tossed a pair of her underwear at me, it hit me in the face and landed in my hands. I started laughing. Finally it looked like she was done straightening up. She was on the other side of the room when she stopped. She just stood there Looking at me. This really started getting me feeling nervous again, I’m not used to this kind of stuff. She was so beautiful, and I really mean beautiful! As well as beautiful, she was so damn young. After a few minutes, Jessie slowly began to dance.

Willesden Escorts – chapter 2

Pulling her hair up from the back and then letting it fall over her face.. With each step she took towards me, caused my heart to drop into belly. My cock began to swell and i couldn’t take my eyes of of her. She stopped about 5 feet in front of me and began running her hands over her belly. Slowly sliding her hands up to her breasts. This caused her t-shirt to ride up and expose her tight little belly. Jessie began rubbing her breasts in a very sexy motion. I was in total ecstacy watching her. Moving her hips around and around playing with her breasts. Then she reached down and began to lift her t-shirt upwards exposing more and more of her young flesh to me. She seemed to get pleasure out of teasing me. Jessie continued raising her t-shirt until she finally pulled it up over her head. Jessie hadn’t been wearing her bikini top and for the first time i got to see her firm beautiful breasts sticking out from her chest. I new my cock was bulging in my shorts, but I didn’t care. I wanted so badly for her to see my hard cock. She looked magnificent standing there. Then she slowly walked towards me and reached down and lifted my shirt up over my head. Then she wrapped her arms around my neck, her hot breasts pressed against my now bare chest and she started kissing me.. She began kissing me so hard, her tongue deep in my mouth. I was so excited from this beautiful young goddess, kissing me so pationately. We seemed to build up a rhythm, our tongues dancing around in each others mouths. We held each other so tightly and kissed like this for what felt like hours. Jessie stopped kissing my lips and leaned over and began kissing my neck. Then slowly down to my chest, her hands rubbing my nipples. Then she began kissing me lower and lower. She worked her way down to the waistline of my shorts. Reaching around she began to pull my shorts down. The anticipation of waiting for this beautiful Willesden Escorts girl to see my hard cock was almost more then I could handle. Jessie slowly pulled my shorts down, as the top of my shorts slipped over my now extremely hard cock Jessie seemed to sighed in complete pleasure. She slid my shorts down over my thighs and dropped them on the floor. Her face was only inches from my hard throbing cock. Jessie looked up at me with a total surprised look. With a soft voice she said, “Wow, you have a really nice looking cock”. She placed her fingers around my cock and slowly rubbed up and down. Jessie stood back up, took a few steps backwards and slowly slipped her bikini bottoms from her waist and let them fall to the ground. She stepped out of them and kicked them to the side. She just stood there, completely naked and just starred at me, she had a big smile on her face. I couldn’t help but stare. I couldn’t take my eyes off of that sexy body. Her pussy was completely shaved and so smooth looking. Jessie reached out, grabbed onto my hand and led me to the bed. She crawled onto the bed and laid herself flat out on the bed. I just stood there beside the bed and starred at this beautiful young lady. I was completely naked and the amazing feeling of this beautiful girl waiting for me to make love to her was a feeling I will never, ever be able to describe. I didn’t want this night to ever end. Finally Jessie said, “it’s ok, come to me”. I crawled onto the bed, slid over and softly laid against her body. She wrapped her arms around my neck and softly said, “i want you to kiss me”. I slid my leg over her leg and placed It between hers. My thigh was pressed up Into her groin, against her pussy. I softly laid on top of her body. Her skin against mine felt incredibly soft and so warm. She pulled me towards her and my chest fell against her breasts. We began to softly kiss. We kissed and kissed and kissed. Her body felt so good against mine, her lips and mouth tasted wonderful. I had to fight myself from just crawling between her legs and sticking my cock into this beautiful Willesden Escorts girl. Just as I felt I could no longer handle this urge, Jessie pushed me over onto my back. Then she crawled on top of me, she straddled herself over my hips, facing me, then she rose up on her knees and pressed the tip of my cock at the entrance of her vagina. She gave me a sweet, wide-eyes look of innocence—like “oh my, what’s this!”— she lowered herself down on my cock. I could feel my cock begining to stretch her pussy muscles Jessie began to push herself in a downward motion and the feel of my cock entering her warm young pussy sent immediate shivers throughout my whole body. I looked right at Jessie’s beautiful face, she had such a young beautiful innocent look. As our bodies pushed together, Jessie moaned out, “Ooo, that’s nice, you feel wonderful inside me”. I quickly replied with, “Yeas, Jessie, very nice.”. she felt so tight, but at the same time she felt extremly warm and wet. The feel of my cock sliding into her warm pussy was so wonderful. I just watched as my old cock slid deeper into her smooth young body. I placed my hands onto her thighs, her skin was so soft and warm. I softly massaged her legs, up and down with my hands. Jessie had taken me all the way inside of her. She just paused for a moment, our groins pressed tightly together. Pussing against me she began rubbing herself against me, around and around. Then slowly she lifted herself up, I watched as my hard cock began to appear. I was so damn hard. She pulled herself all the way off of my cock, it smacked down against my belly. I thought oh shit, that was feeling so wonderful. Jessie giggled, reaching down, she grabbed my cock and began rubbing against the opening of her pussy. …just teasing me. Then she gave a hard push downward. My cock was now all the way inside her again. Looking right in my eyes, she began a slow up and down motion. I was so caught between watching my cock sliding in and out of her warm tight young pussy and the eye contact she kept on me. I never could have imagined just how good this would feel. I was in total ecstacy. Jessie leaned forward, placed her hands on my chest and began quickening her up and down motion. Faster and faster we went. Our fucking became so rhythm like. Jessie’s eyes started closing as we went faster and faster. Every downward motion caused a smacking sound as our body’s came together. All of a sudden, Jessie began arching her back and the speed of our fucking increased even more.. I could hear her moaning louder and faster. I knew I was about to cum. I felt I would die from pleasure. I wasn’t sure if she would want me to cum inside of her, so I quickly blurted out, Jessie I’m going to cum, you better let me pull out. Mixed in her moaning sweet voice she said, “no, don’t stop, I want to feel your cum inside me”! This reaction from her caused my balls to erupt, I pushed my self up against her groin and began to cum. I felt her pussy squeezing my dick. She feel down on top of me and our bodies became one, she pressed her mouth against mine. Her tongue shot deep into my mouth. We peaked in an amazing orgasm together. Jessie’s mouth against mine, her tongue deep inside mixed with the sweet moaning sounds caused me to cum over and over. My cum squirting inside her was the most beautiful feeling I could have ever imagined. Our bodies quivering together for what seemed like heaven to me. After our amazing orgasm slowly faded, Jessie just lied on top of me, panting and cuddling me. Then she lifted her head from my chest and gave me a nice long sensual kiss. Still panting from our amazing orgasm, she smiled and told me that was the best sex she had ever had. I kissed her and thanked her. I never felt real love making until that very moment. I didn’t want her to move. Before I knew it, we had fallen fast asleep.

Willesden Escorts – chapter 3

I awoke up about an hour later. We were both completely nude, with nothing covering us. Jessie was still asleep, her head was above my shoulder and tucked against the side of my face. I softly turned towards her to look at her face. I felt her warm breath against my face and as I inhaled, I took in her warm breath. Wow, the scent of her breath was amazing. I just layed there inhaling as she would exhale. It was a beautiful feeling. Jessie had her arm wrapped over my chest, her leg was crossed over mine and the warmth of her body against mine immediately sent sensations throughout my body.. I glanced down to look at her beautiful young body. I could see her firm breast pressing against my body. The swell of her hip over my waiste. All this sensation caused my cock to become so very hard. I didn’t want to wake her, this feeling was amazing. I reached my hand over and began softly massaging up and down Jessie’s arm, her skin was so soft. This caused her to stir a little, she opened her eyes and gave me a big smile. Her hand moved over my chest and she began to softly massage my chest. I told her I was sorry that I awoke her. Kissing my cheek she replied, “that’s ok”. In a soft voice she mumbled, “I can feel you against my leg, are you ready for more”? And with that she slid her hand down over my belly and softly wrapped her fingers around my cock, she began stroking it, up and down, over and over. It was such an extremely exciting feeling and I wondered how long I would be able to last. I glanced down and watched as her young soft hand stroked my cock. After just a few minutes of Jessie massaging my cock, the tip began producing lots of my pre-cum. Her hand quickly became covered with my jucies. Jessie sat up, leaned over my belly and kissed the tip of my cock. I heard her softly mumble, “mmmmm”. She opened her mouth and softly sucked on the head of my cock. She turned to me smiled and gave me a sweet kiss. My heart sank to my belly, I could taste my juices all over her tongue and lips. I wanted her to do that some more, but didn’t know how to ask. After a short sweet kiss, Jessie sat up, crawled down between my legs. She then leaned down, never taking hers eyes away from mine, ran her tongue the length of cock, from the middle of my balls all the way up to the head of my cock. Then she softly swirled her tongue around and over the tip of my cock. I had never had a girl do this to me, never. The tip of my cock was now all shiney and wet from her tongue mixing with my jucies. I wondered if she liked how my juices tasted. Then she went back down to my balls. This time she opened her mouth and sucked on my balls. This was something I never ever imagined would happen to me. I was so shocked that I hadn’t erupted into orgasm watching this goddess lick and suck my balls. Jessie then slowly worked all the way back up my cock, she opened her mouth and took the top of my cock into her mouth. She softly sucked on it while playing with the tip with her wet, little tongue at the same time. I reached down and began running my hand through her beautiful blonde hair. I just starred as she pleasured me. I couldn’t imagine how I hadn’t exploded in her mouth. The feeling was amazing. After a few minutes of sucking the head of my cock, Jessie let loose of it with a sucking plop. I could see her lips were all wet from my jucies. She licked her lips and began to work her way back down my cock. Only this time she was working in a kissing motion. Curious, I ask if she liked how my juices tasted. With a smile, she said, “I’ve never tasted anyone better. I love how you taste”. With that she licked up my shaft, opened her mouth and let it slide all most all the way into her mouth. I couldn’t believe how warm her mouth felt. I just watched as my cock disappeared slowly into her beautiful mouth. I thought, “my god, it has to be going down into her throat”! I had no idea that was possible, like I said before, I am not one to experience much sex, especially a blowjob. Jessie slowly took it back out of her mouth. She sucked on the tip, swirled her tongue around the tip and back into her mouth. She did this over and over. I felt my legs spreading apart, my hips wanted to thrust upwards. Each time she took it deeper into her mouth, until finally my entire cock was deep in her mouth and throat. She slowly lifted her mouth from my cock and said, “I want you want to cum in my mouth”. I thought I was going to faint. I told her no one has ever did that for me, Imbaresed, I said, “that’s the first time I’ve even had a blowjob. With that she began licking my cock, running the tip all over her lips. Looking up she said, “I love your taste in my mouth”, she said she had never felt so excited and turned on like this before. She leaned over me, opened her mouth and began sucking my cock, up and down she went. Each time she took it farther and deeper into her mouth and throat. Jessie’s up and down sucking caused me to begin a fucking motion. I began moving up and down faster. I started feeling a deep sensation in my groin and balls. I couldn’t believe I was fucking her mouth like this. My cock was sliding in and out of her beautiful mouth., faster and faster we went. Jessie never seemed to gag, or chock with my fucking. Finally I couldn’t hold it back anymore. My body began shacking. I moaned out, “oh my god, I’m going to cum”. The first shot of my cum went deep in her throat. Before Jessie pulled up from my cock the second load of my warm cum shot out. I know it also went down her throat. But the 3rd load shot into her mouth. This seemed to cause Jessie to chock a bit. As she pulled it out of her mouth, I was still cumming. A huge amount of my cum shot all over her lips and face. I watched as Jessie made a swallowing motion. I knew she just tasted and swallowed a load of my cum. This really excited me. Jessie again took my cock back into her mouth. This time I could feel her sucking hard on my cock. I came three more times into her mouth. I never experienced an orgasm or came that much in my life. Jessie kept sucking on my cock until I had become limp and soft and finally with a plop, her mouth released my cock. I was breathing so heavy, I looked at Jessie in total amazment. The one side of her face was covered in my cum. Her lips were glissing with my cum. With one hand she reached up and wiped my cum from her face into her open mouth. Smilling she said,” nobody has ever came so much like you just did. You actually made me chock.” Jessie still had her hand closed around me, she began stroking it softly, up and down. To my amazement, I began to grow hard again. Jessie still looking at me said, I see you liked that”. “Liked it? That was the best experience Ive ever gotten in my life. You are incredible to tell the truth”.Now how about letting me return the favor.”Mmm..” Jessie moaned softly to herself. Without any pause, she quickly rolled over onto her back.I crawled down and positioned myself between Jessie’s legs. Jessie tucked the pillow under her neck and began watching my every move. I had never done this before, but was pretty sure I knew what I wanted. I sofly pressed the tip of my nose against Jessie’s vagina and inhaled. She had such a nice clean, womanly scent. With my tongue I began to lick her vagina. Lightly at first, then more forcefully, but not to quickly, I wasn’t experienced in this, so I preceeded slowly and sensually. I licked her pussy from the bottom to the top with broad, wet strokes. She tasted so good,” Jessie quickly replied back. She said, “Mmm, your tongue feels good,”I began to lick harder and faster and with my lips I began tugging and sucking her beautiful pussy. Every so often Jessie gave out a little gasping cry as the feelings intensified. My tongue got so slick and wet from her smooth and warm wet pussy. The taste of her juices coating my tongue was fantastic. I couldn’t quite believe that I was tongue-fucking this beautiful young woman. Jessie’s body shivered with involuntary pleasure and she pushed her pussy up against my sucking, licking mouth. This was an amazing feeling. I think I even shook with excitement. I continued this love making to her sweet pussy with my lips and tongue. Jessie’s moaning and shuffling quickened. This caused me to quicken my tongue fucking. It wasn’t long until Jessie screamed out in total pleasure. She reached down and grabbed onto my head, she erupted in an orgasm that flooded my mouth with her jucies. I continued sucking and licking until Jessie’s body and moaning came to an exhaustive peace. She just layed there with her eyes closed panting. I layed my head on her belly in complete pleasure. We just layed there for a good five minutes. I then crawled up beside Jessie. We wrapped our arms around each other and feel into a long restful sleep.We continued this encounter for two more days. It all had to come to an end though. We both agreed to just move on with our lives, we didn’t exchange numbers, email or any contact information. I go back to that beach where we met, year after year, hoping I’ll see her again. But it never happens. Each time I return home, I have this complete emptiness. My heart is broken!

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