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The past several years we have traveled to paradise island in the Walworth Escorts over thanksgiving with my wife’s family. My wife and I have been sharing with other for 3-4 years and loved every minute of it. One day at the pool my wife when to the bar to get a couple drinks when she hadn’t returned I looked and saw her in a dance line with a bartenders and few other ladies. They looked like they were having fun and when the music stopped the gentleman in front of my wife turned around and gave her a hug and reached down and gave her ass a squeeze and a small kiss on the cheek. When she returned I told her it was sexy to watch her with her dance partner and she laughed and said his name was James and he was very flirty!! Later she back for a drink and I told her to flirt with James since our kids were with the grandparents on the beach. I’ve fantasized about watch my wife suck a big black cock and when she said James was on break at 4:00 I told her to go ask him to join you in our room for some fun. We went to the room around 3:45 and at 4:00 James knocked on the door. My wife let him in and introduced him to me then she told him I wanted to watch her suck his cock! He shocked at her words until she reached down and grabbed his cock. They kissed breifly until she dropped to her knees and unzipped his shorts and pulled his cock out. She gasped when she saw the size of James cock 9 inches kind and a thick girth with a strong vein running down the top of it. She gave it a few strokes before putting the tip in her mouth and rolling her tongue over his cock head. She took his cock in as far as she could while massaging his large sac. James removed his shorts and say in the chair with my wife between his legs giving his cock full attention. I pulled my cock out and started stroking myself when James said ” you’re guy who likes to watch your wife pleasing men” I said yes and he said we should come to his party Friday night. My wife continued to suck his cock until he said he was going to cum and he tried to pull his cock out but she pulled him in deeper as he started pumping her throat full of cum. She swallowed his offering and sucked his cock until it fell limp from her lips as he got up and gave us the when and where for Friday night. We left the kids with the sister in law this time and went across the bridge to the address that was givin to us. We knocked and James came to the door and as we walked in there were two other white couples in the room.

Walworth Escorts – chapter 2

After a few minutes James gathered us around and ask the husbands if they like watching their wives getting fucked and when we all said yes he clapped twice and 4 of most fit black men I’ve seen walked in the room naked all with large thick cocks. He told the husbands to sit on the couch and watch their wives get fucked like never before!! Two guys grabbed my wife and got her on her knees and put their cocks in her faces and they took turns fucking her face. James and the other two men were taking care of the other two wives across the room. I couldn’t believe my eyes as my wife was getting face fucked and gagging on the pair of cocks in her face. One guy got behind her and stuffed his cock in her pussy while she was deepthroating the other cock. The men found a pace where they worked her over as they switched a few times then one lubed his finger and slide it in her tight asshole and she moaned with excitement. He then replaced his finger with his cock and eased his length into her dark hole. He was fucking her ass hard and I thought he was going to rip her open but she just kept taking it until she said she both them fucking her. One got on his back and slide down on his cock and leaned forward giving the other a clean look at his target! Soon my wife was fucking two BBC at once and I looked the other husbands watching their wives getting fucked and all 3 of us were jacking off.. This went on for 45 min or so until James ask us if we were ready for the finally. We said yes and he had the 3 ladies lay down with their heads touching and the men circled them as they jacked themselves off . One at a time they took turns unloading on our wives faces until they were covered in cum. The men got up and my wife said aren’t you guys going to unload on us? Looking at the other two guys on the couch I got up and went over and in a couple pumps I unloaded on one of the other ladies then the other came over and dumped their loads on the my wives face.

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