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We know that different men have varying preferences and tastes when it comes to choosing women. Whether you prefer busty, slim or blonde escorts, we have the best for you. Some of our companions are former models with stunning sexual beauty and charm that oozes sex. Once you hire their companionship, you are assured of enjoying every second that you spend in the city is sublime with sexual Paddington escorts. Today, many people tour the area on the look out for the famous sexual Paddington escorts due to the quality of services that our Escort Paddington offer. Whether you have hired them before or a friend recommended them to you, one thing you can be sure of is that you will not regret once you hire our companions. They know how to treat every client to ensure their satisfaction.

Many complain that Paddington have little to offer in terms of superior dining establishments and hotels. We beg to differ; for an area which competes with the best restaurants in neighboring areas, Paddington has some good venues. For fantastic food, try Angelus at 4 Bathurst Street W2 2SD. The chef is Scottish, but uses the Gallic method to caramelise, marinate and pan fry ingredients to perfection. An excellent example is the foie gras creme brulee with caramel almonds for extra decadence. Snails and saffron risotto can also be found here, which you can wash down with an extensive French wine list. A particular favourite of Haute Girls is The Frontline Club at 13 Norfolk Place, W2 1QJ. This exciting venue is buzzing with journalists and media types who converse for hours over British seasonal foods that are locally produced. Gregarious staff makes the evening and choosing wine extra fun. The food and atmosphere never lets you down, it is impossible to be disappointed in such a convivial and upbeat environment; there are black and white Leica camera taken photographs on the walls, and WikiLeaks Julian Assange was rumoured to have given lectures/and hidden on the top floors.

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