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Kristy was a 34 year old mother of three children. Two boys, Billy and Joe, and her youngest was Samantha who was from New Malden Escorts. Kristy was married to Keith and lived in a big house in a gated community out in the suburbs where they were away from urban blight, crime, and things of that nature. Her kids went to the best private school in the city and the boys were involved in just about everything that young boys could be in, and Samantha was in a private pre-school that was renowned for the best results. She had a Cadillac SUV and was the epitome of a soccer mom. She took everyone everywhere. Sold cookies for fundraisers, held garage sales and car washes, and worked at the local drive-in when the team had fundraisers there. She was a teacher until she had married Keith. He was a defense attorney and had won three huge cases that set them up for life, but he still worked, sometimes 60-80 hours a week. Kristy was a member of the local New Malden Escorts women’s gym and jogged around the neighborhood every day when it wasn’t raining to keep in shape.
Kristy was a pretty woman. She had shoulder length strawberry blonde hair, was five six or so and she had a 34C-25-34 figure which she worked hard to maintain. She always kept a natural tan because there was a pool in her backyard, and there was a neighborhood pool. Her life was idyllic and she knew she was blessed. One day Keith came home and said that he was going to have to go away for a while and he would call her when he could. “What’s wrong honey? Why do you have to go? What is it?” Kristy asked. Keith only said “You and the kids are safe. I have some clients that are mad that I could not keep someone out of prison. The D. A. knows about it and the police are going to pick them up, but until they do, I need to be out of town. I’ll call you when I can.” He said to her as he packed a hanging bag case and a suitcase. “When will you be back?” Kristy said almost in tears. “I don’t know. Hopefully very soon.” Keith said as he took his bags to the car and loaded them into the trunk. He drove away and Kristy just stood in the drive and cried. She didn’t know what was happening and wanted it to all go away.
The next two days were just like all the others. There was school, then Karate, then soccer, then pizza, then homework and bedtime. Kristy was glad that the schedule was so hectic so she didn’t have time to think about what was going on. She did notice that there were more patrol cars, both city and private driving around the neighborhood. After the kids went to sleep, Kristy would go into her bedroom and cry herself to sleep. At two in the morning, there was a knock at the door. She threw a robe around her and went to the door. Through the peephole she could see a two uniformed officers and her heart sank “Something’s happened to Keith” she thought as she answered the door. “Are you Kristy Lyman?” asked one of the patrol officers and she nodded “You need to come with us now. Do you have someone that can stay with the kids?” He asked “Yes, I can call Susan my friend to come over.” “You need to call her to watch the kids for a while so we can go down to the police station. We have an officer that will stay with the kids until the sitter gets here.” You need your purse and your cell phone.” “What’s this all about? Is Keith alright?” she asked. “He’s fine. We need your assistance.” Kristy went and called her friend to come and watch the kids, changed into a pair of jeans and a pull over polo, grabbed her cell and was out the door with the two officers. A third officer had come and was standing just inside the door. “We need you to sit in the back. I’m sorry about that, but it’s just until we get to the station.” Kristy crawled in and they drove off.
“We have her” one of the men said to a person on the radio. “Yeah, we’ll bring her there.” The men were silent as they drove into the night. Kristy saw that they were going downtown and thought nothing of it until they drove into an abandoned warehouse building. “Where are we? What are we doing here?” “We have something you need to see. It’s here, not at the station.” She was nervous, but they were police, and she wanted to do whatever she could to help. They got her out of the car and took her to a lit room in the corner of the warehouse. Inside, there were two men in suits she took for detectives. The uniform police closed the door and stood in front of it. “Ms. Lyman, Kristy. Can I call you Kristy? I am Mr. Black and my partner is Mr. White, and we need to talk to you about your husband.” “What about Keith?” she asked. “There is a high ranking associate of the Lenoso family that your husband could not keep out of prison in spite of being paid over two million dollars to do so. We are here to get that money back or get our friend out of jail.” “Kristy stood up and said “you’re not police? I want to go now.” “Ohhhhh You’re not going anywhere until we get what we want.” Said Mr. White as he stood and walked over toward her. “ Now sit down bitch!” he said forcefully. “ I will not! I want to go home now. My children are waiting!” Kristy said with as much force as she could. WHACK! Kristy saw a flash of white as the man back handed her and she fell to the floor. “Your kids are alright for now. If you do what we want, we won’t have to involve them.” Kristy was trying hard to hear him, but her ears were ringing. She was stood and sat down on a chair. Her hands were tied behind her and her legs were tied to the chair legs. “Gimme her phone” he said to the uniformed officer that was at the door. “I’m gonna make a call to your hubby for you. You tell him that he needs to think about bringing the money to us or get Geno out of jail, or we will have to take more drastic measures to get our money.” The phone rang and the answering machine picked up. The man told her to tell the machine to call her.” She did and the man hung up the phone. A sack was placed over her head and the men left the room.
About an hour later, the man walked into the room. “Yeah, Keith. This is one of Geno’s friends. We have Kristy here with us. We would like to talk to you face to face about getting Geno out of jail or getting Geno’s money back. Yeah, she’s OK…….for now. We thought we would have a little party. What? Whoa! You can’t do that unless you’re here, can you? Well, you better come up with the money, now shouldn’t you. Hey. We gotta go. Gotta get to know your wife a little better. We’ll call you back and find out what the plan is. If the police get involved, she is dead. Keith, we haven’t involved your kids yet. Don’t make us have to do that.” Click. The phone hung up. The man told Kristy that she would be here a while and that they should all get to know one another. He asked if she was hungry, or thirsty. Kristy wanted a drink. He took off the bag and gave her a soda that seemed flat. Kristy was thirsty so she drank it. She was ordered to be untied and told if she tried anything, or didn’t do what she was told, her kids would be in other rooms in the warehouse like she was. She stood and walked around for a little. Mr. White ws admiring her figure. She began to get dizzy and started to stumble. Mr. White was behind her and caught her under the arms. His big hands were on her breasts. “Doonn’t” was all she could say. She was led to a room with a couch. Mr. White took off his coat and sat her down. He pulled the hem of her shirt out of her jeans and began to pull the polo over her head. She did not resist other than not wanting to raise her arms. He then undid her bra and took it off. Kristy was sitting there awake, but asleep. She knew that he was taking off her clothes, but couldn’t seem to react to it. He roughly pawed at her tits. “Stand up” he said and she slowly began to stand. The uniformed cops came into the room about this time followed by Mr. Black. Mr. White began undoing the button of her pants. She put her hands on his and tried to stop him. He easily pushed her hands out of the way. He unzipped the jeans and pulled them down to her knees. He had her sit and he removed them all the way. He pushed her back on the couch and pulled her panties off easily. Kristy was now sitting totally nude on a couch in a room of strange men. White stood up and said “Suck me bitch.” To Kristy. She began to slowly undo his pants and took out his cock. She loved oral sex and began to suck the end of the cock before her without thinking that is was not her husbands. As she was doing that, one of the uniformed men stripped and sat on the couch beside Kristy. He played with her nipples and put her hand over onto his cock. She wrapped her hand around it and began stroking. “We’re gonna have some fun with her.” He said as he was spreading her legs to play with her cunt. Before long, Kristy was on her knees with a man behind her ramming into her cunt from behind and another in front filling her mouth with cum as she jacked off the other two. She knew she was doing it, and didn’t know why it was wrong. She had a strong orgasm as one of the men reached around and fingered her clit as he rammed into her from behind. After they all had her, they allowed her to sleep on the couch with their cum leaking out of her pussy.
Kristy woke six hours later naked on a couch with dried cum on her leg and thigh. “What did I do?” she thought. The men came back in and she tried to cover herself. “OH, Stop it! We’ve seen everything you got sweety.” Said one of the men that had been dressed in a cop uniform. All the men were in casual suits except Mr. Black who was in a suit and tie. Kristy looked around for her clothes and began to ask for them when she heard “We like you better naked. Gives us somethin to look at.” Mr. White said and all the men chuckled. “You go into that room over there and clean up. There’s a shower in there. It’s only cold water, but you got crusty shit all over you. You’re a fuckin mess!” he continued. Kristy got up and walked over to the other room. There was a toilet and a shower with no door or curtain. She sat and pissed then turned on the shower. There was only a bar of soap, but she could at least get her skin clean. She got in and found out that is wasn’t just cold, it was freezing. She soaped up and as she started to rinse, Mr. Black came in, unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock. He leaned over the toilet and took a long piss. Kristy couldn’t help but notice that it was a much larger cock than Keith’s. He turned and shook it in her direction with a smile. “Wanna soap it down too?” he said and zipped it up and went out. Kristy felt her pussy. It was sore but she wasn’t torn or hurt. They also hadn’t shaved the hair off her pubic mound. She had a bikini cut of strawberry blonde hair that Keith always loved to see. She thought of him and began to cry
When she walked into the first room Mr. White was on the phone. “Tell you what you son of a bitch. You come up with the money or get Geno out. Until then, I think we gonna have a party with Kristy every day till you do. Yes we can do that, and we will do that. Yeah, all the guys. Yeah, even some of our friends too. You better you fuck!” and he turned around to see Kristy looking at him with a deer in the headlights look. “Get her something to wear. We’re going out.” Kristy began to plead not to do that and Mr. Black said “Ya know, some people we know would love it if we brought them a couple of young boys to play with. A four year old girl would be fun for them too.” Kristy was yelling No, No and pleading with him. “Then you better do what we say anytime or the kids are in the game too.” and he dropped her on the couch. A little while later another man brought in a skirt and a top for her to wear. He also sat down a makeup case and a hero sandwich and a drink. Kristy didn’t trust the drink, but was hungry and thirsty and began to eat and drink like a wild person. She then put on the skirt and the top. There was no underwear. The skirt just barely covered her ass cheeks and the top was a short shirt that let the underside of her boobs bounce down into view when she walked. She was also given a pair of heels that were too big, but she could wear them. She put on a little makeup and was brought out to the cars. In the back seat of the limo, Mr. White slipped his hand beneath the skirt and began to play with her pussy and they drove. He began to push her legs apart just as they got to the club.
The drink definitely had something in it as Kristy was feeling drunk as they were seated at the back of the club. It was a dance club and there were a lot of people out on the floor. Kristy figured it was run by the Italians because all the people there were dark haired and olive skinned. Kristy was sitting between two men she had been introduced to and they bought a bottle of champagne for her and them. They drank and toasted each other. One of the men said “Hey sweety, let’s dance.” and dragged her onto the floor. They began to dance and he had his hands allover her. The drink she had been given was making her loose her inhibitions and the man was rubbing her bare ass and touching her breast in front of everybody. After the song, she was taken back to the table. In the dim light of the back of the bar, the man to her left unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock and pushed Kristy down into his lap. She began to suck his cock as the man on her right began to play with her pussy. They said something to Mr. White in Italian and stood up Kristy and walked to the back of the club and into the manager’s office. There was a couch in the room and they sat down. Kristy was still standing and they said for her to dance to the music and strip for them. She began to dance and before the second song was over, she had on only a pair of loose heels. The bigger of the two men stood and grabbed her. He felt her up as she danced and played with her pussy. Both men began to strip from the waist down and when they were bottomless, they bent Kristy over the back of the couch. The bigger of the two men went behind her and began to finger fuck her pussy while the second man stood on the couch and forced Kristy to take all his cock into her mouth. When she was wet enough, the big man started to push his cock into her cunt. Kristy moaned very loudly the head penetrated her already sore pussy. The tightness and warmth of her pussy excited the man and he pushed hard to get all the way into her. When his hips hit her ass cheeks he stopped for a second and exhaled deeply. He then began to pump into her forcefully so much that the cock in her mouth was being pushed down her throat. She almost gagged on it but held herself together. The man in her mouth began to come and grabbed the back of her head to make sure it all went in. Soon the man in her pussy was coming too. He groaned loudly as he did and then without any emotion pulled out and pulled up his pants. The second man did also that both left the room with Kristy still nude bent over a couch.

New Malden Escorts – chapter 2

She redressed and went back outside to find that Mr. White was talking to a black man at the table. She sat down not wanting to be near a black man. “What about this little missy?” the black man said nodding to Kristy. “Sure if you want to. Jack and Lucky took her to the office a while ago, but she’ll do.” White said. The black man introduced himself as Malcolm and took her by the hand. The walked out of the club and over to a big limo. He opened the door and let her crawl inside. There was a huge black man in the car already. He had coal black skin and was wearing a black suit with a black fedora. “This is Papa G.” said Malcolm “He has his business on the south side. Mr. White and him is good friends. Papa, this is Kristy and she wanted to meet you.” Papa waved off Malcolm who left the car. He stuck out his hand which was as big as a bear paw to Kristy. When she shook it, he said in a deep voice “Glad to meet you young lady. You’re a fine looking New Malden Escorts woman. Come over here and sit by Papa.” Kristy wanted to bolt out the door, but she thought better of it and moved over to sit next to the big man. He put his arm around her shoulder and it dr*ped down to her breast. He put his other hand on her leg. “Kiss me sweety.” He said and pulled her close to kiss him. For a big man, he was quite gentle Kristy thought as he slowly kissed her and massaged her breast. After he kissed her, he said “Scoot over onto the other seat and strip outa those clothes for me to see all of you.” There was Jazz music in the limo and Kristy moved over to the other seat and stripped as sexy as she could while sitting down. When she was nude, he motioned for her to come back over. He took off his jacket and undid his belt buckle. “You do the rest baby.” He said and let Kristy undo his pant clasp and unzip his zipper. When she started to pull down his pants, a massive cock popped out. It was at least twelve inches long and at least three inches across. She sat up and looked at it and him “You scared of it baby? Don’t worry about it. I ain’t gonna hurt ya with it.” She investigated further and saw that he had a huge pair of balls to accompany the monster. He pushed her head down to his lap and she knew she could not take all of this thing. She used her hands one on top of the other and still couldn’t get all of the cock into her mouth. After trying and trying, her saliva had well lubricated the shaft and Papa pulled her off and lay her back against the seat. He got on his knees and aimed the head of the monster at her beautiful strawberry red hair covered snatch. She braced for his to thrust, but he rubbed and rubbed it against her slit and waited until he was getting her going to begin to push it in She sucked in air as the head went inside. She had never had anything that big in her before. He moved in slow thrusts to allow her to accommodate his size. After about five minutes of slowly pushing, he was almost all the way in and Kristy felt him pushing against the opening of her cervix. If her pushed further, it was going to hurt. He knew he had bottomed out and began to draw in and out in long slow strokes. With his hand, he played with Kristy’s clit and that along with the massive intrusion into her pussy drove her over the edge into an orgasm the likes of which she had never had. Papa began to stroke faster and as he began to cum, he pulled out and covered her stomach and tits with his white gooey spunk. Kristy rubbed it into her breasts and back down to her pussy that was now gaping open waiting for Papa’s return. Kristy got dressed again when Papa told her she could and began to leave. “I’m gonna want to see you again little lady.” Said Papa Kristy kissed him on the cheek and got out to go back into the club.
Malcolm was waiting for her when she got out of the Limo. “Papa have a good time?” he said. Kristy just smiled and nodded. “That’s good, cause when Papa don’t have a good time, I gotta take care of it. But now it’s my turn.” He said as he grabbed her by the arm and led her to the back of the club. In the alley, he pushed her to her knees and took out his cock. It was not as big as Papa’s, but was still long. She knew she had to do what she was asked and began to suck the cock. After just a short time, Malcolm stood her up and bent her over a trash can. He flipped up her dress and she thought she was going to get it doggy style, and hard, but after Papa, this cock would not hurt at all. Instead, Malcolm pushed her down with one hand and stuck his fingers into her cunt and thumb up her ass hole with the other. He worked them around roughly for a while and then began to push the head of his cock into Kristy’s ass hole. She had never had anal sex before, and thought it would hurt. As the head of the cock entered her virgin ass hole, a wave of pain went over her guts. He pushed in further and further until his balls were slapping her pussy. After about three thrusts, it didn’t hurt anymore and began to feel more than comfortable. She was liking it. She tightened her anus to hold Malcolm’s cock tighter and then relaxed to let him thrust. He thrust deep into her and held himself inside her for a while. He was cumming into her ass. He then pulled out his cock flipped down her skirt and took her into the club. In the club, Mr. White and Mr. Black were talking to a lot of different people and Kristy thought that she would have to fuck again. They took her and put her back into the limo and took her back to the warehouse. In the car, both men said how impressed everyone was with her and that she could be a good asset to the company. She went to the room with the couch, lay down and was asleep in a second.
Two days went by. On the third day, Kristy was woke up in the morning by a man laying a bag with a breakfast taco and a cup of coffee on the floor beside her. Kristy asked the time and was told it was almost noon. Her Kids would be terrified by now and the police would be on the case. A father that can’t come home and a missing mother is a big case. It would have bound to been on the news. That afternoon, White came in and said we need you to go with us. Kristy went and got in the limo and they drove out of the city and into the hills to the south. They went off the main road and continued on back roads for what seemed like hours. They pulled up in front of a large house that was surrounded by a stone fence and guards at the gate. White told Kristy to go in with them and don’t talk to anyone. She walked in the kitchen entrance and up a back flight of stairs to a bedroom that had a bathroom attached. As she entered, White said “Getting to hot in the city. I wanted to bring you here to attend to business here in a more private setting.” He continued “Take a bath If you want, hot and cold work. You’re on the third floor so climbing out would only break your neck. We will bring you clothes to wear tonight later.” He went out and closed the door and it was locked. Kristy sat and cried for a while thinking about her kids and her husband and remembered that if she did what they wanted her to, the kids would stay safe. She went to the bathroom and drew a bath. She soaked in the tub for an hour then went and crawled on the bed and fell asleep.
She was woke up again by someone bringing her food and a drink. The man also had a garment bag that he left on a chair. “They’ll get you at six.” He said and went out and locked the door. After she ate the food which was a steak, potatoes, and carrots and drank the drink that was obviously alcoholic, she opened the garment bag. Inside there was a dress that she herself might have bought. It was a light green evening dress with sequins around the collar. There was also some ear rings and a necklace that went with the dress. She put the dress on (again there was no underwear) and tried on the jewelry. The dress went low in the back so not having a bra was probably ok, but she felt like the slit up the back went to high and showed her ass crack as she walked, but that’s probably the look she was supposed to have. At six, a man opened the door and she went downstairs and was greeted by four men that were in the den smoking cigars and having drinks with three other girls that were dressed equally as nice as Kristy was. She walked in the room and recognized Papa G from the other night. The other men looked equally important. She was offered a drink and accepted. Papa motioned for her to come to stand with him. “How are you Baby?” he said as he pulled her in and kissed her cheek. She smiled and said she was getting along. She was introduced to Albert C, Lucky L. and Scuro Z. as the other men in the room. Kristy guessed that no one used their last names in this business. The drink that Kristy was drinking had been refilled three times within an hour and she was feeling it. As the men settled down, Papa said “Baby, would you be so kind as to bring me that brief case over there?” and pointed to a black case in the corner. When she stood, she almost fell over. Lucky caught her and said “I think she’s had enough.” “I thought she was going to dance for us?” said Scuro. “Not a good situation.” Kristy heard that and stood up and said “I’m OK. Just lost my balance.” The other girls said “I thought we were all going to dance for you men.” Kristy didn’t want it to get back that she didn’t do what she was supposed to, so when a man on the side of the room put on some music, she started to move around in as sexy a way as she could. The other girls started to dance too.
Within two songs two of the girls were almost nude. There was a Hispanic girl named Abby with big natural titties and a shaved pussy and a bleached blonde name Semone with fake breasts and a stripe of hair on her twat. The other girl was Georgia and had big tits and a full bush down there. Kristy dropped her dress on the third song and looked around as she turned. Georgia and Abby were sitting on the laps of Lucky and Scuro. Kristy didn’t know Albert, so she quickly sat down with Papa G. He began to touch her and kiss her as he did in the car. Kristy looked over and Scuro was getting hos cock sucked by Abby and Georgia looked like she was fucking Lucky. She was straddled his lap and was grinding up and down anyway. Papa had his hand in Kristy’s crotch and his big middle finger in her slit. He was feeling her breast with the other hand. A man came in and said that the room was ready and the men stood and took the ladies by the hand and went into another room.

New Malden Escorts – chapter 3

Once inside, the door was closed and a curtain was pulled back. There were beds and benches and straps and men in leather pants and hoods there by some of the benches. It looked like a medieval torture chamber. Semone started to ask why we were going in here. “We were all starting to have fun in the other room. Let’s go back.” Albert grabbed her by the arm and took her into the room. She was placed on a bench and tied down on her stomach and the bench raised so that her ass was in the air. Three more New Malden Escorts women came into the room wearing dominatrix clothing and began to walk around looking at the three remaining girls. Kristy held on tight to Papa’s arm. One of the Dominatrix women came to Kristy and said “Are you going to be willing, or are you going to have to be taught a lesson like her?” and nodded toward Semone who was being gaged as they spoke. “ I am going to do whatever Papa wants me to do.” Kristy said. “I don’t decide what goes on in here baby.” Papa said as the Dominatrix took Kristy’s hand and led her to a bed where she was tied on her back spread eagle on the bed. Abby was tied on the bed next to her, but on her stomach. Georgia was taken to a big “X” and tied spread eagle onto it. Another Dominatrix told the men to take off their clothes and they were directed to go to a place in the room. Papa was getting sent to Georgia to Kristy’s disappointment. Albert was sent to Kristy. He was told to fuck her missionary style and cum all over her stomach. If he didn’t he would be punished. Abby had Lucky do the same without hurting her asshole. Semone was getting fucked up the ass by Scuro and Georgia was being held almost upside down and was told to deep throat Papa’s massive organ. Kristy thought she had it OK until a male in leather came up and forced his cock into her mouth and made her take him all the way or be punished. This was not fun, and Kristy didn’t know how people could think it was the man came in her throat and she swallowed every bit. She thought of biting off the dick and spitting in out but didn’t want to suffer the consequences.
After Albert spilled his cum on her stomach, Kristy was released and taken to a set of stocks. They held her bent over a pole at the waist. Her head was about three feet off the ground. She feared what would be done to her there. Papa was told to go to Kristy and have anal sex with her. He walked up behind her and whispered “I’m gonna be gentle.” To Kristy and began to lube the head of his cock with his spit and her vaginal wetness. At the same time, he slipped his finger into her ass. He worked it around and got it lose, then put in another finger. With two fingers in, Kristy was feeling pressure. He pulled out his fingers and began to slowly push the head of his massive organ into her little ass hole. When the head went in, Kristy screamed and was gagged by a woman that was watching them. Papa slowly pushed in and out as he had with her cunt trying not to hurt her. It took some time, but he got the length of his cock into Kristy’s back side. He had never done that before. He began to take longer and longer strokes in and out of her butt. The pain was always there, but had begun to subside. He pushed in hard one time and came deep inside her. When he pulled out, he was breathing hard and said “That’s all I got” to the woman who released Kristy and let Papa take her with him out of the room.
Inside his lavish room, Kristy said “why’d they let us go? I thought they’d torture us all night.” “The key word is ‘that’s all I have’ and when I said it, they knew that I wanted to take the woman I was with and leave. I just hoped that one of the others wouldn’t say it with you first.” And he continued “and Baby, that wasn’t all I got.” He said with a smile. “Let’s take a bath and get cleaned off.” He said and drew a bath in the Jacuzzi tub in his bathroom. While in the water, Kristy found out that he controlled a family in the south part of the city and was mainly over the prostitution. “I ain’t never seen a woman like you though baby.” He said as she snuggled into his armpit. She washed his cock and balls and when they got out, she dried them too. They crawled into the bed and he lowered his six six frame down over the little redhead and made love to her again before they fell asleep. In the morning, Papa said “If you ever need anything or want anything, you call me.” And gave her a slip of paper with a number on it.
Papa left that day, but Kristy was told that another big client was coming in and that she would be his fun for the night. She got another dress and was taken down to the dining room and treated to a four course meal with a man she knew only as Vlad. He was from the former Check republic and did not speak English. After dinner they went for a walk in the garden around the house. Once back inside, she found that he liked to do some unusual stuff. He licked her toes and had her get on her hands and knees and licked her ass hole. He crawled in front of her and backed his ass toward her face. She was repulsed and began to lick his balls first and he made her lick his ass hole too. He then took her first in the cunt and then in the ass. He let her go back to her room where she promptly threw up and took a shower. “How gross can some people be?” she said as she crawled into bed.
For a week it went on like this. A man or men would have her for their plaything for the evening, then she’d get to sleep and start it all over again. Mr. White came in the next day and said “You’re hubby came through.” “He got the money for you?” Kristy said. “No, Geno got off on a technicality that your hubby found in the record. Geno is a free man, so you will be too.” She was dressed in good clothes and taken downtown and dropped off at a store where Keith had been told to go. When he saw her and she him, they ran to each other and hugged and cried. Their life went back to the norm. She was a soccer mom again and acted as the kid’s chauffer. She and Keith got in some fights, mainly about sex. Keith wasn’t interested in her after hearing a cleaned up version of what all happened to her. The continued to fight for about a half year, then Kristy picked up the phone and called a number and when someone answered said “Can I speak to Papa?”

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