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It will be a short story abote Mill Hill Escorts, but it was still pretty exciting for both of us. We have played with others together and always within sight of each other. Well the wife recently had let me play with a female friend without her. It was a female we had played with several times together, before.
Well last night my wife was being flirted with heavily by a man that was at a local casino we frequent. She had run into him two days previous playing a machine next to her. Well this running into him, a second time opened up more comfortable conversation.
Well to keep this short, my wife was texting me in Mill Hill Escorts, telling me what was happening, and that she was having fun with the experience. When I suggested she should play it out, have fun with it if she wanted to, she actually became very interested in the idea. Time past, frequent texts past over time and it was obvious there flirtations were becoming a little more intended. Inuendos, suggestions of going up to his room were thrown around. When I asked her via text if she was excited, wanted to follow through she told me yes. She excused herself from her new male friend, telling him she would be back and came to where I was in the casino. She was nervous, a little scared, but excited. She had never done anything without me right near her. It seemed important for her to look in my eyes and see I would be o.k. with it if she followed through. We covered some safety points, like sending me room number etc. She left and returned to her new male friend. Some time passed, texts came less frequently, but when they did, it seemed things were heating up. I moved to where I could observe from the casino floor where they were sitting. She was playing a machine and he was sitting next to her. He was a younger black man, very fit and well dressed. She was in shorts, a T-shirt and wearing a white baseball hat, very sporty. Her legs were crossed, but I could see his hand was on her inner thigh just up a bit from her knee. They were talking, she was playing the game and talking. I saw him moving his hand caressing her thigh, each time moving a little higher. She uncrossed her legs and made her thigh more accesible.

Mill Hill Escorts – chapter 2

Then I got the text she was going to go to his room. My heart actually was pounding with the excitement. I saw them get up and start walking toward the elevators that led to the rooms. My mind raced, do I let her keep going, do I stop her, how can I when she has let me?
A short time passed and I got a text with the room number. I moved to machines near the elevators and looked at them, in excited disbelief she had gone upstairs. I kept wondering, what is happening now, what are they doing now. You had to have a key to operate the elevators. When I saw them open I followed some people in.
I went into elevator, and went to the floor she was on. I walked the hallway and approached the room she was supposed to be in. I stood before the door and listened. It was not too loud, or outrageous, but it was obvious from the sounds she was having sex. Her sounds, all that I am familiar with were clear that she was enjoying herself. I left, returned to the casino floor. Thinking wow, a first. I kept wondering, what she would do, what positions she would be in, how many times she would orgasm. I couldn’t help myself and went back up to the roomI stood outside and I listened and could hear they were still at it. She was a little louder and I could hear her encouraging him to keep doing what he was doing. Then I heard him groan, that kind that would be tell tale he had just cum. I walked back to the casino floor, went to a sports bar and ordered a drink. About 20 minutes later I got a text from her she was back in the casino.
When she walked up to me she had a shy, naughty little smirk on her face. We spent the next hour talking about it. She painted a clear and very fun picture about what had occurred. We went home and she showed me how eroticized the event had made her, while she took very good care of me.

Mill Hill Escorts

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