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I was at a local bar one night in Mile End Escorts, when I notced the hot chick that works at starbucks. her name is Sherrie, I would flirt with her any time we saw each other. She had a nice ass. We made eye contact and I smiled at her. Sherrie smiled back. I sent her a drink, she winked at me and I caught her staring me seductively a few times during the night. Finally last call was announced, Sherrie was feeling horny and didn’t care who knew it. she walked over to me at the bar, grabbed by crotch and whispered in my ear to meet her outside cause she wants cock. I met her outside in the parking lot by her car. Sherrie had her shirt unbotten with no bra, as her tits were out. She had a nice firm rack. She had her pants undone and a hand in her panties. She quickly undid my pants, and took my cock out and she grabbed it and jerked me off, till I was hard. She got my cock really hard. She then dropped to her knees and licked my shaft and sucked my balls. Then she really sucked my cock. She gave good head. I shot my cum on her face and some landed on her nice firm tits. We decided to go finish back at her place. She lived close to the bar so I just follwed her in my car to her apartment.

Mile End Escorts – chapter 2

Once there we made out a bit, I managed to get her blouse off and Mile End Escorts with her nice 36 C tits, with perky nipples before we went in her room, Sherrie quickly got her jeans off and as I got undressed she was getting out of her soaked panties. Sherrie revealed her little moist cunt. it looked so good. Sherrie had a nice smooth shaved pussy. She wanted me to eat her pussy. And after she sucked my cock in the parking lot, I was ready to go down on her and eat her pussy out.
Sherrie was standing naked in front of me. She looked so hot. Her pussy looked so tasty I just had to touch it and placed my hand over her cunt and ran a finger up its slick lips. I carefully sroked back and forth for a few seconds before piercing the pink wet folds inserting my finger into her. Dropping to my knees I began licking her inner thighs as I continued sliding my finger in and out of her. I placed my thumb right on her clit and started circling it, then placed my mouth over her cunt and started sucking the juices right out of her. Sherrie’s legs began to buckle and she grabbed my head and pressed it into her holding onto me as I used my tongue to make her climax. As Sherrie was releasing a river of juice from between her legs that I was lapping up as it flowed over my face. My cock was hard as fuck. Sherrie layed on her back with her legs spread I rammed my cock into her pussy. Her body rocked back and forth. I had built up a nice fast rhythm, shoving my cock hard and deep in her pussy. I was really fucking her pussy hard.Sherrie moaned and begged for me to fuck her brains out “FUCK ME SETH! FUCK MY BRAINS OUT! OH MY GOD!!!!”Sherrie’s screams soon start getting louder as I pump my hard cock in and out of her tight wet pussy. She feels so good that I cant hold of any more and I exploded my load of cum in her tight wet pussy. Sherrie feels my cum gusging in her pussy, she sstarts cumming too, “OH FUCK YES I AM CUMMING! I AM CUMMING!” I pull out of her pussy and her body is trembling. My warm cum flowed out of her pussy down to her ass crack. Sherrie just layed their rubbing my cum around her pussy. I left to get us some water, when I got back I found Sherrie, still naked past out on my bed. In the morning we got dressed Sherrie told me she had never been fucked that hard before and hoped to do it again real soon. We’ll see…

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