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Here we go again in Luton Escorts. That night when Joe got home we had a quiet evening. When we went to bed Joe turned on a sex movie. While watching two men and one Luton Escorts womanI was getting rather worked up and started playing with Joe’s cock. He said “you like that do you” I said “not bad, its okay”. We had watched them before
although I was turned on I acted like it wasn’t a big deal. Joe then ask if I had thought about having sex with Larry. He had two fingers in my pussy while
I was stroking his cock and I’m sure he could feel how wet I was. I was going to tell him about earlier that day but thought I would play it out a while.
With Larry? I said. Yes he said, would you like to feel his cock in your cunt? I said “okay but only if you are there”. With that Joe pulled me on top of
him and his hard cock slid in my pussy all the way, balls deep. OH Fuck, that feels good I said. Joe said “close your eyes and think of it being Larry
fucking you”. He didn’t know I already was. It wasn’t long that I started shaking and cumming and cumming. It’s not very often I get fucked twice in one
day and never have I been fucked by two different guys in the same day but that’s going to change. I found that I really like it.
That was a great fuck session. A bit of a twist here. Worked out great for me. Joe and I had talked about doing some remodeling in our house. Larry did
that kind of work so the next night Joe suggested we ask Larry if he wanted to do it as a side job. I said “sure”. Joe called Larry and ask if he would
like to do this for us. He said he would come over the next night and go over the details. I worked also and didn’t get home until 2:30. Joe didn’t get home
until around 7. Larry showed up about 3:30. I got him a beer and sat at the table talking. Soon we started talking about sex and my pussy went into tingle
mode. Larry ask if I had talked to Joe about a 3some. I said “Joe had brought it up and I said I would try it”. Larry said he would rather do it without
Joe but it would be safer that way. Larry got up to get another beer and I could tell his cock was totally hard. When he came back to the table I went
for his zipper. He just stood there as I undone his pants and pulled his very hard cock out. I got a better look at his cock this time. Stroking it
I looked up into his eyes and said “you have a very nice cock. It’s beautiful”. Then took his cock into my mouth and started sucking like I never
want to stop. Larry started shaking, I knew he was about to blow so I stopped sucking. He stood me up, kissing me, undoing my pants, pulling my pants
and soaked panties to the floor.

Luton Escorts – chapter 2

I stepped out of them while he pulled my shirt off. I didn’t have a bra on so he went right for my tits twisting one and
sucking the other. We didn’t say a word. He turned me around and bent me over the table, put his nice hard cock to my pussy lips. He took his cock and
rubbed it up and down from my clit to my ass hole and back. I was going nuts just waiting for that hard cock to enter my pussy. He kept rubbing it up and down
until he stopped at my pussy hole. I was dripping on the floor by now. Haven’t been this worked up in a long while. He reached around and cupped my boobs and
slowly pushed his cock into my pussy. I pushed back as hard as I could to get as much of his cock into me as I could. Larry started slow but soon got going
faster and harder. I wanted more, I said “fuck me harder, fuck my cunt, fill my cunt with your cock, make me feel it”. He was fucking me hard enough to
move the table across the floor to the wall. By that time I must have climaxed 3 times. He knows how to use his cock to make a Luton Escorts woman feel it. Larry then
stopped, pushed hard into my cunt and started to shake. I felt his hot cum blow into my cunt. This sent me into another climax. The feeling of his hard cock
and his hot cum was better than I had ever thought it could be. As his cock soften and slipped out of my pussy, I stood up and his cum dripped on the floor
and down my legs I said “fuck, were you saving that”? He said “just waiting to be able to fuck you again” I said “you did, and you did it good. My pussy is
going to be sore for a few days. What do I tell Joe if he wants to fuck tonight”? OH FUCK… Joe will be here in 10 minutes… Talk about doing a rush dress
and clean up. It’s all good and it was good. Joe got home, I wondered if he could smell the sex I just had. All he said is something smelled good. We talked
remodeling and had another beer when Joe floored Larry by asking him if he wanted to fuck me. Larry said “WHAT”? Joe said “would you want to have 3some with
us one day”? Larry looked at me and said “you okay with this”? I said “sure why not. I’ll give it a try. Don’t see what it will hurt. I never did anything
like that before”. I could see that Joe and Larry both had hard cocks. Joe ask “you want to give it a try tonight”? I’m thinking, my pussy is to sore for
more fucking tonight when Larry said he has to get going so another night if its okay. Joe said that we will shoot for the weekend then. I thought this will
work out great. Larry left, Joe went and took a shower. I went into the bathroom quietly and Joe was stroking his cock. His cock looked so fucking good but
my pussy was not in the mood, so I thought. Oh fuck I’m wet. I took off my clothes and scared the hell out of Joe when I opened the shower. A big smile on his
face when I got in and started stroking his cock. He started playing with my pussy and it didn’t feel so sore. I turned around, bent over and Joe slipped his
cock into my pussy with ease. He made the comment about going in so easy, I said “it’s because of thinking about the 3some with Larry”. While he was fucking
the hell out of my pussy he said “you must really want to fuck Larry” I said “hell yes, I want to know what it’s like to fuck 2 at the same time. I want to
see what Larry’s cock feels like in my pussy while I suck your cock”. This sent Joe over the top and filled my pussy with his cum. I became weak in the knee
and hit a great climax. Wow.. This much in one day let alone twice in about a week. I didn’t think I could fuck this much and love it and still want more.

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