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I have a fwb, her name is Marlene, she is latina from Leytonstone Escorts, but white washed. She has huge fake tits, 36 JJs or some thing crazy like that. but ot goes nice with her nice thick body. she is thick in all the right places, for example Marlene has a nice big and round latin booty that shakes when she walks. I fuck Marlene at least twice a month, but shes a whore so she gets fucked alot. everytime I fuck her she tells me crazy stories about her sex life. it gets me hard and them I fuck her brains out. the last srory she told me was about the time she went to Chicago with her friend Hannah (who I also fuck occasionally). here it goes….
Marlene and Hannah went to Chicago to visit Hannah’s sister. Hannah had to go somewhere with her sister and her sister’s boyfriend Ken, so Marlene stayed in the hotel by herself. Marlene went down to the pool wearing a 2 piece bikini and high heels. Her top did not cover much of her big round tits. And her bottoms were thinner than a thong. Marlene thought no one was looking so she started fingering herself. But forgot how loud she gets when she plays with herself. Marlene didn’t get to finish because she had to meet up with Ken’s friends. Marlene met them down by the pool. She really hit off with all 4 guys. They had been working a lot and haven’t had time for socialising.Marlene loved getting fucked by more than one cock. So Marlene told them that she wanted them to fuck her that night.

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So she went back to her room and finished playing with herself and got ready to get fucked stupid. Marlene relished at the thought of these four hard young sex starved cocks were going to fuck her all night. Marlene had John sit in the reclining chair and called Bret over to feed her mouth his cock as Marlene sat on John’s big cock. John’s cock was the first cock to fuck her that night. She grined her pussy down into him and then shoot right up and rubbed his cock against her clit and then shoved it back in as Marlene sits down on him again. She then grabbed Bret’s big cock and start to lick it like a Popsicle and sucks only the head and in less than 2 minutes he was shooting his load down her throat. Mike then made his way to her mouth and soon Marlene was feasting on Mike’s cock as John fucked her so hard giving her first orgasm of the night. John then shot his load in her pussy. Marlene hoped to get many more loads of cum blasted in her hot cunt. Mike quickly bent her over the captain’s chair and drilled her cunt from behind. He was having a great time and so was Marlene when Jim came up and fed her his nine inch cock. Marlene was ready to try to swallow the whole thing. She was in heaven and was wondering what she had missed out on for so many years of her life. Mike was telling Marlene that he had fantastic staying power so she might as well get used to him pounding her pussy and he would outlast the rest of the men and to be ready for him to start fucking her harder and faster. As Mike fucked her pussy with a smooth rhythm. Marlene turned her attention to Jim’s 9 inch monster cock. She was having a great time teasing the tip of his cock but then Marlene got down to business and tried to swallow the whole thing, it took a few minutes but soon he was all the way down her throat. He loved it as she was the first girl to deep throat him and soon he shot a giant load of warm cum in her mouth. Marlene swallowed every drop and begged him to fuck her pussy. She wanted his cock in her pussy so bad. Marlene told him that she wanted suck his cock and get fucked by him every night. He just smiled, Mike was right they had been fucking for 30 minutes when Marlene decided to speed thing up. She wanted Jim to fuck her. So she clamped down with her pussy muscles and grabbed his cock and held it in a vice. He was shocked that he could not pump his cock thru the walls of her cunt. Marlene milked his cock till he shot a huge load in her throbbing pussy. Now it was time for Jim. Marlene had to lay on the floor and spread her legs wide so he could put his huge cock in her. He was not that big as a man but he had the fattest, longest cock she had ever seen in her life. He tells her he has never been in a  Leytonstone Escorts woman fully. He puts the first inch in her and Marlene squeels, she has never been stretch that much before not even when she got gang banged by 10 guys at a party a few weekends ago. Jim has 6 inches and he announces that this is the farthest he has ever been a woman. He is loving it and she is still relaxing and telling him to keep going and he is now 9 inches in and he is smiling as she can feel his cock getting harder and growing more, Now is the time for her to start enjoying the big cock in her and soon his cock is jammed in her cunt completely and Marlene is in a constant climax as his cock has stretch her skin so that her clit is at the base of his cock and she can feel the heat from it on her clit. Marlene tells him to start slow and fuck her harder, he does not disappoint and soon he is thrusting in and out of her cunt with athority. She is lost in obivlivion as he moves her entire body with his thrusts. Marlene’s huge round tits are bouncing so much she has to squeeze them together. He comes after about 3 minutes of pounding her cunt but Marlene had at least four orgasms as his cock pounded her brains out. With his cum leaking from her cunt they all agree to forget bar hopping and to stay in the room. There’s knock on the door, its her friend Ken. He tells Marlene that her friend Hannah is on her way back to the hotel. Ken’s eyes are locked on her huge tits as she responds to him by telling him that when Hannah gets to the hotel to distract her so she can get the 4 men to leave and not get caught being such a nasty whore. Then she tells Ken to come back over later that night and fuck her. Marlene closes the door and goes up to the window and sees that Hannah is already infront of the hotel. However it seems Mike is hard again. He is seated on the couch and Marlene swallows his cock and proceeds to have him shoot in her mouth in less than five minutes. She gets the men to leave the room before Hannah got there.

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