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I have a fwb and we get together about once a week in Lewisham escorts. Since I’m very visual, Jean will wear a revealing top that shows off her beautiful breasts. Jean will often wear a short skirt and never wares any panties or bra.We got together and headed for Atlantic City. Jean likes to be a way from her area so she can feel free to express herself and really enjoy our time together. This trip she wore a black micro skirt, and a very sheer red top with a deep open V neck. She looked incredibly sexy and she was ready to play the part of my vixen.
On the way to AC Jean showed off her tits to the truckers and they loved it. It got me very hard and extremely horny. She took my cock out and sucked it really nice and soft to keep me hard. She said I have a surprise for you. She opened her bag and took out a pair of shorts that had a sheer material. She said since I do this, I want you to as well. Of course I agreed with pleasure, however I warned her I would probably be hard for all the gals to view. She said she was counting on it.
We arrived in AC and that is where the real fun started. When she walked she made sure that her tits jiggled with every step all the while shaking her ass. We first walked the board walk and she was strutting her body incredibly well. I was also in my sheer shorts and was swinging in the breeze. Jean kept checking me out and watching all the gals watching me. We were both very excited. There is always a nice wind and it would catch her v top and open it up for all to see her tits….Wow I loved it and we enjoyed every step on the boardwalk.
We ended up at the casino and went to the black jack tables. She stood behind me while I played. There were 4 men and two other Lewisham escorts women at the table with a male dealer. She would bend over to give me a kiss, while she did this her top would open and the dealer could clearly see her tits. She got a lot of attention. The men were all chatting with her and she made sure that she paid attention to very guy there. You can feel the sexual tension at the table. Jean loved the attention.
The shorts she gave me were semi sheer and the legs were also short. Jean whispered in my ear and asked me to hike up my pant leg to reveal the tip of the head of my cock so she and the gal next to me could also get a look. The gal next to me noticed and gave me a nice smile. She was a good looking woman and had a nice body. She was dressed in a sexy outfit with a satin top and a nice short skirt. She excused herself and asked if the dealer could hold her seat while she went to the rest room. When she returned, it was obvious the change in her outfit. She took her bra off and had her blouse unbuttoned below her tits and her skirt was raised much higher. The satin top now revealed her perky nipples. Jean noticed this and whispered in my ear to make sure I pay proper attention to her. She introduced herself to us as Megan. Megan would make sure that her blouse would open up for me to see her beautiful tits. We talked for a while and played black jack. Once the chips were gone we excused our self from the table and started to leave. The gal next to me asked if she could join us as we went around the Casio. I was in my element with two beautiful horny women around me.We went to the Casio’s bar and had a couple of drinks. Megan reached under my shorts to play with my cock. Jean leaned over and enthusiastically kissed Megan. WOW, I’m rock hard and Megan had her hand stroking my cock. Jean asked her to take it out and give it a little suck, which she did happily. Jean reached in to Megan’s blouse and played with her nipples caressing her tits nice and slowly with me watching it all. Megan bent down and started to suck my cock at the bar. The bartender, came over and asked if we could tone it down a bit, Jean and Megan said they would but when they talked to the bartender, they both bent over to expose themselves. He really liked the view.

Lewisham escorts – chapter 2

We left the bar and went to the shops were all the fancy clothes were for the ladies. Megan wanted to get a top like Jean’s so we looked in these shops and when Megan and Jean both tried on tops that were sheer and revealing at each of the shops. Megan picked a top that was black and sheer with little gold dots all over it. The top was very sheer and she was so hot and her nipples were very perky with the top on. Jean picked a white sleeveless gauze peasant top that was very sheer and they both were incredibly sexy. Megan also picked out a black micro skirt and we left the store with both gals dressed for maximum eye candy. This all made my cock hard as a rock and the girls loved it. Both brushing up against it making sure that I stayed hard.
We went from bar to bar, both gals showing off. I could barely stand it and they were intent on making sure that I was excited. We drank a bit of alcohol and none of us cared who was around us. We were all kissing and feeling each other to maximize our sexual excitement. The last bar we were at no one seemed to care what we did with each other. The gals got a lot of free drinks as they made sure that all could appreciate the fine form womanhood. This bar had a pool table. I invited them to play a game of pool. The two gals played the first game. I challenged the loser to do what the winner wanted them to do. They both agreed. As it turns out Megan was pretty good at pool. However when they started to play the fact that they both had micro miniskirt on really impacted what we were watching. Nothing like horny chicks leaning over a pool table to take a shot with no panties on….The gals got cheers from the folks around us. Jean lost the game, and she had to do what Megan wanted. Megan picked a guy at the bar and asked Jean to show off her body and play with him and take is cock out and suck on it. She did this gladly and he shot is load in about 2 seconds. Jean swallowed all his cum.Now it was my turn to play the winner. Megan broke and she sank two balls. When it was my turn she distracted me by lifting her skirt at the pocket that I was aiming for to reveal her pussy, however I did make the shot. The second shot she came around and rubbed her tits against me and played with my cock. Jean was in coo hoots with her and she came over and took her tits out and laid them on the pocket I was shooting at. I missed this one. Megan took her shot. I took my cock out and laid it on the edge of the pool table to distract her. She was and missed. This went on though out the game. I did win. Megan had to do what I wanted. I thought for a while and came up with a great idea. I had her do a strip tease and take off her top and asked her to keep it off for the rest of the time we were at the bar, and hike her skirt up to so we could just see her pussy. She did it and wow what a great view.
Jean and I now played. Both gals kept trying to distract me. Jean pulled down her peasant top and wiggled her tits, and Megan pulled my cock out and played with it for all to see. I did make the shot. Though this game Jean lost and now it was my turn again to pick what she had to do. I asked her to make out with Megan, by kissing and sucking her tits, feeling her wet pussy and getting her wild(er). Jean started and it was a wonderful sight to see. The surprise came when Megan got up on the pool table and asked Jean to lick her pussy. I can’t stand it any longer. I asked them if they would like to find a room so we can do the wild thing.
We got a room with a boardwalk view. We all stripped down. I opened the curtains and we started to play…WOW a man’s dream. Two beautiful Lewisham escorts women, that’s four tits and two pussys. We all took turns with each other and it was awesome…While I was fucking Megan, Jean was licking my balls. It was hard to hold off but I did not cum for a long time so we can all play. Jean and Megan both played doing the 69 with each other. It was fun to watch and experience all that was to be explored. Megan wanted me to fuck her in the ass, Jean also loves it. I fucked Megan while she was licking Jeans pussy, Jean started to get very loud and I know she was ready to cum. Megan kept it going until she started to squirt. Megan loved it and wanted me to do to Jean while Jean licked her pussy. So I was fucking Jean in the ass while she was licking Megan. It was all so incredible. Megan was also very loud and when she came she not only squirted, I would call it gushed. The bed was soaking wet. Fortunately there was a second bed. We moved to the dry bed and relaxed a bit. I when to clean of from the ass fucking.
The gals then rested while holding each other kissing and touching. After a bit they said it was my turn. They got on either side of me and started to rub there tits against my body, kissing me and tickling my cock. They both licked my cock and my balls together. Jean wanted Megan to fuck me while she played with the rest of my body. Megan wanted Jean to finger her ass while she fucked me. So Jean came around and fingered her ass and with the other hand fingered my ass. Wow it was so exciting Jean, Megan and I all sharing each other’s body. Megan wanted me to cum, so she did what I love, talk dirty and future encounters she would fantasize about. I came with an explosively and it was incredible. I laid on the bed with my cock still hard. Jean came around and lick my cock to get all the cum off of it. Megan said there is more where that came from and Jean went right to her pussy. Megan pushed and my cum oozed out. Jean was licking it and rubbing it on her face. Megan then pulled Jean up to her and they both kissed. What I then realized is that Jean kept the cum in her mouth and when kissing Megan they both exchanged my cum.
After a little rest we both got hungry. Jean wanted to get pizza. We ordered in. After about 45 minutes there was a knock on the door. Both Megan and Jean though it would be cool to answer the door naked. So when the pizza guy got a look at them he said it was the best delivery he ever made. They invited him in, however he did decline, but not before the gals took out his cock and teased him with a little BJ.
Megan said it was time to head home. Jean and I stayed at the hotel for the evening.

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