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– He has already used such Heathrow escorts. Not once and not twice.Now also he went to relax, forget about everyday problems, to take revenge on an unfaithful wife.He scanned the offer on the Heathrow escorts, he called, he went.A visit to visit, shower, oral – not entirely successful, classic, fast shot. She noticed that he had a ring on her finger. He did not hide that he is married, because why? He had no reason to pretend as if single and took off his wedding ring probably would track and it would look even worse.The visit proceeded with seemingly no fireworks, but could not say it was wrong. He was pleased with the visit, cash, hello, home.

Heathrow escorts

Heathrow escorts – chapter 1

Some time later I wanted to use the body strange woman.Himself surprised – it was a choice of several others, but stopped at her offer. Price? Like any other. Photos? No retouching as much. Offer? No or not explicitly thumping against the other. He wrote to her, she replied invited. OK, why not …He did not know at the beginning what was in it. In addition to his swollen member of the course. But his thoughts kept under any pretext circled around her. He called, he went for the second time. He wanted to see his sperm on her body. He almost succeeded, he could not, her mouth swirled on his dick so well and yet exquisitely that did not come quickly, as always, but when ejaculation has already occurred was not to control. He had no idea that someone can give him such pleasure. She stared into his eyes taking in her soft lips of his member, metered him cruelly pleasure, slowing, accelerating, joked in progress. He had no idea that sex is not just intercourse. He had sex with more than one woman, but what I now experienced was something new. With Heathrow escorts  her he could at the same time enjoy its taste, hold a conversation and joke. He went out of her vowing once or twice is enough. There are yet other, right? Former. But even with them nothing was missing, his thoughts were with her. Not in progress, it would not be fair. He was with her before and after. She gave him the number communicator, he constantly harrassed or her, or she him. She invited him, and he did not mind, though, I realized that a lot of risk, and these visits are not cheap. tempted him, which probably was not necessary, he became every day in the evening before going to sleep at the thought of her eyes …She betrayed him his desire – he wants to sharply. Very sharp. This idea excited him, but never tried in this way. But why not? And, deep down inside, I knew I would visit again. Wallet said ‘no’ but longings and desires said ‘yes’. A member that does not even speak, only to be yelling … He called, he went. We love each other like never before. He wanted to give her pleasure and at the same time did not want to hurt her. She lay on her stomach and he plunged his fingers deep into her wet pussy. She moved her hips to help him in penetration when it was very wet wet his thumb and slid into her ass. For a moment it was moving, I was glad when he signaled that a little too hard. He can say ‘no’. Softened penetration finger to her anus, tight and slippery hole. Maybe someday it will not be a finger? But her wet pussy dealt with firmly as per his habit. Writhed and moaned even forgetting caresses him. It did not bother him, though supposedly was at her for his pleasure. On the contrary, he looked at her, fascinated. He wanted her orgasm. For the first time in my life paying for it in order to please a woman and had it somewhere, had it. He caressed her Heathrow escorts and pulled her hair, fucked and loved is fucked and hug, poniewierał and loved. She did what he asked, he wanted to take a dick deep throat lying on his back – obediently tilted her head back and he slid his member deep into her mouth until his throat. He looked into her eyes, thrusting cock in his throat, looked too kissed her gently on the lips. A wonderful mix. She promised to finish him wherever he wants. So I ended up on her face. He thought, “like in the movies porn”. But it did not cause him such satisfaction what he had expected. What else live what else to watch more …
He spent more than an hour, she did not want to be gone, he did not want to use her time. He left her being uncertain – paid in time, and perhaps too little?
He promised a break. He left. On the same day he called. He missed. He wanted her body so he thought. But the phone did not take. He wanted her voice did sound felt his excitement. He could not talk with the desire przegadałby all night. It took several days. They agreed. Is it still meeting the diva, or the mistress? She opened it with longing in his eyes. This longing also attracted to him … They went into the room, surprisingly did not throw at it right away. They hugged each other like a pair of lovers, kiss caused, with all the tension descended from him. He wanted her already differently than usual. He did not want to call it. As always chattering endlessly, but it did not bother him. He knew that, and so clog the mouth of its members but do not hurry. I stripped, leaving only underwear shoes. Gently caressed her nipple, gently fingering her pussy for signs of excitement. Her hand went to a member, causing an erection. She caressed him well, knowing how to do it. He gently stroked her skin, knowing the delicacy soon be over. He took her by the hand, indicating that he has to get up. She knew what would happen. Obediently she stood before him only in his shoes it very exciting one. He grabbed her by the head, fingers wove into her hair. With his other hand he grabbed the face. Strongly and passionately kissed. He holds the hair still forced to crouched down and took his dick to his lips. He loved it. I dutifully took his penis, caressing his soft lips. Sometimes gently and sometimes to the very end. He held it for a split second then seeing her lovely eyes, dedication and maybe a little fear. He took her dick, holding the hair is not allowed to once again took him around the mouth. She could only caress it gently to the side. He tugged gently by the hair, imposed a gentle almost imperceptible cheek. She looked angrily fleeting, but realized he did not want to do her harm. He pulled her up, she stood tall in heels, just for its growth. Firmly turned her back to back and pushed to the wall. She knew what her waiting relied and instinctively stood astride. She entered her without further ado. She moaned softly, then louder when simultaneously pushed deeper dick and pulled her hair. Her proceeded slowly but firmly. Slightly quickened the pace of embracing me free arm, caressed her nipples, stroking the skin, brushed his lips, causing slight pain at the same time pulling the hair, squeezing the breast or reaching down to fondle her wet pussy violently. ‘Yet’ she moaned, but did not listen. He came out of it, but this time did not have to tell – she leaned forward and licked him their juices. ‘Delicious bitch?’ he asked, though well he knew the answer, he tasted. She shook her head meekly. He pushed her onto the bed, put again a member in her mouth. It is spinning seeing him disappear in these sensuous lips. Had gotten into her pussy toes, he knew that give her more satisfaction than his dick. She arched in pleasure. Fucked her fingers for a moment, he ceased to remembered about him. Greedily grabbed the hand of his penis, her eyes said she wants to take me from behind. He did not mind, but he knew from long no longer pull. Lightly slapped her again, harder this time, however, adequately to the situation. She accepted without protest cheek, almost like a caress, she knew that this be so, because he so wants. Again she wove her fingers in her hair, pulled her to him and kissed her deeply shoved her tongue to his lips. Struggled with her briefly, gently he kissed her lips, breasts and arms.He knelt thrusting buttocks. She entered her slowly to the end. He pressed even if he could. He pulled her into his hair, but this time much, certainly painfully. But he knew that if transplant, she would tell him. He trusted her. Slowly he come into her while kissing his neck and kept pulling our hair. She liked, he could feel it. With his free hand he pushed her forward, grabbed with both hands and slightly twisted at the back without doing harm. He Heathrow escorts told her to say vulgar lyrics, twirled him. But what he heard was stronger than expected. He let go of her hand, he measured a strong slap. And another one. He pulled her hair back to himself. He licked her thumb juices and slowly slid into her anus. He felt through the wall of the rectum its member. I moved rhythmically dick in pussy and a finger in the ass. He felt that we were approaching the final. And so long he endured. For a moment she protested that too much, but pulled by the hair and pain down there ceased to have meaning, it was downright pleasant. ‘Please, fucked me in the ass, I beg’ she moaned. Not this time, he ended up in her pussy, pushing to the end and clinging to her back and clasped her in a kiss as if in thanks. They hugged each other, stroking her head as if to soothe the pain I asked her. They lay so long chatting and joking like a pair of old friends. When he was ready he took him gently caressing his penis mouth. Slowly, damp, she knew that so fond. He looked her in the eye with silent adoration of her artistry, stroking her hair. , She finished her mouth, swallowed the small amount of sperm without hesitation. He felt relaxed, but he knew that the next time will give her more of himself. He had not expected as much.
They lay snuggle in yourself, knowing that soon split up and not know when to meet again.

Heathrow escorts – chapter 2

Again he had to leave.I kept thinking about her, felt subconsciously her scent, the texture of her skin.
Abroad, he wanted some sign of her presence. Using roaming, even though he had this bad experience, GG installed on the phone and have the opportunity to show off to each other. He was little, he called. When he heard her warm, “baby”, he felt pleasantly warm. Briefly they are talking, but the conversation only intensified his longing. “What happens,” he thought. He had not felt anything like this for many years, he got in his head and a tight …They wrote to each other text messages, the second night had a chance to talk late into the night, despite his fatigue. He managed to connect with her voice, by Skype. This allowed him to have one hand free. Involuntarily he went down abdomen, talked with her while gently stroking the member who answered his hardness. We wanted to be with her, beside her, in her.In their minds came up with a crazy idea – after he returned home the next day, a long road ahead of him, no one realizes if he returned three hours later …
They introduced their spontaneous plan into action. On-site changed from official to private cars and rushed to her.She opened it with a wet head, dressed simply, not endeavored to artificial kokietowanie gorsetami etc. And that he loved, was his partner, not a diva. Heathrow escorts so defiant, as usual, seemed to him even prettier than ever. Oh, I almost forgot – in the meantime, setting the time and duration of the visit, the two decided to change the level of their meetings. Relationships client-diva passed in lover-lover.
He walked hesitantly, but only crossed the threshold of the apartment wtulili at each other as if they have not seen in months.Greedily devoured her body, her smell, her hair damp. You no longer have to fantasize, I had it with me.They went to a small room, which he already knew. This time was different – przytulniejszy, with candles, air floated desire. Changing the relationship affected his perception of space. He was no longer in the “kopulatorni”. He was already on his mistress. No longer room was unremarkable, it was a suite.
Refreshed in the shower after the trip. It offended no longer neglected bathroom. It was important to warm water, scented gel and the knowledge that she was there waiting …
He returned to the room. They had the lot, as their meeting time.She enjoyed her closeness. He caressed her body, absorbing the smell. He did not expect what happens. It surprised him and most of his reaction.
She was lying on her tummy, in his favorite position. Always excited him when his penis rubs against the groove between the buttocks, and her buttocks at how what but they are very cool. Poprzekomarzali for a moment and when he wanted her to take inquired about condoms. In response, he felt her buttocks slightly naparły on his member and her kisses become more sensitive. He knew what it meant, but he was terrified. For a moment through his head flew a million thoughts, maybe she wants to catch the baby? No, certainly additionally it protects the condom may fail. But she accepts not know who, may not be healthy? Madness! But he wanted her and her mute a proposal testified or that is crazy like him, or trust him implicitly.
He hesitated for a moment and put his whole life on the line. He came at her from the beginning of shallowly, as if probing her and her reaction. She wanted him and he wanted her. He went deeper and did not regret it for a moment. He could finally feel the velvet of her pussy own member without a latex barrier. He was free. Its not already fucked, not bzykał, did not go. He loved her, applied a different measure of the previous meeting and another to do so.There was a special stallion and even fatigue gave itself felt, loved for a long time without his orgasm. Interrupted for a moment and talked, they caressed and made love again, in a different position. Very he liked that he could have sex with her interspersed with conversations, jokes, it was not only the process of making my own, it was something much more.It reminded her about his fantasies, she ran to seek pins. She found she founded, stood before him tense, proud high. He liked this, only in shoes. He could do anything with her, he could feel it. He turned back to back, grabbed by the hair (as she likes) and entered into the wet pussy. So fucked her for a moment slightly precipitated the focus of her screams of delight and sometimes knock beds on which it relied. He turned facing each other, seated and looking into the eyes dipped his dick in her flower. At one point, he whispered “sorry” and pointed cheek. He was afraid that he had a habit of beating women but her reaction concluded that it was too weak … but fearing he hit harder.Without leaving her, she lifted her little body and moved onto the bed. He entered into it if he had the strength she loves tight and he wanted to give her maximum pleasure. They took a break, he was exhausted.He lay on his back, when she picked up the gel. He knew what to expect, a little scared, did not practice never such sex. Kneeling over him nawilżyła your asshole, he grabbed his dick and to inch up on him impaled. He told her that she does not like when lying on his back, but she seemed to know better. Or used to have it somewhere. She wanted him so it took. Never before has love Greek did not practice, so he was not sure whether he had already entered into her anus or not. Gently moved about on it and at some point he knew that he is in her. They tried that for a while, then changed position on his favorite, making him the most satisfaction – he liked to be back, hold her by the hips and look at her neck, rosy cheeks while turning her head toward him watch her undulating buttocks. He walked slowly into the newly learned hole. He was tight and so warm and nice. His cock again and again disappeared into her ass, gently at first to her no harm, then harder and harder but watching her reactions, if you do not overdone. She told him the dirty things she would like to ended up in her ass. He also wished and many lacked but escaped him, twisting a footsore. OK, let it be though he suspected it was something else. Maybe too hard, maybe too dry.
Refreshed in the shower, rest a little, his visit he sought to end. He hugged to her. For the first time he whispered her real name. He felt pleasure when he did, it was very personal.
He spoke to her. He asked that he never lied. Let’s not say anything, or say that he can not say, but let’s not lying. She promised him that, though her eyes told a different story. He loved to look her in the eye although sometimes saw them as bad flames …Excited him again, he forgave him, she wanted to have finally orgasm. She lay down on her tummy, she knew that he would be the coolest.He came into her, rub against her skin, kissing his neck and back. Spletli hands, he felt the approaching orgasm. He warned her that she runs out. She asked that flooded her pussy with his sperm. She told him dirty things speeding up the finale. Again, a million thoughts flashed through his mind, crazy, but he did it. She gushed in it and felt like the luckiest guy in the world. For a moment, gently she is moving in her still descending member then left with her tired. He placed next to and hug.He was right, though, that his head was a fireworks red lights “idiot”, “moron”, “irresponsible son of a bitch”. He kissed her, and turned off all the lights. He will have plenty of time to think, this is no time and no space.They had to get back both to his home. He drove her, but it was another risky move. But he wanted such Gierek, a bit of adrenaline in a gray monotonous life. He hoped the next meeting.They did not see just one day. He promised myself to slow down, what they did was przeszaleńcze. He failed.They met briefly, he had little time. I ended up in a secluded diner coffee.Fantastically he was among people who do not know they externalize their feelings. They held hands, stroked his cheeks, Musk himself with his hands. They drank coffee and talked about everything and nothing.He drove back to the house, and let him see.He came up with the reason why he could disappear from home the next day. Again he wanted to slow down, but on the other hand, wanted her to have as much and as often as for themselves. In addition, he quarreled with his wife. This time, without emotion. Always as they argued it was angry with myself and wanted permission. This time we quarreled and my head screamed, “I’ve got you somewhere, someone cares more than you !!!”. It’s just Heathrow escorts that he used more blunt words.He went after her, did not have a plan where you will go or what they do.They drove out of town, going anywhere. They turned on some rural roads, eventually found as a secluded place.For a moment he spoke but we both know that you do not come here to chat.He had a big car, no problem can frolic in the back seat.At first gently, they enjoyed themselves, even without taking off his clothes. Then she unbuttoned his shirt, still wet after being doused with a coffee at the gas station … He lifted her sweater and saw cute pink bra, he could see it already loose weave of her sweater, now he could admire it in all its glory.For a moment wtulał at her, then she reached behind her back and undid the clasp. He had the eyes of her breasts. He knew them already very well, but every time it invariably enjoyed the sight of them. There were large, on the contrary, but it did not mention any hint of slackness. Well matched his hands and mouth. Sunk in the right breast, she caressed, sucked, chewed nipple trying not to cause her harm.After a while I figured out that the place not well chosen, the car looks from the outside like someone drove into a ditch, once even someone stopped and watched what happened. The awareness that someone can approach was picking up his excitement.He reset the car, they drove away, hiding behind the trees. It was not perfect, but it was better.He returned to her on the back seat. Stripped naked, he circled his mind “and how someone will come”? Although no one here knew, but it would be a shame …She lay down in the back seat and he entered her slowly. Again he felt elation, for a moment forget about the environment, about the conditions in which they made love, it was only he and she. She could scream with delight, this time she had no neighbors to annoy.It made him happy look on her cheeks flushed with emotion during sex its naturally smooth and clear skin took on color.Her facial mimicry fascinated him, he looked at her with fascination. Her face flitted through different states – pleasure, pain, pleasure and suffering.She wanted because in the second keyhole, but was unable to. No such conditions. While they rested and took it in a way that he loved.He sat down and she leaned over and took his phallus mouth. Has grown a little, it has become harder. Not as big and tough as he wanted, but according to him big enough to have satisfaction.Initially he took up his head, sucking and caressing. Slightly hurt, he asked to take him deeper and wetter. Obediently, she moved her head up and down, slipping his mouth on his penis. He was in ecstasy, his legs began to tremble, no other such tremors caused his legs, already at the first visit with her noticed the phenomenon.she caressed him hard and fast, a little too quickly and would rather enjoy her mouth, but no longer had the strength to protest, he would squirt inside her mouth.He excited that accompanied the sound of her work, wet, salivary slap. Also, absorbing the sight of her mouth his dick worked on him incredibly. In this position, he could not look her in the eye, he regretted. However, brushing her blonde hair falling velvet to see her shapely ears, her profile. “Fits my dick,” he thought fleetingly. Normally she had a small, shapely lips with a slight written all over his aggressiveness. During sex lips these turned into megaseksowny dressing the organ to his pleasure. He felt the approaching orgasm, legs began to twitch even more. He warned her in a whisper, that soon will end, maybe she would prefer to end up on the outside? She did not want gushed in her mouth, politely Spil every drop of its total nienajobfitszego ejaculation. He felt that he could move mountains. Forgetting that he had just had his sperm in her mouth wanted to kiss her, but deftly escaped from it, he realized that it was awkward.He looked around, windows were steamed up, the car was a lot of her blond hair, wet stains on upholstery and smelled of sex.He enjoyed even while facing her body and shaved pussy then dressed and drove away.Drove her home, said good-bye. He avoided expressing what he feels like the plague. It is not stupid, I’m sure she read it in his eyes. Already he misses …Again, they do not hold out.They met the next day, even though he promised himself to slow down.He went to her, just beginning to work.Was waiting naked, she did not want to waste time. He threw clothes knowing that soon must return to their jobs, if it will not be too long, co-workers begin to wonder where he disappeared.They took communal showers. He did not tell her that she likes sex so wet in the shower. Very excited by rubbing it on the skin soaped member partner. Maybe next time?
He returned to the familiar room. It was like the first time – a moisturizing gel, condoms. He knew it was for those who come after him, he felt something against which he defended himself with all his strength. Twinge of jealousy. That’s not alone. Quickly erased it from his head, he knew who he meets, with all the baggage and had no right to be blame her, grief or any other feelings in this matter.He took her from the early classic, quickly gained her face blushes. This time not scream, did not want to annoy her friends behind the wall. For her he was a lover, but for girlfriends client. He felt more at ease than before though, and so full of relaxation missing. I no longer bother him so the presence of other people in the apartment, walked naked from the bathroom to the room, she also.
They made love for a moment, did the break. She tried to encourage him to anal, but it did not work out. On the one hand, the hand that held his dick helped, but on the other hand, interfere with digging painfully into his abdomen when trying to deeper penetration. They forgive yourself. He loved her and whispered gently dirty tricks to her ears. That if he wants it zerżnie it as he wants. He will want to rape her lips – is stick a dick in the throat and zerżnie. He’ll want to end up in pussy – does not see this as a problem, he comes in and does his. And if he wants to fuck her anally – turn her onto his stomach, presses and come into her asshole even dry, ignoring that it is not wet, it hurts her that eyes will flow with tears. She whispered “do it” … It was evident that it turns her. However, he did not want her to give just that what she wants.she lay down on his stomach, and he plunged into her clam initially one finger. When more became wet, he added a second, as if reading her mind. After a while he came third finger, and after a while she asked to fourth. She was so wet that did not cause the problem, his hand on the same ankle thumb sinks into her pussy. He could feel her inside, velvety skin, shook his hand searching for a method giving her the greatest satisfaction. She said she could add another thumb. It seemed to him to be impossible, but try. Almost succeeded, but it was clear that it hurts. He resigned from the thumb in my pussy deciding to use it anyway. He picked up the gel and squeezed a little straight on her second hole. He massaged and put in his thumb. He tried to be gentle but protested quietly. There he took a finger, slowed only move him, his movements became almost imperceptible. She further protested quietly, her hand went to his hand gently tried to push his hand, but not if the conviction. He remained in her dupce a moment, waiting for permission, but gave no sign that it may continue. He pulled the thumb of her ass, not without regret … He caressed her pussy for four other fingers. He held up a little in order to take his flaccid member to hand. She grabbed him gently and quickly made himself hard enough to enter her. He moved over her, took her hand from the inside and came dick in hot, humid, almost wet hole. He moved quickly in her once again slowly, gently, sometimes heavily, causing clap hips on her buttocks. Orgasm came together with her and him. She gushed inside her already without thinking of the consequences. He not once uttered aloud what he felt, but she knew. On the other hand he wanted to see her beautiful eyes.
Rest for a while babbling about everything and nothing, then he got dressed and walked out, leaving her naked, waiting for her first customer that day.

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