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– Anne was East Ham Escorts a year younger than me loveliest girl. She was fourteen, and besides brown hair, mesmerizing green eyes and freckled nose. She was very thin and shy and East Ham Escorts . You could say that was the epitome of sweet shyness . From the time of the previous camp, about which I wrote in “In the room with Anna,” she was my girlfriend. This compound is characterized by shyness, however, and was rather timid knowledge of two innocent teenagers.

East Ham Escorts

East Ham Escorts – chapter 1

When we met, we mainly talked to each other on various topics and stared into each other’s eyes. In this beautiful spring, Friday afternoon was no different. Immediately after finishing the lessons I grabbed a small hand Anna and I took her to the forest, where often encountered. In the woods we sat next to each other and. Anne hid her pretty little head in my arms. When I went to the ground, putting his head on his backpack, Anne firmly grabbed me and cocked me. We lay so in the middle of a small, charming forest and felt together in paradise. Talking on trivial subjects, I played with long brown hairs of my princess, and she listened to the beating of my heart.At one point Anka got up and sat on my stomach. She pulled her slim legs so that the feet were close to my face. She had them white East Ham Escorts court majestic and quite long, nice white socks. I immediately turned my head and kissed the tip of her shoe, saying:I pay tribute to my most beloved princess. I am your humble servant and Sweets Shop.I love my- responded sweet – Therefore let them know that they never escape slavery and forever will serve his Ani.Having said this, how wonderful words, Anne lay down on me and gently kissed me on the lips. I grabbed her by the back of the head and held in order to passionately reciprocate her brush. Kissing with Anna was special, because her little girl’s tongue was simply amazing. On the  to people who know Anne, as shy and demure girl, had seen how he can kiss passionately. We kissed good ten minutes, and when Anne has simply could not catch her breath, laid out on the grass next to each other, hold hands tightly.I felt a strong breath of my beloved princess. After a few minutes lying decided to move. Anka kissed her on the forehead, then sat cross-legged in front of her. I lay down on my knees Her feet in white najkach. I decided to play a bit Her her feet. Gently untied laces on both shoes. Then I pulled it slightly, putting himself her feet in the same white socks on his knees again. Gently massaging these small, slightly sweaty feet in white sports socks.Anka sweet and beautifully moving fingers at me smiling. It was clear that my nieśmiałemu aniołkowi like this game. So I continued the massage, compressing gently pad of small fingers, ball of the foot and the soles of feet, and shaking his finger circles around the delicate bones. After some time, massage, slid Ance socks. I kissed her on both feet.Mmmm, my dear, sweet slave-she said with a clearly audible feeling of pleasure.Great have feet, angel. From jumping on clouds made such a delicate? – I asked, smiling at my Neither.Yes, my beloved slave, exactly YES, she said, pulling at me and touching his tongue my mouth.Neither I drew her head and kissed her passionately. Then I went back to massage these angelic feet. I really had the impression that Anna jumped down to me straight from the clouds. I felt that gentle sweat on its foot is actually a remnant of the clouds, which jumped into the woods Anne. During the massage Anne raised her footer and put it on my face. I immediately kissed depressing to me sole, wanting in it as much as possible to sink. After a while, my face was also second flange Angel.It felt like heaven when these soft, delicate soles were moving gently over my face; if I could handle the language more and more, other pieces of feet Ani. At one point, I caught right foot Neither the ankle and steered her so that sweet, unpainted fingers were in my mouth. Thoroughly I licked, trying to make Ani and his greatest pleasure. My little angel seemed to gently languages ​​and deeper and deeper into your foot in my mouth. After a while my mouth is also trying to get the left foot Ani, which is of course also with pleasure licked.

East Ham Escorts – chapter 2

After some time of fun, when every place on both its foot teens have repeatedly been thoroughly licked, I put the angel’s feet on his lap. Anne took the opportunity and stood up, her feet touching his bare of grass. He immediately fell to her feet like a slave falls at the feet of their owner. When I was looking at my girlfriend I saw in her a true angel who instead of walking on clouds in the sky, walks in the woods on the grass. And instead of being with the other angels, is staying with me, happy man who with all his forces wants to serve.
After re wycałowaniu of feet, straightened, still on his knees. I held tight Anna, and she started to play with my hair. I was glad that I can kneel in front of my otherworldly princess and even her cover. However, it turned out that my happiness may be even greater. Ania unbuttoned button on his jeans and unbuttoned castle. She lowered them down, like the white panties she wore. My eyes appeared a tiny, różowiutka pussy. Neither the delicate fingers began to play with it a little hairy, invisible to East Ham Escorts anyone before, a secret palce.Honey, you know that I love you. Your Angel put that give you forever. You can play with my hole. Nobody ever could, and no one except you will never be able to robić- said softly, gentle, sweet voice.I immediately kissed her vagina my angel. First, I was doing circles around her, trying as much as possible to relax and unwind sweet teenager. After some time, when the pussy even more flushed, slipped his tongue deeper, to around soon he found himself inside my Angel. I kissed the pussy . She groaned loudly enough, fortunately, that virtually no one went to the forest. I did wheels inside my heavenly girl and gently brushed his lips over her lower lip.At one point I felt like Anna grabs my head and begins to yank my hair tight. He brought me even closer to each other. Suddenly her pussy, and through it and my face, captured the wild movements of orgasm. Anne squealed loudly, pulling me even more hair. Then, tired first in the life of orgasm, he pulled up pants and trousers, sat on the grass, pull me along. She confessed to me his great love and thanks for the pleasure. Then she dressed her socks and najki and asked for discharge home.

East Ham Escorts

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