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East End Escorts was in high school my classmate parallel. She was fairly tall girl, with delicate facial features and light brown hair. Well she learned, she was hardly interested in boys and events. We all saw it as a shy nerd, but no one anything to her was East End Escorts. She was universally liked, but kept mainly with a group of girlfriends. She did not have time to play in some relationships with the guys, or even great friendships with colleagues. All in all, not so much it was a matter of time, which is simply a matter of her shy and solitary character. Always intrigued me these girls, but often these girls just do not have anything to say to others and were generally uninteresting.

East End Escorts

East End Escorts – chapter 1

During one of the additional lessons of history teacher asked us to work for volunteers, we could perform in pairs. I immediately offered my brown-haired colleague that together we can do the job. Shyly she agreed. It also adopted my proposal that we met on Saturday evening when my parents will not be home and we will have peace. It turned out that her parents are leaving for the weekend, so there will be no problem with the time Stefanki return home. Although I did not tell her this, I immediately in my mind a plan was born to a Saturday night did not have to go home.According to the plan, on Saturday at seven East End Escorts knocked on the door. For some time I’ve been waiting for this visit, so almost instantly opened the door to my thoroughly cleaned up the house. My lovely friend from school was dressed in a green sweatshirt, jeans and tan simple, low sneakers. Immediately after entering the house she took off her shoes, becoming at the same high black-and-red striped socks, which tightly  Her big feet. After removing the shoes came into my room. We sat down at the computer, on which we were to conduct a multimedia presentation. Almost immediately we started an interesting discussion, which was interrupted after half an hour proposing a colleague dinner. He accepted the proposal and offered to help me. So together we went to the kitchen.After taking a quick sandwich sat down in the dining room at a table and talking on various topics, increasingly deviating from the topic of our work further, we started getting better to know. It turned out that  has never had a boyfriend or even kissed and cuddled up with any. I said, pulling up close to that our present knowledge already allows me to hug her. Timidly closer to me. Gently I embraced her, and she said the same thing. I began to stroke Stefanka on his back and beautiful hairs. Over time, we began to cuddle up more and more.Okay, Cuba, enough already razie- responded with uśmiechem- As I do a presentation, you will be able to continue to cuddle and get to know. Now a waste of time, because I did not have time to do anything.You have – replied, admittedly let down in głosie- But who knows, maybe by this time, our knowledge will allow me East End Escorts– you added, laughing.Maybe może- soft voice replied, shyly smiling.So we went back to work. It turned out that making such a presentation is more difficult than we thought. It was getting later, however, we decided to finish it today. We worked for half past eleven at night. I found that it is already too late for my lovely friend she returned home. After a fairly long persuasion agreed. Immediately after approval, I hugged her tightly.

East End Escorts – chapter 2

You promised that after finishing work will be cradled tuli- Stefca whispered in his ear.Without waiting for any reply, I kissed her on the cheek. Sweet blush, I had a moment impression that she wanted to escape. But after a while, when I kissed her in a beautiful, tiny lips, all her doubts prysły. She returned my kiss, introducing our fun his long tongue. Passionately we kissed. I still remember that this is the first kiss East End Escorts and tried to exceptional. At one point, my sweet odessałą to me and said:Well, I like to stay here tonight, but then I do not have pajamas. And where I slept?Calm down. My parents are not there, so you could sleep in their bed. And if you would be afraid, I …- I said, not finishing.And if I was afraid, so what? – He asked curiously, slightly blushing.It could sleep there with you and defend you against all monsters from under the bed, just waiting to attack such a sweet girl.Oh, and this is an interesting idea to have responded with uśmiechem- or maybe it before you’ll need defense?In front of me? Nothing I would not do such a sweet girl, my księżniczce- said, then knelt before sitting on a chair Stefanek.Curious, she looked at me. She kept his foot on the leg, making one of her tootsies with sweet black and red striped socks hung in the air. I kissed the footer. Stefanek gave a cry of surprise, but he made it fun stopped. Next kissed cool, girls socks on both feet. After some time, I decided to take it off and for the first time in my life to see the big feet of my friend. Yes I did. After gentle and gradual removal of socks Stefanki, my eyes appeared in her dreamlike feet.She had a very long fingers with healthy, niepomalowanymi nails. After removing the socks began to move them sweet. I noticed that the gap between demand licking fingers. Quickly I went to lick that pretty tickled my friend. Then I went to lick the whole sticks. Also I was putting more and more whole feet to his mouth. During this insertion, fingers moving sweetly touching my tongue and making me a lot of pleasure.Carry me already to a large bed of your parents? – Zapytała- I decided that I needed protection from monsters.With pleasure I will defend my beautiful księżniczkę- replied whilst taking Stefanek at hand.I took her to a large marriage bed. East End Escorts unbuttoned fly in jeans and realized that it would be better to sleep without her pants. Initially he protested, but after a while gave way. I appeared pink panties that swift movement took off with unsuspecting friends. clapped her little hands, slightly hairy pussy. She did also red on . First, I kissed her hands covering their pussy. Initially nervous Stefanek began to soften and after a while she pulled up her hands. I began to kiss and lick her pussy, which started to make themselves wet. My colleague quite relaxed and I even started to move the body to feel even more pleasure that I take minety.After a while I found that Stefanek is ready for her first time. He quickly undressed. My friend was a little shocked and scared. When I was all naked, and she curiously stared at my long, sticking out of the penis, I pulled out of her green blouse. Then I grabbed the white bra Her small breasts and began to knead. Stefanek began to breathe faster. Then I took off her bra and looked at the beautiful, quite small boobs and kissed her several times Je.We were both already quite naked. I lay down on the bed and asked to me sat down. Her carefully brought up to stick my dick in her pink, virginal hole. Initially he moved tentatively and slowly, over time, however, she began to feel more and more fun and faster to jump on me and make fun at my penis. At one point I read with her face and body movements that he is close to reaching. I started to move faster inside my beautiful friend. At one point we came together. After shooting the sperm came out with Stefanki. We lay side by side and firmly We wrapped ourselves around our hot, naked bodies. In this position, we fell asleep and slept until morning.

East End Escorts

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