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Earl’s Court Escorts

– In Earl’s Court Escorts I have been in love for many years. Already in elementary paying attention to her and tried to show off. I know that she was the first girl in which he fell in Earl’s Court Escorts. She was very tall, had a pretty face and dark-gold, long hair. Lately, more and more I thought about her and felt a growing interest in its unique beauty, but also a strong, decisive character. In total, all the girls with whom I maintained contacts later, there were only unsuccessful copies of my first love. Now, at the beginning of high school, I decided to return his thoughts, but not limited to your first, unrequited love.

Earl's Court Escorts
Earl’s Court Escorts – chapter 1

Despite the fact that she went to a different high school, I decided to somehow bring to our meeting. First, we renewed knowledge of the Internet, but after a few days we agreed to meet on away from our village meadow. Mihas came dressed naturally and freely. She was wearing a blue blouse, black leggings and flat, white Roman women which were hidden very big feet with Earl’s Court Escorts nails. But I was wearing a green t-shirt, jeans and black Converse. As soon as I came to the agreed place of another track just came. We greeted by a handshake. Mihas was quite suspicious about the relationship with the guys. However, I had hoped to change that. We sat down in the grass and started talking on various topics. Mihas was a very intelligent girl broad-minded, so at some point we went on topics of psychology, and subsequently on sexual fetishes. And here it is a straight road to the most- women’s feet. – You know, I was in total also like women’s feet. I do not know why that is, but somehow this fetish is stronger than me. Well, all in all it’s dangerous, so can the żyć- said and smiled uncertainly. – Oh, really? – No one ever asked retorycznie- in the conversation did not admit me to it. And my big feet or do you like, or rather, are not your type? – Well, you know, a little ashamed to say it, but I like a lot. On the contrary I love such big feet, unpainted toenails also add stópkom arousing tenderness and innocence. Well just- I said with a shaky laugh. – Earl’s Court Escorts– laughed sympathetically. He smiled. We sat in silence. Because we did not know how to continue this conversation, which passed on a dangerous track, which Mikhas probably feared. Mihas took the first step towards overcoming the awkward silence. But it was quite unexpected step. She picked up one of his bare, covered only by sandals, footers, and laid it on my crossed-legged leg. I looked at her with a smile, but also uncertainty. I could not read this gesture, especially as it came from a strong, independent girl who had never had a boyfriend, or even did not let any get close. She returned my shy and hesitant smile her, much more reliable and extremely sweet. To completely dispel my insecurities began to raise his footer. She picked it up to my face, pulled her long fingers up to my mouth. Heavily he bent his fingers, despite wearing sandals I could lick them. Before you start licking the bowl grabbed the ankle that was comfortable for both of us during the fun. Upon taking fingers to his lips to my old love I felt like I crossed the forbidden gates of paradise.

Earl’s Court Escorts – chapter 2

Although many times I dreamed about my ideal, dream it seemed to be something distant, almost unreal. Almost I got used to the fact that Mihas is a distant goal, an angel on the heights to which I have no access. Meanwhile, I had the opportunity to lick her , huge feet. With great passion sucked, I licked and kissed the feet of the bowl. The language delve deeper and deeper, licking too sweaty material Roman women. Then he took the initiative and I raised to his hot mouth Michasi second flange. Also in her first lick, I drained and kissed outrageously long, angelic fingers. But then I decided to lick your feet my ideal. I pulled out his long tongue and drove him across the foot of the bowl. I licked both soft, tanned skin of feet and sandals material, which was also a nice touch. I gave several kisses with words of homage and service to my beautiful dream for many years. Mihas fondly stared at me, being fascinated with my love and devotion, but also his first experience corporal with her boyfriend. With eyes showed that she was simply stunned those experiences. So I thought for me to initiative. Slowly I began to unbutton a Roman Michasi, and needless to say, it was not easy. It was so difficult that she Mikhas “wake up” and help me take off sandals. Right after that, I grabbed her by the ankles and lifted her feet up. I began to lick her great soles and inhale the wonderful aroma of material from sandals combined with soft, girlish then. Miska began to kick me with his big her feet in the face, because my tongue circulating after her delicate soles began to tickle her. Flying feet of my ideal, which I had to firmly hold her ankles were really sweet. After some time of fun Miska got up and took a few steps across the meadow her feet bare. – Thank you. It was a truly amazing experience. I appreciate that you love me, want and love from so many years. This really means a lot to me. Also I like you, you’re really sweet, and your worship of me is unique. Wait for some time, and I promise you that your dreams come true. But not yet. But if You held for so many years, it was probably hold out for some time? – He asked unsteadily, against seemingly certain words. – Oh, yes, definitely Earl’s Court Escorts– said, falling at the feet of Misi and kissing lan- love you the hardest in the world. Already so many years, you are my ideal, stand everything. – Thank you. You najlepszy.- said, and then pulled me, I stood and gently kissed her on the lips. I tried to continue to kiss, but Mihas stopped me, gently stroking my face. I realized that there is still something that prevents my ideal relationship with me. I was convinced, however, that this day would come. I looked forward to it, however, and so the day was for me the happiest in the world. Michaś asked me again knelt down and dressed her Roman women. She knew it would be a great pleasure for me. After a some time clothes sandal, I kissed the feet bowl in expressing their love and devotion. Then we went together to their homes. At the farewell  only gave me her hand, but I knew that our love is near.


Earl’s Court Escorts

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