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Dollis Hill Escorts

Dollis Hill Escorts lights outside the window did not work out any familiar shape. From time to time they glow a united, brightening dark buildings or railway crossings. His train crossed the black night of extraordinary, such as the railway, speed. Or the ubiquitous peace and quiet caused such an impression? In Dollis Hill Escorts any case journey drag on like wildfire. Gloom prevailing in his first-class compartment deepened dreamy atmosphere. He looked at his watch sticking out from under the sleeve of his jacket. The sound of train wheels was playing with the movement of the second hand. For at least two hours. Suddenly the door to the compartment opened with a thud and stood in them male, aged approx. 50 years.

Dollis Hill Escorts

Dollis Hill Escorts – chapter 1

He was already slightly Dollis Hill Escorts gray hair, wearing a smart gray suit, white shirt and navy tie. He greeted, then took his place in the middle of the opposite row. Right behind him into the compartment he came very comely blonde with half length, wavy hair and took a seat by the window on the left side of his companion. It was at least half younger than him, dressed in a gray-steel dress with a slight neck and sleeves before elbow. Down barely concealed her thighs covered with cielistymi tights. Or maybe they were stocking? It was also something elegant, sophisticated and spicy and appealing. On her lap she deposited graphite coat. In the end, broken heating draft does not allow for showing too much this time of year. New passengers did not seem thirsty discussion so focused on an unfinished article in the Financial Times. The sound of train wheels and twinkling lights again become the background of his thoughts. From time to time he glanced at the woman and her companion, who seemed to not be taken over it too much. She tried to engage him in debate, tenderly hung on his arm, but no clear response. “Beetroot” he thought. Yes phenomenal being can not remain long itself. He wants only a little heat, interest, appreciation. Graying you seemed not to understand, because in the end he closed his eyes and bounces. Bored with this turn of beauty turned toward the window, as if trying to see something in the blackness. Every now and then directed his eyes meet, towards the passenger much younger than her partner. Yes throwing to change looks, their eyes finally established contact. Initially timid, Payne even quick reversal of the head, almost with a blush began to give way to longer, subtelniejszemu study to look. He could now look at her carefully. Passenger had a light complexion. Its delicate makeup dovetails perfectly with her dress, which slightly opinała its quite a big bust. The woman also swept him controlling and vision, directing him several times above, is below. Meanwhile, the muffled noises from the corridor Dollis Hill Escorts approaching the conductor. The woman immediately stuck his eyes to the window, pretending fascination with the moving black. Soon tired of life head in a navy blue cap slipped into the compartment. Without noticing any new people railwayman went further narrow corridor. As soon as the door between the cars died clatter of his shoes, the last active in the range of fluorescent wyzionęła spirit. “Dollis Hill Escorts” He went through the mind. The article, which appeared to be the only entertainment for the rest of the way, had this to end. Timid flicker coming from the transition in the car, only slightly illuminated the room. Darkness, however, seemed to intimidate a stranger a passenger.

Dollis Hill Escorts – chapter 2

Not only “he explored” surroundings, but also “Dollis Hill Escorts” to him in the interaction. Resting on his lap robe so far decided to put on the top shelf. He would have given his left nut that thrown out while her shapely buttocks. Quite could not take his eyes from them! Furthermore woman seemed not to hurry, as if specially presented all the advantages. Twilight undoubtedly added only her sex appeal. Once again she took her place her outside was far from innocent. Upright body posture, chest proudly to the front of the disconnected, founded one over the other leg tucked and just a short dress. Despite the darkness, he was certain that the stranger was wearing stockings. He loved women in stockings. According to him, proud of their posiadaczce they added a pinch of pepper, very feminine element. They can give expression and stand out from the crowd, even quite average girl … at least in his opinion. She evidently tried to flirt with him. Such a presentation of the forbidden fruit. He was looking at this sort of spectacle with a growing desire, but the memory of sleeping next to szpakowatym ladies. “Dude, goofy grandfather,” he thought. If only he could somehow overlook his presence, this flirtation would not be so innocent. These slender legs instead of wearing  on his shoulders. If only … The stranger apparently noticed a growing interest in his own person, because staring at the black, greatly bit her lip to slide the tab on them. He stared at her, mesmerized. Her blood-red lips seemed to light up the darkness. Suddenly, without taking his eyes from the window, she ran her hand along his thigh, as if to emphasize its neatness. Then her hand reached further. Then his eyes appeared a piece of white lace garter belt, which celebracyjnie improved. She did it so slowly and carefully that no observer could not fail to notice. Everything in it already cooked. He knew that he could not do much, but with undisguised desire to rzuciłby now on a stranger, depriving it of the dress. Suddenly the old man snored louder. The stranger quickly corrected dress, then froze motionless in anticipation of possible questions about her pose. However, graying man only grunted several times and then opening his eyes, turned his head towards the corridor and again fell into the arms of Morpheus. He thought that a woman will finish taken over the show and the rest of your journey will be marked by unfulfilled desires. The stranger still stared motionless at the window. It looked as if trying to see in the reflection of the state of her companion. Taking this into account, he slowly closed his eyes to shorten waiting at the destination station. Then the stranger’s hand again went towards the thighs, tucking her dress. This simple gesture immediately revived him. This time, no longer looking bar on the side of the thigh, but headed between them. Her half-closed eyes and flasks, though slowed hand movements betrayed a multitude of unmet needs and the joy she felt from being a dismantling of sight by a stranger. That man, in turn, felt like a lust filled first, and then stretched his pants. The stranger slowly opened her eyes. Lightweight, ironic smile on her lips betrayed satisfaction and omotania to elicit the male ego. Without taking his eyes off a fellow, slowly he leaned right thigh, revealing a beautiful lace underwear. Her white panties already bore traces of the joy that was her participation. A moment of stillness that followed, seemed unbearably extend the length. He savored the view that cuts through the twilight range. She tasted of desire, which seemed quite materialize on the seat opposite. None of them did not want to stop now, nor in the last, expecting more. He broke first. Again she reached between her legs. Her fingers expertly first put aside a strip of material, then they began to wander clearly already wet clam, rubbing and stroking her. Her complete lack krępacji was already visible. Without breaking the pleasure closed her eyes and odchyliwszy his head, leaned it against a solid towing headrest. Being in the land of bliss again biting lips that have become blood-red color. This view has already spilled cup of his patience and temperance. No longer cared about whether gray-haired gentleman wakes up or if someone sees it. He rose almost silently from his chair and walked over to playing in the best stranger. Not interrupting her, gently przystawił, then he slid his finger into the hot shells. She moaned softly, but did not open even the eyes, as if it was waiting for a long time. Her pussy was already almost boiling. Gentle movements hips pressed against the expected guest. Left to its top small strip of hair looked like a signpost designating memorable place sightseeing. Hiking fingers seemed to settle into the unfamiliar. Juices glittered in the gloom range not only on her mouse, but also created a growing stain underneath it. “So much nectar can not be wasted,” he thought, and knelt before her. Without removing fingers from her slits closer to their mouth and began to gently suck. This time the stranger with surprise, until she opened her eyes and last ounce of strength to refrain from loud sigh. With both hands, he grabbed her head and piercing docisnęła to each other, as if afraid he was going to disappear. Unable to keep emotions in check, her breathing was getting louder and clearly accelerated. His fingers now even slip inside, drowning in soczkach stranger. He felt her stocking-clad thighs tighten steadily on it. After a few moments of his treatments, lying in front of him suddenly stiffened body. At the last minute he managed to free his head from the embrace of beauty. Pursed lips firmly trapped cry that would otherwise undoubtedly bored wake of all travelers. Strong orgasm that shook her body seemed to stun some stranger. He stated that waiting until sober judgment and restraint again will settle within the range does not make much sense. He got up from the floor, unzipped his pants and freed proudly already prężącego to the penis. He took her hand still dazed face. Raising his eyes saw red from the heat of 20 cm. Then, glancing up, she looked deeply into the eyes of his benefactor. Without breaking contact opened her mouth and swallowed as much a member of that until he reached her tonsils choking her slightly. Undaunted by this continued the work. Red lips expertly slid the entire length by nature, slightly contrasting color. In addition, he sucked them as if to pull it all vitality. At the same time her eyes stuck in a fellow made him look like a little girl with a lollipop. The old man grunted in his sleep again, but this time no one paid him any attention. Not now. Even oxen him now nobody will withdraw from these lips. I clutched at the base of his penis and slowly moved toward the head. The tongue, which at the same time it swept, raised pressure situation to the red zone. Suddenly, it targnęła series of small shocks. At a time when successive waves flooded her mouth, his legs slightly bent. You do not topple forward, he grabbed with both hands metal ledge, he had over his head. He looked down. Efficient mouth lick every nook and cranny withering member, and white liquid entirely disappeared in the throat stranger, as if she was afraid that it might ruin her makeup or dress dirty. Meanwhile, the light outside the window were getting clearer and clearer. Undoubtedly heralding the approach to the station. His station. Hastily they improved their clothes. Yet only managed to grab the suitcase newspaper and throwing a coat over his shoulders hurried to the exit. He said goodbye to yet with a nice a passenger, to which the answer licking his lips. When you stood on the platform and watched for the departing train, he realized that not even know the name of the woman with whom he spent the way. “It’s a pity,” he thought, and putting his hands into his coat pocket, walked toward the taxi stand. Suddenly he felt under his fingers a piece of paper, which there should not be. When he pulled out, then flushed cheeks read “Anne 693 352 ***”.

Dollis Hill Escorts

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