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Croydon Escorts

– For a few nice years on holiday I go to Croydon Escorts, Why ?? beautiful weather, great beaches and most importantly …. sexy Arabs who undermine me all over … Here I never had such good luck as there, I feel like Miss or better … Croydon Escorts it does not appear that men and even boys desire and undress me eyes .

Croydon Escorts

Croydon Escorts – chapter 1

I’m a fat brunette, and thicker excites them more than the slender poles .This time I flew to sunny Tunisia in order to have some fun literally … One day, holidays, of course … I ate breakfast at the hotel, I went to the beach and at noon … I went to the bazaar called Medina … dressed in short shorts and a T-shirt with a large neck … I was walking with grace, I was doing ass and put flirty steps . What other handsome Arab glanced at me, hit on …. Until finally met among them one that I liked … Brunet, dark complexion, tall, beautiful smile and hazel eyes …. From the very beginning I felt butterflies in my stomach and my heart was pounding like mad … It was the vendor with a stall with clothing … showed me clothes, at the time brushed the smooth skin of my arms …. This gesture makes me very excited . Then he touched my breasts, was under the impression patted me on the butt and told me I had nice ass … I blushed, but …. I have been delighted his compliments .Croydon Escorts At some point I saw beautiful blouse, went to the dressing room …. Then suddenly burst into her Mahmoud, because that was his name …. Just been without a bra, he saw my boobs … He started pawing me, held me tightly and kissed preventing escape of tongue …. defended himself crashed into him, but …. it did not help :) He was emphatic and commanding … He began to knead my breasts, sucked and licked my nipples hard already … I still whispering, “Oh my God, but beautiful breasts, wow! You’re beautiful, “His kind words  me … I did not protest, I liked it how caressed my tits :) At some point began to take off my pants … I knew he was going. I was a virgin, but as I mentioned earlier I went to Tunisia to have fun … Here, I missed the emotions erotic, and there willing to meet me … I took deliberately missed birth control pills, so everything was under control :) Mahmoud was already half naked in his boxers … . I also was in the same panties . He started kissing me passionately, her neck, her breasts, her stomach again ….. He knelt down and began to suck my suteczki .. finally pulled out a penis sticking out and begged me for sex. I agreed, but only if it is assumed condom at first did not want to, because …. he said that condoms reduce sensation, but in the end I managed to finally convince him.Why do I stress and unprotected sex .? Arabic lover he put me gently into my vagina member …. At the beginning of his pole did not fit in my virginal, a narrow keyhole …. but after a few minutes everything settled down .He pushed the “go” right to the end. She moves him forward back forward back …. and so on. We were very sweaty with excitement, napajaliśmy the proximity of our bodies … His thrusts were quick and strong, filled me to the brim … At one point suggested a change positions …. He wanted me to is loose, and he enters me from behind … I thought why not steered my penis outlet. held me by the hips and penetrated, he did not love me … It moved me like he was niewyżyty … He repeated that wants me …. My pussy was very wet and began to blink, it was my first time in his life .. . and I have to admit that it was wonderful … :) I began to groan, “Oh yes, please, yet!” I did not recognize myself ….. Finally he slowed his thrusts, I felt the approach of ejaculation …. After a while he kissed me and started pawing …. He stroked my back and kissed my neck ….. In the end, he put a finger to the tight hole …

Croydon Escorts – chapter 2

I wondered what it’s like to feel kutaska not only the pussy but also in the anus …. knelt on all fours facilitated his entry into my second hole, sliding open wider feet .. .. I was just him, he could do with me what he wants . I saw in his eyes wild lust at the sight of my krągłych and appetizing buttocks .. He put me ‘go’ softly, my anus accustomed to his rather large penis … After 2-3 minutes he began to fuck me on the whole …. A little hurt, but later I felt it very deeply and asked for more …. So it is have directed that …. its push love were quick and strong …. So I moved it up to me waving tits …. Mahmoud rained out on my Croydon Escorts full, I felt pleasantly hot cum, it was only a waterfall …. He stayed a moment inside my ass … It was unusual, pressed on me, we were huddled, and in me his penis still …. Oh !!! At the end of the romantic atmosphere, kissed me, poobmacywał a little, he took me in his arms and dressed up with a little embarrassment …. we walked out of the dressing room.Well, that one was not around. Not only that experienced great sex is still I have exotic boyfriend, because I do not think I have to say that we fell in love

Croydon Escorts

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