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– I was tired of the whole week, for Crouch End Escorts. Problems at work, at home. Excess responsibilities, growing up, continuous stress. The head ached because of this a few days. I did not know how to relax, how to find moments of relaxation, and forget about everything though for a moment and how to make a Crouch End Escorts. I needed that. Immediately.

Crouch End Escorts

Crouch End Escorts – chapter 1

Crouch End Escorts – I thought going in again Thursday with the office, not enjoying the free night, just worrying about everything around. I went home, threw his jacket on the floor, turned on the Warren Zeavona and coffee maker. After 6 cup of the day, the sounds of “Shit hits the fan”, without thinking, I bought a plane ticket to Amsterdam. Pulse. The term, today 21:30.I Have three hours to departure – I thought, and I began to wonder how I’ll explain tomorrow’s absence from work. I took my leather shoulder bag and started packing, I took a sketchbook, a few gray t-shirts, underwear and charger for the iPhone. Nothing else fit.It July, should be enough – I thought.I called a cab. After ten minutes I received a phone call from a taxi driver who said he was waiting at the bottom, under the staircase. I put on a leather jacket, sunglasses hooked by shore t-shirt and left. After forty minutes I was at the airport.The journey passed quickly, about 23, I was at Schiphol, about 23:20 at Central Station. I went on foot to the hotel, which ordered the airport. Actually, it was a hostel with a free room. He was on the upper floors of the building at the Amstel. I went up the steep stairs and found myself in front reception desk – actually an old desk from Crouch End Escorts Behind the desk he sat a pretty Spaniard.Hi, I would like to check in. Please excuse me, I am coming so late – I said,No Problem everything is set up. Sat According to your reservation, you are going to stay until Sunday. Is that correct? – He asked.Yep. I need to chill out, and urban holiday is the perfect opportunity I think.I Think so. So, enjoy your stay at Amsterdam. My name is Maria and if you want some help with anything, please let me know.OK, Thank you Maria. – I said, and took a room key.I threw the bag at the foot of the bed, opened the window and lay down on the bed too soft. I looked out the window at the river and the sky, which recently reached the black color. We could hear the sound of scooters and talk cyclists. In the residential boats, moored to the shore resounded with music.I decided to go for a walk, I walked the banks of the river toward the famous ring of channels. Intrigued, one of the streets turned left and wandering moments, I came to the square. It was full of tourists who took photos, talked loudly, laughed, smoked joints in the tourist-oriented cofee shopach, drinking beer. I decided to go for a drink. I went to the first of pubs, I sat at the bar and ordered a gin and tonic. I took out my notebook and began to sketch people at the bar. Quick sketches, such that only capture the atmosphere of the place.My attention was caught one girl. She was beautiful. One of her parents had to be from Thailand or Indonesia. So then I thought. Slim, tanned figure in tight black jeans and a nice shirt. The hands and the arms had tattoos. I caught in a sketch as sitting and laughing while sipping red wine from a glass. I looked in her direction sipping gin and contemplating her mouth and eyes laughing while talking with friends. At the moment our eyes met. I could not look away. I smiled, looked away. After a moment she looked again, our eyes turned toward each other for a split second. Now she smiled back and took a further conversation with friends.Time passed, drew people every now and then someone looking over my shoulder and patting on the shoulder saying “Geel Hoed” or “mooi”.After a few drinks and a dozen or so pages I heard a voice from above the shoulder.Very Nice. I like your sketches – it was her.Hi There – I said, Tom, nice to meet you.Marika. Dutch or English?English, Definitely.She smiled and sat down next to it. She said her friends went home, and she wanted to see what I’m doing. I suggested a drink, agreed to wine. He saw slowly and flipped through sketches, page after page. She smelled like Dolce Gabana. I knew because my ex had used the same perfume. From word to word and a drink to drink, I learned that it is after graduation in Delft, but works at the museum and tattoo designs tattoo designs and want to open in the future of your living room. She shook me, was confident and smelled divine. We talked, we laughed a few times touched me by the arm. We drank too much.Lets Go somewhere – suggested?Where Exactly? – I asked smiling.I Am too dizzy, let’s go dance. Shall we?I thought about whore, I hate to dance, I hate it, it’s boring, shoddy and weak. I do not have to head and heart, then I said – Sounds fantastic, lets go.It was around one in the morning, we were drunk, we talked we laughed, sometimes touched casually, in a friendly. Along the way I learned that living with a friend – rents an apartment in the attic. She took me to a club on the sidelines. We could hear the techno music – About whore, she thought – Morning wake up without the kidneys.We went inside, a metal door, hit us bass and twinkling lights in the accompaniment of smoke and steam. I smiled, though it was completely my climates. We have located the bar and approached him.Want To drink something? – I asked.Yeah, Mach k vier Jegermeisters alstublieft – said the bald bartender in a dark blue reflective glasses.I, Alstublift – said this, and poured four glasses of herbal distillate.We took one and we rose to the Do you say cheers in Dutch? – I asked.Proust!So, Proust, Marika!Proust!

Crouch End Escorts – chapter 2

We drank at once, I felt like I was warmed. Completed alcohol, which evaporate during the walk. I looked at Marika, smiled, she also. We took another glass and drank it, this time as Crouch End Escorts.She closed her eyes and mouth issued slightly forward, kissed her. Quickly returned the kiss. Greedily, hard, greedily. We started to kiss increasingly, the world next to blurred out, there were only my mouth, her mouth bass rumble and my hands on her shapely hips. She moved closer and put into deeper into my mouth. We kissed passionately and firmly. After a while, we got up from the bar and went to the couch more on the sidelines. I took her there holding his hand. I sat down, she sat on my lap, facing me. She brushed her hair and went back to kissing. She smelled wonderful mixture of perfume and sweat. Terribly me spinning. We kissed, actually lizaliśmy like animals, our tongues fought each other, Crouch End Escorts in exchanging our taste mixed with alcohol. My hands were based on her ass, kneading it. No one had seen us, techno, epileptic light and smoke they added privacy. I grabbed her breasts, cup B and gently massaged sense. She did not object, kissing me all the time. The pants I was already swollen, which certainly felt he slowly began to rub purring softly. We are constantly massaged her breasts and buttocks.I Bathtub blow you – she said – I am so horny, lets go to the restroom.She got up and dragged me to the ladies’ room. I did not care that I have a tent at the front of trousers, or even do not remember if we closed the door to the toilet by themselves.We walked into a small room, unless it was a toilet for the disabled. Strange, something like that at the club – I thought. The interior was slightly dingy, with a large mirror, a steel sink and toilet. There was also a stand for scrolling children.Building regulations have here – I thought for a moment, but it took me a long time it was thought, because I felt like Marika pushes into my mouth, and her hands are touching my crotch. She smiled brawler, looking me in the eye and said:Nice Boner, you are big, Slavic guy.He smiled and kissed again. He squatted in front of me. Looking me in the eyes undid the belt and threw it aside. I watched as her hands covered in tattoos odpinają my jeans. I slid them to the knees. Underneath I had a tight, white boxer shorts. She touched my dick by boxers. I shivered. She put her head and stuck out his tongue. She began to pass the tip of the tongue from the bottom to the top, underwear material. All the time she looked me in the eye. I thought I’m gone. She slipped boxers and my penis jumped out. I thanked providence in my mind that I shaved him a few days ago and now was covered with only 2-3 days’ growth of beard.Nice Cock – summed up and took to the mouth.Gently holding the head of the penis was working at the base. He is licking it from bottom to top. I grabbed her head with his hands, all the while looking me in the eye, it was wonderful, so slutty and sensitive at the same time. I took off my t-shirt and rushed next door. I was standing with his pants down, the dick on top in a dingy bathroom in a techno club in Amsterdam and tattooed girl doing me the best staff I have had in my life. She liked doing it sharply. Several times spit on my penis and putting it firmly in your mouth, deep into the throat. He is licking furiously and hard, so that saliva dripping from the corners of her mouth on her black shirt. From time to time it took out of his mouth and played a string of saliva, which stretched between the tip of my penis and her lips. The second hand massaging my testicles.It’s Amazing, suck it baby – I said through clenched teeth.She sucked furiously spitting from time to time. My dick was wet from her saliva, like around her mouth, her shirt and my pants. I started to perform pelvic thrust. After a few minutes it looked as if I fucked her mouth. She did not object, tilted his head back, and my dick is straight into her throat. I advanced it so briefly, hard vulgar.You Like rough – I saidShe said, yes. I pulled the penis with her mouth and overlaid several times on her cheeks, picked it up and started kissing. Firmly, boldly, quickly. I lifted her shirt and threw aside, unhooked a black bra and began to lick and suck her breasts. Small protruding nipples quivered under the pressure of my tongue. I licked them, sucked, clutching his hands to himself and unbuttoning her pants. I rose to her face, wet with saliva and kissed again. He picked it up and planted on a steel countertop with sink. He crouched down and pulled her pants to his knees. She’s at the time, took off his shoes, and I was looking at wet, black lace thong. I smiled at her and took off them quickly. I expanded her legs and smelling the first wet panties I put it to her lips. She moaned with delight. I expanded her legs. I began to kiss her inner thighs, moving upward, eventually reaching the wet fragrant pussy juices. It was smooth with a small stripe of hair in the middle. I touched her tongue was sticky with juice. I began to lick from the bottom up, slowly and methodically. Each time I finished on a hot with excitement guziczku. Also I looked into her eyes, and I felt like flexing and clamped on my feet. I licked by inserting language, once deeper, shallower again, parting her legs and hands. I spat at her. She groaned. I started to come strong and deeper, penetrating her wet tongue inside. I helped myself fingers, spread her labia and licked the entire surface, was putting two fingers inside and sucked the clitoris. I reached out and gave her a licking. She sucked my dick like a moment ago. I put my fingers back inside and began to firmly move, first two, then three. Every now and then licked and kissed her. Marika at this time pulled from the wallet 1 EUR and bought a condom vending machine at the sink. I still fucking her pussy with his hand.I got up I started to kiss and whispered:You Are amazing.No, You are Slavic Guy. I want to you to fuck me like a slut. I need your big cook.Until I trembled. I kissed her again, and she at that time obciągała my dick hand. She opened the package with a condom and pushed me against the wall. She stood and squatted in front of me. He spits himself on a hand and tugged me several times.You Like that? – He askedOh yeah, you do it fantastic way – I said on the exhale.She smiled and put me a condom on the dick. I do not know why chose a condom with a blood-red color.Smoothed his hand several times, including during Marika sat on the counter. I walked over to her, I expanded her legs and hit a few times a penis of her pussy. I licked his fingers and rubbed them her pussy. I went in fast and hard, she moaned. I started to fuck her. Strong, quick movements drove her crazy. His hands massaged her breasts and belly, and she kept her, covered in tattoos hands behind his head, then began to touch me them, stroked his belly and chest, and finally massaged her pussy. She groaned loudly, biting her lip. I leaned over and fucking me, kissed her breasts, licked my nipples squeezed them with your hands. After a while, I turned I stood in front of the sink, the disconnected my way. I saw her reflection in the mirror. She moaned:Fuck Me, fuck me hard.I went into her from behind, quickly and violently. I kept a firm butt and Jebal her pussy from behind. I watched as my dick in a red condom falls into it, like running down her juices from it. As the body bends and flexes as it has in the line of the spine. We were all sweaty, wet, excited to the limit. I fucked carefully, methodically, quickly and vulgar.You Like that bitch.Yeah, Fuck me.A few quick and deep thrusts and I came out of it. Drunk, he did not care for anything, even for a lesbian couple that came briefly into the bathroom and immediately came out to see what was happening. I went out with Marika and closed the door of the castle.We Need to hurry up. Somebody will throw us away from that place – I said,Fuck It – she said.I lay on my back on the floor. Marika crouched in front of me and began to work my dick. He spits on the red condom and obciągała. He is licking testicles and massaged it with his hand. I am drifting away. Her lips tightened on the head of the penis. She helped herself by hand. He sucked and obciągała. At some point, he impaled on his back to me. She moaned and screamed with delight; me the same. Pizdeczkę I fuck her, which she rubbed herself at this time with an open hand. She leaned forward and rode, I looked at the wonderful movements backside and listened to her spasmodic moans. We were all sweaty, licentious, vulgar. At one point he got up and lay next to me, then I crouched over her and started to do her good hands. One hand was putting into the three fingers, the other massaged slippery and swollen button. Marika at that time was working my fucking mouth. He spits on him and licking. We were all in her saliva. I kissed her.I Was gonna cum – I said,She just smiled, and broke up a red condom. I got up, and she continued licking. I was working hard fucking mouth and hand, moaning at the same time. I held her by the hair with one hand, and the other leaning against the table.Moaning, I felt a wave of heat that swept through the abdomen. I fired. A wave of hot, sticky cum appeared on her face. She smiled and obciągała on. I shouted with excitement. Obciągała for a moment and licked. I hit a couple of times a prick on her face. I bent down and kissed. I felt your taste in her mouth.Lets It! – I said.Shoud We go to my place or yours – she asked.Min – Reply.We dressed quickly and without undue delay left the club.

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