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Colindale Escorts

– This time a little further shadow emerges from the Colindale Escorts. He goes ambled toward one home. Do not hurry. It was as if he had infinite time. He stands in Colindale Escorts of him and watched. His gaze is calm, firm and unshakable. Dispassionately evaluates each element of the house. Every detail, everything … After a while knows how to get there. He allows himself a barely perceptible smile turns and walks away … Everything is going according to plan, there is no why here longer afford. He already knows everything …

Colindale Escorts

Colindale Escorts – chapter 1

It is already evening so you could have some fun, you thought yourself. After a moment’s thought decided that even though you’ve never been in this club, which was opened a few weeks ago. Did you hear that there is great but she never you visited. Time to catch up. You chose the clothes carefully on this issue. Red, tight blouse on straps. Ample cleavage, which aims to attract attention. Very brief miniówka, appetizing tempting tight fitting your ass. You decide to not wear panties. This outfit will encourage every man, but you decide which data will satisfy you. Fancy a sharp and long sex. Not like this with the rapist in the street, no. Something quieter. Before leaving, you check whether you took everything with you and you leave the house. You decide to go on foot, having secretly hope that you will meet along the way Stranger from a dark alley. You feel a little embarrassed that you are thinking about him and what he did to you as something worth repeating and promise yourself not to mention more of this. On the way nothing has happened and you reach quickly into place. From the outside, the club feels very modern and you can see that since not long been here. Tall, large headlights illuminated from below which heightens the impression that there is an extraordinary building. You walk inside. Inside the club it is considerable. For once following the entry conspicuous porozwieszane in a large number of paintings depicting erotic scenes. On the walk up the stairs that look like a castle, and you’re treated to a great view of the space. A lot of places where you can dance and probably on other occasions depending on your needs. On the other side you can see the position of the DJ, but the same can not be seen. From the speakers flowing calm music. There is not a lot of people but it is early and certainly over time will be more. You walk away and you notice on both sides of a long table tops and long shelves filled with all kinds of alcohol. But he hid there are also couches on which they sit Colindale Escorts pair. The club is very, disco illuminated. Blue light coming from LEDs ceiling entangled with the green light LEDs in the floor. The walls are disposed in a large number of mirrors illuminated soft, pale and cold white light. Thanks to these mirrors have the impression that the club is much greater than in reality. You smile contentedly looking at it all because you already know that it will be successful evening. You decide to order a drink. So for starters. After a while, people’s expectations considerably arrived. You stand in the crowd and looking for someone to answer you, but for now there is no one. For this reason, you order a drink next and the next. In the end, you feel that you have alcohol hits to the head. Not looking quite as persistently someone perfect, and even start your concern men who normally would not have turned your attention. In the meantime he walked up to you a man. He stood next to you at the bar and just like you took care of the room watching. Initially, you turned not to him, but after a while you curious a little and instead of looking at what is happening in the room skupiłaś on it. He was handsome. Tall, dark-haired, dark-skinned. He was wearing a black shirt with short sleeves and jeans. Unexpectedly he turned in your direction and smiled when he saw that he was watching. You a little intimidated because they had an amazing smile and a penetrating gaze. But after a while you took a handful and Colindale Escorts to him.

Colindale Escorts – chapter 2

Hey, here you visit often? Because I was only the first time.To me a couple of times already happened – said, looking lustfully on your body – What made you decide to come here today?Wondering moment the answer and you decide that it would be good for this to satisfy your craving, which now additionally enhances the amount of alcohol they drank. You wanted to approach closer to him but zachwiałaś unexpectedly and you would have capsized if you did not catch. Ashamed that moment of weakness wanting to thank for the fact that you held unannounced kiss him passionately. You surprised him that much, but after a while when it shook kissed back. Well kissed you liked it and it was a shame they stopped. You feel that you are getting hot. You’re not going to wait with sex longer, so suggest he go to the top where there are special rooms for guests. When there already you found, you close the door and you light mood light. The room is not large. There are no windows, there is a lot of mirrors as in the whole club. The walls are painted ba burgundy color. The floor is covered with soft carpeting. When the wall is a large double bed and on it a pile of pillows. You want to ask him something, but he does not give you a get a word in your mouth shut sudden kiss. Do you like it. You feel his tongue slides into your mouth. Slightly you bite him and begin to suck. This time he reaches the edge of your shirt and removes those it over his head. Every moment of your excitement is growing. Folding kisses on your neck as you like, that way you spend with one another sigh. He moves his tongue to your chest. She opens her bra and admires you as they appear to him in all its glory. Him aside and feel as his hand touches them. Through your body shudder. He began irritate your already hard nipples. Compresses it and bite, lightly kisses and circling around the language around them. Your pussy is getting wetter every time. With it comes down, he goes his tongue over your bare belly, but you can not take it anymore these caressing and pushing his head down. He takes off your skirt and his eyes appears your shaved pussy. Smiles, seeing that you’re not wearing panties. It passes over a finger. It is already very moist. Wodzi tongue gently around her, being careful not to hook the time for it. It drives you crazy, wriggle and scream. Finally comes the longed for the moment when it delved into his tongue. He did these amazing minetka a few minutes, until finally arrived orgasm. But he does not give you rest, take off your pants and quickly treated to a standing already and ready for action penis. You approach him on all fours sensuously shaking his ass like a cat purring softly and when you want to reach for him, he rejects your hand and leans to you with a predatory smile on his face. Slightly worried look at him, and he is coming to your ear and whispers.Do you remember me?I surprised you so much that Colindale Escorts. You wonder who he might be and how do you remember it. You do not know … and you look at him, uncertain and expectant eyes. Are you nervous that that may be the answer. You have a bad feeling about this. This his smile does not look as stunning as downstairs at the bar. It is cold and cruel. Seeing that we still do not know who is smiling and talking in whispers again.We met in a quite street not long ago. I told you meet again.It’s you! – You scream startled still – It’s not you a little?No, you will see not you remember that you enjoyed bitch. But that this was nothing … Now I await you fucking true. In the end it alone you bring me here, what everyone has seen. I can do anything I want with You … And I’ll do it.

Colindale Escorts

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