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– When I went to college at , my parents bought me an apartment in Chiswick Escorts. The apartment not typhus, but their own, and not far from the university. At year we had Chiswick Escorts girl, was pretty even less. In my group I was probably the three girls – two unsung, for the third Catching the beauty of the shortcomings of the other – Iza. Slim, petite, mild – probably something around 160 cm blonde with big blue eyes, hair, ending in a little over a shapely bum and small, but marvelous breasts.

Chiswick Escorts

Chiswick Escorts – chapter 1

Certainly he seemed to realize how it works for guys, but flirted with them. On the other girls rather not talked for years she had two friends from high school, with whom he was holding. To know once I raised it to them. It was somehow in early November – a month after the start of classes. We talked, they said they were going to have a beer with your friends and how I want, I can go with them.Chiswick Escorts in the open air for a beer or vodka turned out to be quite regular, the company mostly knew each other from high school, sometimes appearing Iza.
So we met, she never said whether she has a boyfriend, but I gradually felt that I fall into friendzone. Getting worse weather disrupted our outdoor drinking, then offered to invite each other to the apartment, because it was the closest – the others lived far away from our faculty.Iza lived in Warsaw and commuted daily from home, so when we know better, I offered her to spend the spread on my couch. And somehow it came out that my apartment has its finish – visited her on average three times a week. Once again on Friday we went to drink from her (and gradually also my) friends. Iza, even if you spent the night with me throughout the week, weekend and always returned home. Then, however, he missed the last bus, which could come back, and I forbid her in this condition get in the taxi – was not drunk, but I certainly was not sober. Together they decided that sleeps with me.This is what happened after that, I never would have happened if it were not mixing alcohol with our heads. We returned to the center by metro. She dozed a little head on my shoulder, and I felt an incredible desire, which resulted from the fact that I had never had sex and already bore me terribly, Iza and stimulated all my senses. Until then the only thing accomplished is touching girls drunk at parties, which was no more reason for pride and a lot of kisses sober (other girls), which unfortunately always ended.

Chiswick Escorts – chapter 2

We got off the subway and slightly staggered, went to me. I sent her on the couch and went to each other, silently but fantasized about us. I woke up in the middle of the night pushed to the edge of the bed. Next to me, curled up in a ball and lay cuddled me Iza. He was tempted, very tempted, but I refrained. I got up, covered her with a quilt and went to lie down on the couch. But then I capitulated and went back to bed. I lay down beside her, put one hand behind his head, while the other played with her hair and gently tease earlobe staring at her calm face.Suddenly I felt a touch on my lower abdomen. Her fingers gently drew designs on my abdominal muscles and chest.- I think I’m in love with you. – She whispered.Ashamed of what I’ve done, I withdrew his hand, but I could not bring myself to move to the couch.- And you? You love me? – Asked after a while Iza.I did not know what to say. I found that fuck it and went all out, I told her the truth.- You do not know how much.- It’s good. So I sleep here? – Only now she opened her eyes. Big, blue, staring at my face.- Yes, you can. – I replied with a smile.She leaned harder on me putting my head on my chest. I do not remember exactly how he looked. I’ve always been slim, a lot of practicing and I was running, I was slightly scratched radiator. Bright blond – after my dad, 184 cm tall and 24 cm long penis.With one hand, he embraced me, while the other stroked my stomach muscles, but slowly, as if by accident, he pulled it lower and lower. Repeatedly hooked hand of the eraser in my boxers, until, without warning, put your hand in and grabbed my penis, which slowly got up excited her touch and closeness of her body. Nestled in her blond hair I thought it was an invitation. Gently I kissed her on the forehead, eyebrow, cheek, teeth gently grabbed her ear, my tongue played with the petal. My hands enfolded her back and even more approached her to kiss each other without ceasing. She was wearing a white T-shirt in the laundry slightly colored pink, blue pants and two different socks on the feet, which apparently forgot to take off, putting to sleep.But then he slipped a T-shirt over his head, and I saw a sight that previously knew only from porn. The breasts were a little bigger than I seem, but still were some small B. But for me was perfect, two small hemispheres, hills towering above a flat stomach, in the center of which was a navel with a small silver earring.
I rolled her onto her back and lay down on her, kissed her lips, eyes and neck with one hand tease one of her nipples stiff, while the other tangled in Chiswick Escorts her thick hair. She hands pressed me to him, my penis rubbed against her bosom, which accelerated erection. Iza ran his hands down and slowly began to pull my boxers releasing them my penis. Entwined me with his legs, pressing his hips into my crotch. His hand wandered over her body and slide her hand into panties, stroking her abdomen with for a few days blond hairs.Suddenly he pulled me up. I thought crossed some boundary, in the end never mated with a woman. She, however, having made her a kiss on my muscular chest went down much lower and sliding my boxer shorts below the knee, got down to my already fully ready for action, dick. She kissed his acorn, then licked him from the base to the head. He walked me incredibly pleasant shiver, I was afraid he was going to stand there, though anything has not happened.At the beginning of the paragraph he took the same head, suck it, lick, lick. Then, slowly, more and more, until finally all of my penis was gone deep in her throat. Her hands played with my testicles, tongue caressed member, and I slowly drifted off. Instinctively, imitating guys with porn, Iza grabbed by the head, wove his place in her hair and I pressed her lips to my abdomen, feeling like I come.Iza probably realized that I was close, he stopped me without giving me a blowjob full of happiness. She stood up and looked at me.- Now it’s your turn. – She said.When I got up out of bed, took off her feet and threw them in the corner of the room, and then sat down on the bed and fell on her back, leg, however, remained on the floor. I knelt beside her and grabbed her by the hips pushed closer to me. It licked the shell through the thin fabric pants. Slightly I sucked and fondled her, stroking her shaved hairs on the abdomen. In the end I slid out of her underwear and discover its wonderful flower womb. Panties pushed the knees, loosely fell to her ankles. I surrounded her finger several times the shell, then did the same language, I started to suck, lick and caress, dipping again and again into her vagina. I felt and saw how arouse her body. Spinal muscles of the buttocks gently lifting her womb up, one hand caressing her breast, head slightly tilted back. At some point the other hand crushed my head forcing me to even deeper penetration of her pussy language. I knew that her well, but I had no idea how much. I decided to repay her and when he snuggled my head in her bosom with both hands, I stopped fun and oswobodziwszy out of her grasp, lay beside her on the bed.We kissed passionately, she had wrapped itself around my blond hair fingers, I caressed her left hand to her bosom, right after a while I went back to her pussy. I started playing a square. He stroked her scallop every now and then diving into her finger. Then came the first, second and third finger. I did fingered her, teasing her clitoris and still passionately kissing, when Iza quietly moaning and fastened the muscles of his marvelous ass in rhythm moves my hand. I started to run faster and faster. Her breath quickened significantly, began to squirm beneath me, and tore her mouth with a kiss as lacking in oxygen. In the end I felt her vagina shrinking and her body bends in an arc, moans turned into howling with delight, screaming, and I, I advanced her right hand. At some point, he taking froze his back on the mattress with his hands Chiswick Escorts their own breasts and moan of ecstasy fell on the mattress.- Yes Yes Yes! Oscar is-a-ak!She woke me jealous. I moved her legs on the bed, and walked in her inflamed pussy. I advanced her moaning with delight. She, too, sweaty, her hair adhesive to the face softly moaned. I stabbed at her faster and stronger hands holding her sides and looked wlepionym in her blue eyes staring at me. I did not need too much. Feeling me coming, I went with her and lowered on her stomach, navel and navel ring, then fell met beside her. Iza fingers gathered all the sperm and licked it. Then I realized all movie scenes, in which the pair after sex lying in bed and smoking cigarettes. From his jacket pocket abandoned beside the bed, I took out and I offered them Iza – both were then addicted. Then we kissed a long time, until finally we were able to fall asleep when the window has already begun to dawn, two naked bodies nestled into each other in the first rays of the sun.


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