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Charlton Escorts

– A few years ago I decided with my wife and now my then-girlfriend Ana then organize a party in Charlton Escorts .The cottage itself was free because parents are away for any wedding and had to come back the next day. The small party was attended by a few close friends, the evening was a very nice little drunk and Charlton Escorts. During our fun drew particular attention to that my colleague Luke glances at Anna which is a beautiful brunette with a slim figure with  firm breasts look has not changed to this day although a few years have passed. Luke behavior did not arouse any reaction in me all we knew each other a few years we went to high school together and studied together at that time were so different situations and behaviors.

Charlton Escorts

Charlton Escorts – chapter 1

The event ended late at night and we all went home stay was only Luke Kim and my little cousin whose parents also went for a wedding and stayed with us but he after the game on your computer went to sleep early in my room. At the beginning of Luke had to sleep on a chair and we Ana parents’ bed but we decided that we know each other for so many years and we slept three of us on the bed. Therefore, I decided that Anna would sleep in the middle because I was stupid next guy. After exhausting fun, I could not sleep so I lay quietly and thinking when suddenly I felt that Luke is moving I decided to see what he will do. I felt that my friend moved in the direction of Ana and his hand landed on her thigh and moved to the backside. Anne put her to sleep in panties and a shirt the night with her back to him, so he had no problem with getting to her almost bare buttocks. While rubbing my ass lady then his hand wandered into the panties. After a while I realized that it needs to caress her finger as it moved gently and her breath quickened and the gently murmured. His caresses lasted some time, and I knew Anna his sleep is probably excited, this situation gave me too excited. I decided to join this fun and also approached to Charlton Escorts, Luke a little embarrassed as he saw that I was awake but I gave him a sign not to interrupt. When he caressed her pussy I decided to deal with her breasts, fondled them by the shirt feeling her nipples harden. During our caresses Anne woke up in surprise what was going on, but I started to kiss her and Luke firmly moved closer to her so that she had to feel his cock hidden in his boxer shorts on his buttocks. After a while I said: Honey decided with our friend to give you today a little bit of pleasure. Ana only muttered that he agreed because I saw that it grows in excitement due to the proximity of excited two guys beside her. After a while she lay only between us in the same panties between us, Luke rubbed his hands of her breasts brushing against her ass and as gently pulled away her panties and fondled her pussy finger while kissing her, watching her in this situation helped me to incident light from I lit the lamp. After a moment of such caresses Anne put in front of us and told me to look at her, I always made me happy view as it lies before me roznegliżowana including when also looking at her, Lukas was extremely stimulating. She began to gently caress her breasts and belly did it incredibly sensual, after which passed the lower first caressed by panties which were wet from her . After a short play by panties threw them aside and showed us a beautiful pussy shaved carefully with a small strip of hair. Gently caressed, finger on the clitoris from time to time by putting it ourselves, we were sitting on chairs near  already deprived boxers poking playing their dicks. Anne took off her panties and continued to caress, she told us to stand in front of it to really be able to see our dicks in their hands, I saw that it is incredibly excited. After a short presentation, he takes on the bed and began to entertain with our sticks for a change took them into his mouth and sucked, hands played with our cysts. And a nice greeting from our penises lay down on the bed and asked Luke if since you saw it or wants to try the taste of her pussy, Luke said that with great pleasure because I have never tried any pussy and it is beautiful.

Charlton Escorts – chapter 2

He knelt before her legs apart and lick it slowly at first, becoming for a moment at the clitoris, biting her and sucked, so the view was incredibly exciting for me. In the course when our friend, he was a pussy our attractions I moved closer to her face and gave her his cock to suck, she took it in her mouth greedily as a child-eating ice cream sucked him while I was putting her deep throat, her body trembling with excitement, fingers I am massaging her swollen and hard nipples. When Anne felt the caress Luke may soon lead her to the explosion told him to stop. After a moment of rest is loose your ass in my direction and gently began to caress her pussy he was already heavily swollen and wet, then told me to go into it. He knelt behind her and I introduced my dick in her pussy by holding her hips and fucked her powerful strokes my eggs knocked out of her Charlton Escorts. Luke moments watching us stood in front of her and stuck sucking dick which she swallowed with delight, the view was great fucked her from behind while she was working a dick to my colleague. After some time there was a change he sat down on a chair and she on him backwards so that I could see how well it fills his dick, I watched them for a moment then walked to not  a cock which she greedily sucked drifting off this madness altogether. When some time with her so entertaining we decided to change positions Anne sat on Luke back of inserting himself his penis to pussy and I sweat grew thinner to her on the back for a while massaging her second hole and it leaking mucus from the pussy, then first quietly and gently I walked her when she turned looser elbow started strongly assertive movements, her like two synchronized pistons, it felt like a dick mate for felling it is drained completely had no idea what was happening to her. Luke said that he also wants to see how a dupce my girlfriend so I exchanged it sat with his back to him and entered her ass pussy I walked in and started driving again synchronous her boobs bouncing it could caress and bite her nipples. After a while decent Charlton Escorts Neither body started to tense up and I saw that in a moment will orgasm, so I grabbed her by the hair and even more her fucked in our tribulation began to embrace her spasms of delight, wound pierced by a wave of pleasure just muttering in the meantime we also we got into it we shoot loads of cum in pussy I Luke in the ass even more intensified her pleasure. Once calmed down moments lying on the bed began to fondle her pussy juices dripping with our finding that because it must have fucked double pleasure. This view us excited so we stood over her massage our lieves and watched as it brings your fingers to orgasm which did not take her long view of her delight not left us indifferent, and also we shot our loads of cum straight into her pussy covering her even more sperm. Anne after all stood founded panties on flooded pussy and ass our sperm and shirt, and found that we go to sleep. In the morning he woke us up already showered and dressed for breakfast or that morning and never came back after not in talks to what happened that night.

Charlton Escorts

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