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Charing Cross Escorts

– I am a brunette with cropped hair, brown eyes, growth 169, weight 55, a small but firm breasts the size 85b in Charing Cross Escorts. I am nicely tanned and slender, always had success with guys. Currently, I am in Charing Cross Escorts a relationship and have several years of her fiance. But enough about me and now my story.Always excited me a betrayal, but he never tried. Last I change my job and I work in an entirely new industry for me. In this company I met the guy, which circulated rumors that he is a womanizer and having an affair on the side, but to me he just gave nice and became my friend, with whom you can talk about everything.

Charing Cross Escorts

Charing Cross Escorts – chapter 1

Once, talking at work told me about his passion for cycling and somehow came out that we agreed to ride after work. My guy was not home at the time so I did not have to explain where and with whom I go out. We agreed to meet at 18 under my home. On our trip I had to somehow get dressed, well after all, I have to be on the sports he’ll arrive in the tight cycling clothes, and I like that I have ….After a short search I wore at each other, black bra with thin material – such a convenient and a tight blouse, to some ordinary panties and black short leggings, and went into the bathroom to see what I look like.I started to watch and I decided that it would be better but I dress like a skimpy black thong so as not to be seen as my panties over leggings. Barely He dealt with it, and came Paul. Paul greeted me kisses, helped me remove the bike from the basement and went, ride through the surrounding forests.We drove for an hour about everything we talked about the work of his wife, about my guy, and even sometimes about sex. Paul most of the time riding a bike for me, it seemed to me with it out of politeness, but later I came to the conclusion that he just admired my shapely Charing Cross Escorts on the saddle.Atmosphere is thickened, our conversation topics were entirely related to sex. Paul talked about his fantasies he can not realize his wife, on the other hand I told him about my dreams.After some time, we returned for a while to stop on a small bench in the middle of the forest. We sat next to each other and continued the conversation. I looked furtively at the crotch Paul, it was obvious that he talk like it because in his left leg a tight-fitting cycling outfit began to swell quite impressive penis. I was a little embarrassed and surprised, at all did not expect that he can have such equipment. My thoughts began to focus around his penis, well aroused, I thought – damn it in this dress no underwear. Besides, I felt that I was also in panties got wet and passed me chills. I felt that I begin to stiffen nipples with excitement and my feet bra and tight blouse make it sees it, Paul.It was getting really hot, and we descended on the themes of betrayal. In the end, Paul moved slowly to me and started kissing me, his hands began to wander over my body, I began to touch my breasts and backside. The first thought I thought it was – God, what we do, so it can not be a betrayal yet, what if my guy found out about it. However, that excitement in me grew about once thought about his big dick meant that instead of a break, I reached for the handle to his crotch and started massaging his penis through the pants.

Charing Cross Escorts – chapter 2

His stick was very thick and quite long, longer than is my guy, probably 19 cm really made me excited. Under the influence of my touch it swelled even more, I feel terrible for her.At some point I decided to do some further movement and sat on Paul astride. We started strongly caress and kiss. On one hand Charing Cross Escorts my buttocks second, and put the blouse and massaged my chest. But I gave him a kiss, putting him his tongue deep into the throat and covered her hands behind her neck, and I performed ass sliding movements, so as to rub my pussy on his dick on the pants. I’ve been so horny it was all the same to me if someone can not come up, I thought only about this wonderful cock and I could not wait to sit down at him. I slid, so it’s tight shorts and pulled out a huge cock, knelt before him and began to make him a blowjob. He just held me by the hair and moaned softly. I obediently pulled on his penis in his mouth and hands massaged his eggs. Then, for a change, I started to lick his eggs, massaging his stick at the same time, I already felt that she is really stiff. I got up, so I turned around and thrusting him slowly lowered his ass leggings that stopped at the height of my knees. On one hand massaging his stick, and the other massaged me cipeczkę inserting at the same two fingers inside. In the end, he pulled me to him and slowly impaled on a protruding stick, began to make fun of me more and more on his pal, I was doing it reluctantly feel that he is extremely large and barely housed in me. But Paul got his way and He pressed me to finish, I just screamed loudly.Paul sat on the bench me back to him with leggings around his knees, sat on it. I felt like a huge chump then flashes in my shaved pussy, I began to rise slowly and fall. He held my hips and just gave my movements rhythm. I could not believe what I’m doing, I betrayed her guy, and he his wife. This thought only wound the me and meant that I moved faster and faster. Paul finally let go of my hips and handles gently slipped under the blouse and panties. With his left hand he caressed me one time and the other breast to change, while the right handle massaged my clitoris.Already we were not much missed, I felt like me shiver and cramps besides that I felt his penis is so rigid that it just me shoot. I was not mistaken, at the moment when I started to scream loudly during orgasm, Paul also gave a loud cry: Oh yeah !! After being flooded my pussy his sticky sperm. She was so much that as yet it sat resting, I felt like it emerges from my pussy and trickling down my legs.We sat together moments even on the bench already pulled up pants and a calmed down after that, we got on the bike and drove away. Paul recognized that not so long ago bzykał and that no evil with me bitch, I just smiled and nodded to him. We have returned to their homes as if nothing had happened with the hope that our partners about it does not know and that maybe I’ll ever do it again.

Charing Cross Escorts

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