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Canonbury Escorts

– It was Canonbury Escorts afternoon. Ola was there fifteen minutes before time. She could not sit at home and hoped that the frost made it a little cool. Fixed so the park and waiting for Canonbury Escorts. Suddenly it began to snow, and after a while the whole park was decorated with big, fluffy carpets, after which immodestly walked sunlight.Girl shifting from foot to foot, unable to wait for their first meeting, snowflakes fell on her long, brown hair and instantly melted. Slowly she felt as her small feet begin to freeze. She buried her face in a scarf and stuck his eyes on his shoes.

Canonbury Escorts

Canonbury Escorts – chapter 1

– Hi – She heard a familiar, warm voice and immediately looked up. Speechless. Mark was really handsome man. Higher brunet with ideal facial features, though poorly visible through the whiskers, who incredibly excited girl. His eyes were even larger and darker than the pictures. Ola undoubtedly watched the most beautiful and sexiest eyes of the world. – You’re Ola, right?- Yes, yes, it’s me. I’m sorry Mark … well … a bit – kink up. – Does not matter. Finally we meet. Pleased to meet you in the real world. – He uttered with a smile from ear to ear, giving him his hand.- Me too nice to meet you. – Returned the smile. – Can get going, because after your handle feels right to me freeze. – He said, still holding her hand.- Yes, it’s a good idea. – He felt like blushing. Just as strongly felt, how much desire this guy.- Then let’s go to my car. Standing a few meters away.They walked in silence, and he still held her tiny hand with his big, warm hand. They both knew the future that day. They both knew what would happen when they get to his apartment. They desired each other for so long now that nothing and no one will be able to stop them.They met several months ago on one of the social networking sites. Mark was then Canonbury Escorts man, and Ola seventeen-girlfriend. This Brand first wrote to Ola. Since then they began to exchange with each other long messages, but not only. It happened to them several times to send each other their naked pictures that incredibly them inflamed and also allow complete fondling their hot bodies of fantasy. Once or twice they were able to hear their voices on the phone. Although, seen only in photographs, it just wanted each other. They tried to meet a few times, but always there were some obstacles, until now …Marcus opened her door and she got in the car. Then he closed the door and quickly ran to her, then got behind the wheel vigorously. Before, however, he turned the key in the ignition Ola grabbed by the arm and drew her to him. Stroking her cheek, he looked deep into her lovely blue eyes, and finally kissed her. They kissed good few minutes. They felt his warm lips so clear and smooth and toying with him two languages ​​even more. In the end, they stopped because they knew that it was not yet the moment. All the way drove in silence, only occasionally glancing at each other and smile desire.
After forty minutes, Marek closed another door, but those to his apartment.- Please, make yourself comfortable. – He said, and took her coat.- Thank you. – She replied, sitting down on the couch.Flat Mark was a typical male flat. He noted the lack of women’s hands, and that only today and some tried to clean up.- Maybe you want something to drink?- Some juice will be found?- Yes sure. I have an orange. – He said, closing the refrigerator.- Perfectly.- So, please. – And he gave her juice.- Thanks. – He sipped juice, looking up at him from under her long lashes.
It was clear that evidently wound the shyness Oli him more and more. In addition, the ordinary, modest clothing, but extremely emphasizing her slim figure and large breasts, giving him more and more reasons to undress her as soon as possible.In the Canonbury Escorts, he puts down a glass of juice, and he’s even more to it moved.- Still you have not had sex with any guy, right? – He inquired.- No … – she said in a hushed voice. And you’d be mad at me if I now fulfilled all its promises about which you wrote?- That you’d love me until dawn and give me so much pleasure, of which never even dreamed? I think that one bit. I like to keep the same words, and a few of them gave, so … – did not finish. She smiled just under the nose, with significant spark in his eyes.- So … so sit on my lap, but facing me.

Canonbury Escorts – chapter 2

Ola stood up and after a while already sitting on his lap, like himself willed. She felt like everything flexing his pants. She really loved it. They looked deeply into each other’s eyes and began to kiss passionately. Ola with excitement increasingly squirming on his lap. Marcus put his hands in her pants and grabbed her greedily for firm buttocks, then firmly He pressed it to his crotch. The girl moaned. Her nipples were doing harder. She wanted him to be occupied by them now, but he started kissing her neck. Facial hair gave her an amazing feeling. Her whole body shivers mastered. At some point she took off her blouse. One movement undid the black lace bra, throwing it aside couch and buried his face in her a round bust. One hand held her on his lap and the other played with her breast. Crushed it in exciting rhythm, referred to as kissing a very sensitive neck Ola. She started to pull him, scratch him on his shoulders. He does not withstand these sensations, but he still held her tight and only more encouraged him to act. Eventually, he began to suck her breasts. Ola compressing his head to himself, and he nipped her nipples. He bounced irritated by him. Surprisingly, he took me in his arms and carried her into the bedroom, where the door escaped the notice of girls. He threw her onto the bed, took off his shirt and lay down beside her. The girl immediately clung to his naked torso. I keep kissing. At one point he wandered into his hand between her thighs, where he began gently rubbing pussy through the fabric of denim trousers. With every second he did it more intensively. Then he put his hand into the pants. They were already wet from soczków excitement. Under his fingers she felt her perfectly shaved for the occasion pussy. He traveled fingers along her lips, down, up and down again, in the intervals caressing her clitoris. Ola looked at him with hazy eyes. She felt that today would survive something beautiful, when suddenly Marcus slipped some movement in her tight pussy with two fingers. He began to move her mercilessly them, watching the beautiful young girl flexing with delight. Good for you? – He whispered in her ear.- Please, do not stop …- said breathing heavily.- You are so beautiful … The most beautiful … unblemished beauty … –Canonbury Escorts– I knew that in the end we meet … We are meant for each other and for me it is never cease … – again started kissing her neck, at the same time advancing his fingers a little pussy.
In Ola panties it was getting more humid. Marek decided to take off her pants and underwear unnecessary. He noted that the panties were included into the bra, which was somewhere on the couch. They looked really nice on the young tyłeczku. He said that the girl really prepared to this meeting and smiling, continued deprivation of her recent s clothes. Finally, he could kiss her lips further. He sucked every turn, and Ola moaned even louder. He is stuffing his foul-mouthed tongue in wet hole, looking at the beautiful little body squirming in his bed. He is licking it as soon as best he could. Do not pass up any droplets.Ola was moaning with pleasure, but then decided she wanted more. She pushed Mark and quickly sat astride him. Kissing him, she unbutton his pants. When he finally felt in his small handle big thick dick, her mouth began to descend the body of a man getting lower, lower and lower … In the end she came at him. Tightly clenched lips on it, slipped it into his mouth as soon as far she could, then slipped and repeatedly with quick, shallow movements put his head to his lips, then slipped it back into her mouth as deep as possible. Marcus grabbed her head while holding her hair and gave up pleasure. Oli watched the entertaining its equipment. It was evident that this is not exactly a novice. Gently tease the tip of his cock his agile tongue, after a while again, sucking it in all its glory. Suddenly she looked up, revealing her beautiful, radiant face. She leaned over the protruding penis Brand and put it between her nice and warm, big breasts.The whole situation is not lasted long. Marcus did not want at the end, a little lacking. He pulled out a condom from the drawer and quickly composed Ola on the pillows. The girl willingly cooperated with him. She lay down and opened her thighs. Marcus situated between them, rammed his thick cock in her hole. The girl screamed, wide-mouth. Yet she never felt something so pleasant. Prick her lover deliciously Canonbury Escorts it from the inside. Marcus felt how tight her pussy is and how much he wants. A few times slowly slid his cock into her. He remembered that it was her first time, he did not want immediately to fuck her sharply. They came the first drops of blood, but did not pay any attention. Marcus finally started to fuck Ola, and she began to scream. He could push her around the penis, so she was excited. Again, they began to kiss. He clung to her their chests and moved it with abandon, and she scratched him with red nails. After a while slowed. He would not walk too fast and preferred to Ola little rest. After a moment he had put her in the stomach. She did it. He saw a wonderful, rounded ass.- Stick out to me. – He said, and Ola did it.He began to fuck her from behind. The girl felt a penis even more clearly than before. She pulled sheets and moaned like a possessed. Marcus suddenly slowed down. He began to hammer in her cock hard and long. She knew she was going to happen. He pulled it from her, took off his eraser and quickly made her lean face. He dropped to Ola mouth and her long eyelashes. Then I helped her wipe his face and they both dropped to bed without power.- I kept my word?- You kept. – Spoken and fell asleep in his arms, and before returning home Oli memory refreshed myself …

Canonbury Escorts

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