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Brentford Escorts

– The story begins in a winter evening in a small apartment on the outskirts of one of the Brentford Escorts. It was then King fell into financial trouble so much that she decided to reach for something, what would normally never in my life would not have reached. The problems grew for a long time but has recently exceeded the Brentford Escorts. She could not count on the family; simply he did not have. Parents died when she was five years spent living in an orphanage and then, as soon as you turned eighteen, sped into the world dreaming of a career, college, own place in the universe. And then I caught up with her reality.

Brentford Escorts

Brentford Escorts – chapter 1

She remembered coming out last winter from the building where she spent all my life. Light green walls did not stop her farewell as a good friend and wished her good luck. She held her breath for a moment and then took his giant chaust: that was just the first breath of freedom. She was walking with a bag in his hand into the apartment, which she paid for under the “start in life”. Moronic name of the program, which envisaged that five hundred just a young woman to start. That same evening, unpacked and had decorated his room; finally had its own. Although it was a little pustawo without screaming kids had at least ensure that what is housed in the little four walls, belongs to her and no one can take that away.I was wrong ..This year destroyed it. Initial verve, she felt along with crossing the magical threshold of adulthood, he disappeared as refusals to job interviews.Brentford Escorts studied as possible, he has taken up temporary work to spice up the market for future employers. But it turned out that the work of cleaning, the rate of sales assistants and a certificate of skilled labor in harsh conditions was nothing to what the other candidates can boast. Refusal for refusal, the meeting for the meeting, sleepless nights, days full of worries. Earned money wherever they could, mostly on the Replacements to manage to collect the money for the rent even. Leaving round was slightly but after five months had lost one-third each other. We just do not seem money on things that were not absolutely necessary. Often the list of unnecessary was the food. In autumn it happened that she ate every three days, because not enough of its fees. And then she met him. His name was Adam. Tall, athletic and fond of thin sticks. She caught his eye while shopping, when she weighed tomatoes wondering whether to buy one or two. He appeared behind her, brushed back her hair the color of peanut belt and put on some more weight and then slipped her hand stuzłotowy bill. Terrified, she looked but her voice caught in his throat. Adam stared at her intently, as if assessing, weighing in his eyes. In the end he left and she was in a place with a hundred gold in his hand. She put the tomatoes and bought two, as she wanted. The store has released twelve gold, as it had planned. That hid a hundred dollars on a “black day”. The next days passed in anxiety. She was afraid that the head man wanted something from her, she did not understand his behavior. But it’s been three weeks or after the hearing was lost. I never met him no more. Until he came to the internet cafe in the middle of December and checked the mail.New message had with two, maybe three days. She opened it. Little is known about spam, but just in case she read everything. After a few seconds she felt the heat. The letter was not advertising and its broadcaster was just head man. How had her mail? Its data? It would be horrified if not for the fact that her body had spilled hot radiating from between her thighs. She bit her lip and went back to reading the letter.

Brentford Escorts – chapter 2

“..and I noticed that maybe useful for you, friend. I gladly him stay. I saw that did not you used those money. You economical. Beautiful, sensual and economical. So here is my proposal: we will meet once a week for a few hours, you’ll do what I want – but do not worry, I will not do anything against you – and in return I’ll pay you a thousand dollars. If you are interested, Let’s agree to such a meeting.King switched off the post and went deep in thought. On the one hand, it was a total hole. It could not have been worse. She did not have the money or ability to obtain. A need them. But .. on the other hand .. what this man offered her this money for prostitution. And her of all people! Not that she had ever imagined. It was to be different.She threw so with heads proposal and again sought another source of income. But there came a day in which exhausted all options. The snow fell too heavily shuttered. She reached a trembling hand to her roommate netbook to write off in the mail.”Yes.”Briefly. She did not know what more to say. She was scared as hell.”Be at 22:00 on the street. Brentford Escorts at the sports shop “He followed her. Short and to the point. She looked at her watch: she had three hours. So she went to take a bath. She decided that it needs to look good so twirled her hair lightly, she made discreet makeup and dressed in a knee-length skirt and blouse shoulder straps. He came to this sweater and rajstropy, because winter this year was extremely cold. Assuming a high boots with a dark lining their best, slowly headed to the sporting goods store on the street next to it. She stood beside him hugging herself. She felt helpless. I had no idea what he was doing. In the end, afraid she shook her head and took a step toward the house. Before the next step, she stopped her car horn sound. A man in a silver Ford sedan turned on the light in the cockpit showing its face. Adam. Although she remembered him vaguely, he has recognized his face everywhere. She started biting her lip and got into the car. Involuntarily clenched her thighs and Adam smiled at this corner of his eye.I did not think you’ll agree.That’s what?Good question.He thought, she also. The car glided calmly and correctly when odśnieżonym asphalt until they reached the center of town where parked against high on a dozen or so floors of the building made of glass. I always thought that this office rather than houses. However, the deeper down the hall entered, the more he established himself in the belief that she was wrong in finding that a building company. They were in the elegant elevator that lifted them up to the fourteenth floor. Then Adam came first to manage it according to his apartment. Castle gnashed aloud at the opening and when the door was pushed Adam stepped aside letting Kinga ahead. With slight trepidation he went inside. It was a time tastefully decorated apartment, but it was obvious that it is typically male. Without flowers, without images. Raw but nice. It was bunk, which can evaluate the spiral stairs leading up. She glanced at the ceiling cavity in which disappeared stairs and wrinkled her nose at the smell of incense from the top.Do you like it?Hm? Oh, yes. Yes. Nicely here.Do you want a drink?And I tea?Of course.A brief exchange of words gave food for thought Adam. But he did not show behind any doubts. Not to be scared. And he wanted her. Damn he wanted to have it. She had beautiful dark hair to his waist, was teeny but had bigger breasts. But that face him invited to this knowledge. She had big black eyes shining even when they met. Even in the time of distress, they shone with inner fire. Her lips were bright, full, had something with raspberries. And to top it all, her complexion was clear and not tanned and parched like most women her age. She was something of an angel and this forced him to propose its something you have not offered to anyone else. Well, let’s say. There were maybe two but they were disposable knowledge. King was supposed to be in the long run.Tea – he said, handing her a cup with a handle.Thanks. – Whispered grab and coming to the table glass and putting him there. Apparently she did not like so hot and preferred to wait until it gets cold. Meanwhile, he barely prevailed over him when she bent down to set aside the cup. Apparently not seen even a scrap of her ass or bare skin but still his pants rose slightly. He hoped that not too tight.I do not suppose you know how it is to happen, is it?Yes – he admitted.I’m a little confused.It’s nothing. Ordinary date.King left his apartment with him, drove her to the house thoroughly by what scared all the more because he knew her address. She had trouble walking but bravely he did not show. Adam had remorse after the events of that night but the more he wanted to Kinga addressed.Meanwhile, she entered the room, she lay on the dresser two and a half thousand and hid under the covers as she stood. She began to cry. Memories of a few hours before her eyes raced despite the fact that they did not want: as he pushed her onto the bed, and extended legs, wrists locked and entered her. He was surprised with blood, because there was still brutal. More. But that happens when you receive virginity and perhaps because it reminded her extra money added. Then I fucked her regardless whether it was wet or not. He used a gel. He was deep in her nose. He gave a clear tying a necktie on her mouth and blocking police handcuffed wrists. He fucked her and laughed, until it bursting with euphoria and then dropped to her without a condom. And then he rested briefly rose licking her pussy even though she showed no pleasure from it. And when he was again ready to fuck her again. Throughout dealings, I just tried not to cry. Be brave. She wanted the money, agreed to and must suffer the consequences.Adam released her after a few hours when he saw that becomes her poorly. He walked like a gentleman, slipped it into her purse money and even kissed on the cheek.Fucking gentleman.Into the room there was a knock. King moaned, half in pain half with impatience. The door to the room was ajar. Gray eyes entering swept view: the money on the nightstand, King under the covers in my clothes and her closed eyes, smudged makeup. A blonde walked slowly to the bed with a bump in the throat. King got up on his shoulders and looked dark eyes on Dagmara.
– I .. the first time .. you know?


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