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– We decided with her husband that this year we will spend a family holiday by the Bloomsbury Escorts. Preparations were already under way for some time. They also could not really looking forward to this trip. Beginning leave drew to a close, and suddenly the news that her husband because of Bloomsbury Escorts his job duties, he must move the vacation a few days and the lodge has been purchased for a specific period of leave. The situation rather typical. After a long conversation husband (Robert) decided that I daughters go as planned and he will reach us. I am 38 years, I am of medium height (164cm), not too thick nor too thin. Short black hair and big breasts – no good – very big breasts

Bloomsbury Escorts – chapter 1

My daughters both brunettes followed in my footsteps and despite his young age, have something to be proud too too much. Our new outfits for the beach was illustrated by a ruthlessly what we do not bother – joking with her daughters that will provoke all the surrounding coastline. I have very good contact with his daughters, we tell each other everything. Although they are virgins, I know that I did not Bloomsbury Escorts once allow ourselves a bit more with their boyfriends. I know that there are reasonable and I trust them. Not once told me about their sexual experiences, I describe in detail how to deliver for them tugging their dicks hand or taking into his mouth. They laughed while their awkwardness as they tried to fondle them in different ways. They asked also about my experience. Curious about them all the details, eg. How I perceive blowjob lips, or allow myself to it that the guy kept his in my mouth, what are my favorite items, how many I had guys before I met their father, and often masturbating and whether had sex with several guys at once – it happened .These our very intimate chatting us toward each other.It’s finally time to leave, her husband drove us to the station, promising that in three or four days we will reach. We arrived in the early afternoon, the cabin was quite comfortable, two bedrooms, a tiny kitchen, also a small bathroom and of a large terrace and the beach had in a straight line some 300 meters. After unpacking and freshening up after a trip we decided the three of us, that waste of time because the weather lovely and taking the necessary things in our new clothes on the beach. We must admit that our presence aroused considerable interest among passing us men. Their eyes riveted our big breasts that barely fit in our scanty costumes. It made us great pleasure, especially my daughters, who enjoyed that arouse such interest among older men. At the entrance to the beach was exceptionally quite a few sunbathers so we decided to go right to spread our beach camp site less populated. We had to move a large piece where upatrzyłyśmy himself the perfect, quiet place away from the hustle and noisy sunbathers. Quickly blanket, screen, and now we were ready – so no time even grease. And yes, one second place at the site, just smarowałyśmy a cream. During this mutual pleasure olive Bloomsbury Escorts that far away from us fired man at the age of just approx. 55-60 years and for his probable age quite well built. To our surprise, it’s a bad building was extremely bad and oddly exactly visible. I must admit that the guy had a huge dick and while I was flaccid presented an extremely impressive. My daughter spotted it and you could see after them, they are surprised and probably pretty excited. Sure their boyfriends is a miserable substitute for what you are now witnessing. Carolina probably subconsciously touched by dress their big breasts, massaging them and staring pointedly. She licked her lips and said:Mom, he’s huge. My current boyfriend is the biggest of my former and still seems to be now .That you lay yourself on the side reading a book and his dick hanging himself freely. Its size also intensified that it was a pretty clean-shaven. When it was the first consternation We ran into the water to cool slightly our emotions. I must admit that I was pretty excited that view because often encountered such wonders. While playing in the water daughters were asking me whether or not such a big dick is something normal that I had already dealt with such specimens and whether the gentleman would like to fuck me. Question rather rhetorical and I have to admit that the very first time I saw with my own eyes the cock. Also obvious was the answer if you would like to make this fuck me. But I did not want so to declare and although husband and I are fairly tolerant of each other, then replied daughters that their father enough for me. The truth is that her husband had no time jumping on the small side which we talked in detail. However, before the daughters tried not to flaunt. After leaving the water we decided to get something to eat. The sun beat down mercilessly so we had to spread such additional  to cast a soothing shade. The problem is that he did it always Robert, now it is empty, and we were than how it’s not coming out. The second problem is such that in the area but no one to help you – so this man with a big dick. Daughters did not want to ask them to go ask for help, because I saw them some embarrassment, so he wanted, he did not want (rather like) decided to go to him and ask for help. Somewhere, deep down, she was curious how it all goes. Taking a deep breath headed in his direction, hearing behind him quiet chuckle of my daughters, who sensed my embarrassment. But why I am surprised – I was going to ask for help naked guy who had us spread the damn tent. We dressed in costumes that little screening, but still. He hanging naked with a big cock in our midst. He calmed me a bit of his age because in the end he could be my father, and even the behavior of its indicated considerable restraint. I walked over to him and began:

Bloomsbury Escorts – chapter 2

Hello, I’m Martha and there are my daughter. We have a problem of distribution of such a small tent. Would you be so kind to help us?Slowly raising his eyes, squinting from the glare of the sun, the owner of a huge cock, which now closely seemed even bigger, he replied:Hello, my name is Bloomsbury Escorts and if you do not mind my nakedness is willing to try to help. Alternatively, I can get dressed.Almost right away I wanted to scream, not to do it. In time I restrained myself and kind of quietly, and with a smile said:No need, I and my daughters have exactly do you obejrzałyśmy of your dick. He made a big impression on us and pity to hide it.I asked also whether it is a normal sunbathe nude here? He replied:The truth is that we are on the beach accepted as a naturist beach. This invisible boundary  less than 100 meters before going in this direction.I felt in some ways like an intruder. got brushed the sand and in doing so his dick began to swing like a big pendulum. In addition dick also his great nucleus. Previously, they did not notice, but I must admit that though his cock was flaccid little shorter than my husband to erect – and there was a small (approx. 20cm), his scrotum was hanging just as long, not to mention the size of his testicles. At the sight of my throat went dry, and seeing my gaze only smiled and reassured, saying that his side do not threaten me. Going with him in the direction of our place I could admire his body. Despite age he had a fairly smooth skin free of unwanted hair – but John was the head of graying well-built man – and this prick. Despite the increase, so approx. 180cm, his chump with nuclei, it was after all if too large. Approaching I saw my daughters, who sat and looked in our direction. In truth wlepiały his dreamy eyes, you know where. When we got there the girls nicely presented and proceeded to break the tent. This continued, with the help  few minutes and then we invited him for a moment to us He sat in the shade and as a thank poczęstowałyśmy it with cold mineral water, which, unfortunately, was not so cold. We started talking, sat in front of us unwittingly exposing their miracle. I noticed that my daughters was hard to look away from Bloomsbury Escorts dick. I also had difficulties, but I guess he did not mind. I asked where he was and what she’s doing here.I am a retired soldier, I have a lot of free time. My son is an adult and followed in my footsteps. His wife left me about two years ago, so yourself alone can indulge in sweet idleness on the beach.I was surprised that Zbigniew is lonely, so without embarrassment asked to:How is it possible that from such a handsome man, with such an impressive cock departed wife. It always seemed to me that this treasure to have a guy like that. if a little embarrassed, lowered his eyes and said:Somehow I started four years had problems with my potency. At first it was sporadic and I thought this is the effect of stress, hypertension probably also and age. Over time, it started to become more and more frequent, until finally stopped me at all to stand. Sometimes, at long masturbation something of himself  but wish to talk.This candid conversation, we calmed down a little and gave way to a wave of shame like. I thought it was a good idea that can view three naked bodies podkręci little  and suggested:If , we Textile, land bare the beach, I guess it’s time to drop our new clothes. In total, and so little cover. smiled and said:Nicely presented, sometimes something covered is more alluring than nudity. But as I look at you, for your impressive chest, I’m willing to admit you’re right. Your breasts Martha are truly exceptional and it would be nice to admire the full installment.At these words I said voice that brooked no opposition:The girls undressing!Carolina and Magda with flushed face and embarrassment began to slowly pull symbolic clothing. I also got rid of her, and so the three of us were standing in front of Zbigniew completely naked, presenting in the sun their large breasts and shaved (as always) pussy.We sat down after our presentation. I thought that the sight of three naked chicks a little bit  dick move. But he did not budge. I told him how her husband getting ready to leave, that we had to come here without him and that Robert will reach us in a few days.The sun continued to beat down mercilessly so I suggested:Okay enough of these pogaduch we go everyone into the water to cool off.At these words the whole company got up and ran towards the water. It had a good look, like three naked chicks running their huge breasts sway in all directions. And among them a tall guy with an equally rocking cock and big eggs popped into the water and began with great common ripple, splashing, falling down. During these playgrounds had more than one opportunity we all thoroughly palpable. My daughters were first hampered when naked older man who by virtue of their age, could be their grandfather, touches every place their bodies. With time Carolina and Magda ceased to be embarrassed and now without further ado jumped on him, obściskiwały both him repeatedly touching his dick. I noticed that their play began to focus primarily on his dick, often grabbing it and dragging.  also do not deny themselves and with undisguised pleasure to touch large breasts and pussy my daughters. I myself also took part in this madness. Often podpływałam to Zbyszko and in the few moments when it was not with him my daughters brushed with him all over his body. I felt on the chest of his big dick, I took it between her legs and clutched, grabbed his hands and tried under water to suck dick, but my daughter immediately They would appear in front of us and took over the initiative. After some time had exhausted us this game and decided to go back on the hot sand. We returned already slowly. Our wet bodies glistened in the sun, nipples us protruded from the cold water, but dick Zbyszko did not budge. Rocked in all directions, massaging wytarmoszony, wyobciągany – and nothing. We sat down on a blanket and began to wipe jointly, ie. I am Bloomsbury Escorts. I noticed he does it very carefully and Magda closed her eyes give up this operation. He touched her breasts, rubbing them through a towel, wiped his stomach. Magda asked to extend the thigh, and as it has done carefully wiped her pussy, even though she, and so was still wet with excitement. Magda fought treatments Zbyszko has no shame. She lay in front of him with my legs allowing him to touch. It was an interesting and exciting at the same time view of how the older man touches the body of 15 year old girl. When he finished wiping her legs changed and Magda reciprocated Zbyszko, as it turned out equally sensual wiping. He knelt behind him and began to wipe his back. She did it slowly and tenderly. Later he clung to his back their protruding big breasts and began to wipe his hands, stomach going down slowly below. In this position, it was a little uncomfortable, so she asked would lay on her back and she joined with flushed cheeks to wipe the most important. Both of Caroline sat next to and przyglądałyśmy like Magda gently grabs a towel dick  and begins to wipe it. She slipped off his foreskin, and we saw the large size of the head. Magda stared as smitten with the rest not only Magda. It wiping lasted much longer than the rest of the body of our new friend.


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