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– My parents left me in Belgravia Escorts, I liked to stay in the country. Uncle and aunt had three children, the eldest son and two daughters, one was five years older than me, another year older. The story will refer to this last-Belgravia Escorts. Because of her age, with her got along very well. I enjoyed spending time with her, walk with her everywhere. It had then 16 years old. As for his age he had an excellent body, prominent breasts, alluring ass.

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As I mentioned I liked to walk everywhere with her, she liked my company, but every day there was a time in which she disappeared somewhere. I was looking for her, did not I was able to find her. I asked it avoided an answer. So one day I decided to watch her more closely, I was able to, I went behind her, found out that my cousin goes to the attic where hay was kept, I Belgravia Escorts went behind her, hid and watched what he was doing. She pulled out a hidden blanket, spread it, took some papers and began to watch them carefully. I decided to leave. I scared her with his presence, she tried to hide the newspaper, but everything I’ve seen. She said that if you will not tell anyone what this does is show me everything. I agreed, and sat beside her on the blanket. She showed me the newspaper, which turned out to be just playboyami. She said she collects them have been here for several months, watching them and meets their needs. I wanted to leave at the end of a cousin, but she grabbed my hand and offered me to stay. After a while urging I agreed, again I sat down beside her, took one pamphlet and started to watch them, after a while I had erections, which Milena noticed this and shamelessly said. There were pictures of penises, he said that most resembles my own, I showed her. The same situation was with photos and her pussy hole. . After a few more minutes of watching pisemek he said that it is already very excited and must remove the T-shirt. That day was dressed in athletic sneakers, black feet, short denim shorts and a white, airy shirt. She took off her, showed her flat belly and a white bra, I could not take my eyes off her cousin, my erection became even greater. She asked me for help in stretching of bra. Excitement won, helped her and it took off. I saw her gorgeous breasts. I could no longer put up with excitement. Milena laughed that I too should be shirtless, took off her, put her hand on my chest, let me do the same with her. Without hesitation, I began to touch her breasts, turned up in massage. In the meantime, she kissed me, kissing also went to her large, firm breasts. Boy ‘magazines have ceased to be important. Milena kissed my belly, very deftly unbuttoned my pants and slid them, before taking off my shoes. I was in boxers, which opinały my erection and black feet, which stated that I did not take off because it excites her. On the question of whether I have anything against it, I replied that I also always liked such a thing. She asked even if it already did, honestly said I did not. She smiled, saying that she already has some experience and will guide me. She sat next to me, he told me to take off your shoes, obediently did, unzipped his shorts, slipped off it, I finished their removal. Milena continue maintaining the checks made me kiss your socks, I proceeded to carry out the order, with a great desire kissed, licked, gently sniffing her sweaty socks. Their smell almost ripped my boxers, further enlarging my penis. She began to breathe loudly, softly postękiwać. Feet showed me that I have to lie down on the blanket. She lifted her from the back and put her head to my feet dressed like her, in black footer. She began to smell them, kiss. I could not stand, leaned boxers, took him in hand and I wanted to start to masturbate. This form of pleasure was already known to me. Milena soon as she saw it, she told me to take his hand. She took off my shorts and started doing what I dreamed. She took him in hand and began to pound. After about 10 seconds, he took a little piece of my dick into her mouth and once gushed. I flooded her mouth with sperm, showed it to me in the mouth and swallowed. I was impressed with my cousin.

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She said that such an ejaculation into the mouth does not have. But it was due to my great excitement. Milena again took it into his mouth and licked until the end, you could sense that he was a dick in your mouth. Again and again I stood my excitement began to be increasing. She held it in his mouth more times, all the while firmly standing and vigorously moving his head. In Belgravia Escorts the end, it freed from his mouth, licked my testicles and lie down. She told me only that he is mega excited and pointed the finger at spread my legs. I kissed her on the lips, realizing that the taste of sperm remained in her mouth. So I went down to her panties. She raised her hips to help me take them off. In the end I saw her pussy was shaved, pink and very moist. At the beginning I drove after her finger, I did it several times, each time more and more. Milena began getting louder, breathe or even cry. She screamed “Belgravia Escorts“, I knew what to do. I leaned over her pussy and drove after her tongue, just like before his finger. I felt great taste her soczków her pussy. I licked her more greedy, more deeply, even her arms spread and licked the inside, kissed her. Milena louder and more screaming. Arched and experienced her first orgasm with me. I did not stop to lick her hole, when she calmed down she whispered that she did not think that Virgin might as well do Mineta. My dick the whole time he was stiff, Milena when it saw pulled me to the blanket and then took him into her mouth. She sucked it with great gusto. When she finished she grabbed my hand raised me with a blanket, and she lay down, legs spread wide. I went between her legs, I took the hand of his equipment and walked her slowly, then felt the greatest pleasure in life. Warm pussy covered my dick. I walked deeper and deeper. Milena was on the face of pain and happiness at the same time, louder breathing. I put into it, and took out, I felt like I come. Her pussy began to throb in my penis, at the same time said, actually whispered with his heavy, excited breath that occurs in a moment. A few seconds later I shot in her pussy, almost at the same moment she also had an orgasm. I put into it until I did not subside completely. When orgasm Milena was over, I took out the already soft penis with her, she began her sperm leak from the hole. She told me to wipe it off my sock. I removed her from herself and wiped her pussy. At the end I even licked a few times, for which she thanked clearing my dick mouth. A young boy, as it turned out there are not enough and reappeared at my erection. Milena said, however, that there is no power. She lay down beside me and just taking your sock, put it on sticking to my penis and slowly, watching the boy ‘magazines led me to last longer ejaculation. We lay in the attic another half an hour, hugging and kissing.


Belgravia Escorts

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